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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


Information Desk

Information about things that can be found at our Information Desk will appear here.

Fan Tables

A limited number of tables are available in the hotel lobby for fan groups to promote themselves and sell memberships and club paraphernalia (e.g., T-shirts).

If you would like to sell more than memberships and T-shirts, please take a look at the Author/Artist Alley and Dealers Row or Dealers Room.

Email [email protected] for more information.


Any person or group wishing to hold a raffle (from a fan table or other location) must be licensed by the Boston Licensing Board.

Freebie Tables

Information about how to display your information on our freebie tables will appear here.

Restaurant Guide

Last year's area dining guide. Please check back for more information on where to dine near the new hotel!

In the mean time, check out Google's new Hotpot recommendation website.

Con Suite

Arisia will have a 24-hour Con Suite with beverages, munchies, and the occasionally treat.

Artist & Author Alley

Calling all Creators!

Arisia invites you to become a part of Arisia's Artist & Author Alley. The Alley is designed for creators to showcase and sell their personal works, and allow our members to meet the people who created them. This can be art, books (self-published or start-up presses with only a few books), games, or almost anything else. You can do signings, sales, (non-messy) demos, or just chat to people from your Alley table.

Art Show

Arisia has one of the largest science fiction & fantasy Art Shows in the Northeast.

Because of our diverse community we will show works by new and upcoming artists as well as works by established artists in the fields of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Most of these works will be available for sale to members of the convention and will range in price from one dollar to thousands of dollars, as set by their creators. Work will be both two dimensional and three dimensional, shown on hangings, or tables, or very occasionally on the floor.

Kids & Teens

Arisia is just as much a convention for kids and teens as any other age group. Associated adults for these young fans should make sure to read out Child Policies (these will be reviewed and updated on the 2011 site) and Code of Conduct.

Turtle Track (Childcare)

Turtle Track Information

Welcome to Turtle Track - Where Arisia Participants are Born!

By prior sign-up, we are providing supervised child care for those too young to enjoy the convention on their own (2 to 6 years old). All children using this service must have full memberships to the convention. There will be no other fee. (After December 15th, please contact childcare before registering.)

Anime, Films, Video

Click here to see schedules and highlights for Anime, Films, and Video.

Information about our Anime and Video selection will appear here. Please check back for updates.

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