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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


Volunteer's Shirt Design

Volunteer for 8 hours and you can get this awesome shirt [designed by Jenny Anckorn]. Help us out:

Arisia 2011 Participant Schedule is Open

Schedules for Arisia 2011 are now viewable to program participants.

In addition you will also be able to see the email addresses of participants with which you share a Programming item to help facilitate communication between participants prior to the convention.

Staff Den/Green Room Volunteers

Hi Arisians.

As the con gets closer, Staff den and Green Room would like to offer some of you an opportunity to get in volunteer hours *before the con starts*. We need people who have experience in food service, ans understand food safety to help us prepare meals for guests and staff. If you've worked in a kitchen, as a caterer, or have a food safety certification, we'd like your help cooking.


Anime Program Highlights

The Satoshi Kon Legacy series: Saturday is devoted to the anime director Satoshi Kon, who passed away in the summer of 2010. He was a true artistic visionary in his direction of so many outstanding anime films. We also will have a special guest lecturer, Prof. Susan Napier from Tufts, she will discuss Satoshi Kon on Sunday.


We have our film schedule up now.
(fun fact: Arisia is one of the last US sci fi cons still screening 35mm)

A Taste of Viable Paradise Writer's Workshop

Debra Doyle and James Macdonald of the Viable Paradise writer's workshop will host a one-day writer's workshop at Arisia 2011. Five finalists will have their work critiqued by Debra and James with helpful suggestions on how to improve their stories. The deadline for submissions is January 1st, 2011.


Breakfast People

Banquet Bios

Michael Anderson – Art/Entertainment

Young Fans at the Masquerade AKA Kamikaze Kids

Welcome to the 2011 version of the Arisia Masquerade. We are in a NEW hotel this year, there may be some wrinkles that come up, but as costumers, we will roll with whatever comes up and make changes for next year.

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