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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


How to Get Involved with Arisia Programming

How can I apply to be a program participant at Arisia?

  • Email [email protected]
  • Give us your name and make sure your email address is one that you check regularly
  • Give a description of your background and relevant expertise/experience to the type of programming that you think you would be interested in. Be thorough! This is how we will make decisions about new potential participants.

Brainstorming List is now CLOSED

The Arisia Brainstorm List for the Arisia 2011 convention is now closed. The list will reopen in early 2011.

Though the list is closed at this point, emails to [email protected] and [email protected] will still be received and ideas for items sent to those addresses will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions relating to Programming in general, please email [email protected]

Thank you one and all for the great ideas you've given us. We're looking forward to the upcoming convention and hope to see you there.

Programming announcement: Brainstorming closing soon

The deadline for submitting ideas to the Brainstorm list is midnight this Thursday July 15th, 2010.

Though the list will be closed at that point, emails to [email protected] and [email protected] will still be received and items sent to those addresses will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Thank you one and all for the great ideas put forth so far. Keep them coming.

Michael J. Sprague
Division Head of Programming
Arisia 2011

LARP Signup


Arisia Incorporated is a volunteer run, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so you can use this page to make tax deductible donations.

Please include a note on saying what this is for in the comment field.

Clicking on the button below will bring you to a Paypal web page.


Arisia Publications Advertising Rates

Arisia is the largest fan-run science fiction convention in the northeast; activities cover all aspects of science fiction, fantasy and related interests. Membership typically ranges from 2000 to 2500 individuals.

Contact Us

If you've got questions or need more information about Arisia 2011, or about Arisia, Inc.

Volunteer Lounge

Volunteer Lounge is a great place to hang out at convention, if
you have some time to spare and want to know how you can help make
Arisia run, plus work toward a fabulous convention staff tshirt and a
complimentary membership for next year. If there isn't a current job
to send you to volunteer for, you can spend time doing a puzzle,
playing a game, snacking on some food, looking through the free
volunteer giveaways that you might be eligible for (depending on how
many hours you've volunteered), etc. We've had books, DVDs, games,

Ops and Security Information

Information about Ops and Security will appear here.

Coat Check

Information and hours for our Coat Check will appear here. Coatcheck can be contacted at coatcheck AT arisia DOT org

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