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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


Student Art Contest

Arisia 2011 will once again feature a Science Fiction art contest open to high school students.

This is a free contest, open to all secondary school students. Cash prizes ($800 total) will be awarded for the best science fiction or fantasy-themed artwork. There are no entry or exhibition fees, and no "gotcha"s. We simply wish to recognize, celebrate and encourage outstanding student art. Students who wish can also choose to put their art up for sale.

Breakfast w/GOHs tickets on sale

Come join us for a Breakfast Buffet with your favorite Guest of Honor or special guest!

The Breakfast Buffet will be Sunday morning (January 16, 2011) at 11AM.

More information.

Dance at Arisia 2011!

This year we large space for dancing; we've got a variety of dance related events.  Here are some examples of what we have planned:

Friday: Chris Lahey will be calling to live music for our Contra dance. The evening Drum Circle will lead right into ORDNANCE, playing aggressive, industrial dance music; this will lead directly into late night dancing, spun by DJ Pet.

Hotel Rooms

Currently we're sold out of Doubles (we hope to free up some soon for the Waiting list) and we're running low on Kings.

If you would like to reserve a King or get on the Waiting list for a Double, please see

(If you have a Double and would be willing to switch to a King, please let us know)

Video Theater

For Arisia's Video Theater, we're planning on showing: the extended version of Avatar, the new Pratchett miniseries, foreign films, an independent film from the director of Batman Deadend, a British SF Sitcom, a documentary on the Art GOH (Josh Simpson), coming attractions, European animations, Japanese rotoscoped animation, shorts, cgi, a sci-fi musical, review of foreign TV.

Some items will not be released till Nov 15 2010.

And we're hoping for a British dvd of a French Steampunk movie.....

Press Information

Press information will go here.



War In Space 4:00pm
In this Toho classic, Earth is attacked by Venusian forces, but are saved by a Japanese scientist, his beautiful daughter, and his prototype spaceship. Derivative in some ways (the spaceship is a reworked version of the model from Atragon), and with a future that looks remarkably like 1970s Tokyo, but very much in the classic Japanese space opera tradition.
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