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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention


Pay Alley

Please use this PayPal button to pay for your hours at your the Author/Artist Alley table. Do not pay for more time slots than you were told are available for you.

Each time slot is five hours.

Persons of Interest

We are currently working with Programming to identify and schedule the special participants. As soon as that is done, we will be sending out a notification to all those who have already purchased their banquet tickets so they can identify their top four choices of tables.

This is definitely a first-paid first-choice event as seating is limited.

Breakfast w/ Special Guests

The deadline has passed. We're no longer selling tickets for the Breakfast Buffet.

Come join us for a Breakfast Buffet with your favorite Guest of Honor or special guest!

The Breakfast Buffet will be Sunday morning (January 16, 2011) at 11AM.

Tickets for the Breakfast Buffet are $35 and now available (see below).
The deadline for purchasing tickets is January 10th. No tickets will be sold after then.

Attention all artists!

Attention all artists!

We have managed to tie up both of our artistic Guests of Honor with designs for the sales shirts this year. This leaves us without a "mad science' themed design for our volunteer shirts. Love mad science? Have some great ideas? How about a nice line drawing to reward our volunteers for their hard work?

Deadline November 1, 2010
Send designs to [email protected]

Fabulous prizes to be awarded for the design chosen!

Dr. Karen and Jonathan

Dealer Information

Last Updated: November 30, 2010

Dealer FAQ

Please read through this FAQ to find the URL for the Dealer application form.

At this time both Dealers Room and Dealers Row are SOLD OUT.

If you would like to be put on the WAITING LIST for Arisia '11, and on the mailing list to be notified when the application form opens for Arisia '12, please fill out the Dealer application form.

Banquet or Dessert Survey

The survey is closed. Please visit our web page for information about the brunch we have planned for Arisia.

Parking Lot Directions

The Westin's parking garage is located underneath hotel. The entrance is next to the hotel's main entrance (revolving door).

To get to the $5 (must exit by 3am) parking lots leave the hotel and turn right onto Summer Street, at the next light, turn left on to D Street, go over the bridge and turn right onto Congress street, immediately after the building at the corner, turn right behind the building and then turn left into the parking lot. You'll need a credit card to enter the garage, and then the same credit card to exit the lot.

More directions to come

Party Hosts

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