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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


Writing Contest and Workshops

Writing Events at Arisia

All you writers, we have a lot to offer you at Arisia this year. We have a writing contest and two writing workshops for you to consider.

Blood and Eyeglasses Donation Drives

Every good Mad Scientist (TM) has some extra blood and glasses in their lab, right? Well, why not help out by donating? Every bit helps out another Mad Scientist in need.

Overflow Hotel

Doubletree Hotel Boston - Downtown

The Doubletree Hotel Boston is 1.5 miles from the Westin Waterfront Hotel (only three turns).

The room rate is $119 per night (plus tax). Lots of doubles are available as well as a few kings.

Updated Program Participant Schedule

In the past few weeks, the Programming team has been busy updating program participant schedules. The changes we have made were based mainly upon participant feedback and availability, but include other factors as well. If you are an Arisia 2011 program participant, please check your schedule by logging into the Programming web page with your existing Badge ID and password at:

Print Shop checkin

Thank you!

Thanks! If you have more pieces to enter, navigate back in your browser, clear the form with the 'Reset' button, and submit the form again for the additional pieces.

On-line artist check-in form

Art Show Late Reservations

Art Show space availability is limited. Please discuss your space needs with the Art Show director before filling out this form.
First, please tell us about yourself.

Restaurant Guide

Final Updated Version of Restaurant Guide Text

- COVER - Arisia 2011
Restaurant Guide & Local Area Guidebook


The Captive Audience’s Guide to Foraging for Food Outside of

- TABLE OF CONTENTS - Table of Contents Listings Abbreviations Key

Pg. 1

Westin Hotel Restaurants Pg. 2

Chinatown: Dim-Sum, Hong Kong Breakfast Pg. 3
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