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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


About Us

See also: Arisia, Inc.

What Is Arisia?

If you've been to a science fiction convention, the answer is easy. It's people, panels, movies, dealers, an art show, a masquerade, parties, late night conversations in hallways,and a chance for science fiction fans and professionals to congregate under one roof.


Arisia 2011 is January 14-17, 2011 (four days!) at the Westin Waterfront Hotel

Online Registration will be closing Tuesday, January 11th at 7pm EST. Please try to register before then!


Volunteers are the essential threads that weave together a convention. Without volunteers, we wouldn't have the convention that is Arisia. Everyone, from our Corporate President, to the Convention Chair, to the person who has just an hour or so at the convention to give, is an unpaid volunteer who's giving his or her time to help put on the Arisia Convention.

We also need help getting ready for the Convention through out the year. Interested? Send email to [email protected].

Get Free Stuff:

Services at the Con

Information about access services, freebie and fan tables, information desk, coat check, operations and security information, lost and found as well as safety information will be posted here.

Please check back for more information.


Souvenir Book

Restaurant Guide

Pocket Program (as of 1/8/2011)


The Westin has three restaurants, a bar, and a coffee shop (Starbucks).

The Con Suite has snacks for our attendees and is a good place to hang out and meet friends.

And if you'd like to find food outside of the hotel, we have a Restaurant Guide.

Dealers and Art Show

This includes exhibit type happenings including the Art Show, Dealers Room and Row, and Artist/Author Alley.

This year, the Galleria level will feature a wide range of items, most of them for sale. From art to books to corsets, come find it all in one place. See work in a gallery setting in the Art Show; search for that special find in the Dealers Room; or get something done especially for you in the Alley.

Please see the menu on the left for links to web pages for these areas.

Q: I would like to sell art at Arisia. Which of these should I participate in?

Code of Conduct

Arisia Code of Conduct and Behavior Policies

To help ensure our members' happiness and a successful convention, we have established a Code of Conduct and Behavior Policies for all members. We have little desire to police our membership, but we do have some requests and expectations that will help ensure a pleasurable weekend for all.

General Demeanor - Common Sense Required

Arisia Concom Meeting: Saturday, April 24 2-4pm

The next ARISIA CONCOM meeting will be held this Saturday, April 24th, at 2:00pm at the Westin Boston Waterfront in the Douglas room on the Mezzanine level. The current agenda includes the introductions of the Division Heads appointed so far and a discussion of space allocation in the new hotel.

In addition, Saturday at 12:00pm (noon), previous to the meeting, there will be a guided tour of many of the function room spaces led by one of our contacts at the hotel. Due to a concurrent event not all of the function space is available, but several rooms will be. Seeing the spaces is good information (or refresher) for the space discussion to occur at the meeting, so everyone is encouraged to show up for the tour as well.

ConChair office hours will be held Saturday at 4:00pm, after the meeting. Please see for more information on ConChair office hours.

Attendees are encouraged to use public transportation - the "World Trade Center" stop on the Silver Line is directly next to the hotel. Pay parking is available at the hotel.

With many of the Div Heads now appointed, Saturday's meeting is a great time to jump in if you don't have a "job" for Arisia '11 yet. Plus there will be a raffle with prizes donated by our Writer GoH Kelley Armstrong and Webcomic GoH Shaenon Garrity!

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