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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention

Arisia 2011 GOH & Main Events

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Costuming on the Cheap 5:00pm (Lewis (3E))

Contra Dance 6:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Mad Scientists in Anime 6:30pm (Hancock (2))

Shaenon Garrity and others

Faebotica, a Musical Event 7:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Convention Feedback 1 8:00pm (Hale (3W))

Flirting with the Mainstream: Paranormal Romance 8:00pm (Carlton (3E))

Kelley Armstrong and others

Presenting Josh Simpson 9:00pm (Grand Ballroom DE (1W))

Hallucinating Shakespeare 9:00pm (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Dr. Who: The Starship of Madness 10:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Der Golem—Silent Film 10:10pm (Otis (2))

DJPet's Club Dance with Live Bands 11:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 12:00 midnight (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))


Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Manga 9:30am (Hancock (2))

Shaenon Garrity, René Walling, and others

Hallucinating Shakespeare 10:00am (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Introducing Kelley Armstrong 11:00am (Burroughs (3E))

Carl Brandon Awards Panel 11:00am (Griffin (3E))

Anime/Manga Parents' Discussion 11:00am (Lewis (3E))

René Walling and others

Defying Gravity: A Historic Achievement In Glass 11:00am (Webster (2))

Social Dance 101 12:00 noon (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Sassafrass & Stranger Ways 12:00 noon (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Vampires, Gender, and Sexuality—Oh My! 12:30pm (Douglas (3W))

Kelley Armstrong and others

Ask a Geek: Biology, Psychology, & Medicine 12:30pm (Griffin (3E))

Lego Tournament! 12:30pm (Fast Track 4 (3E))

When Truth is Stranger than Fiction 12:30pm (Paine (2))

Seanan McGuire and others

Convention Feedback 2 2:00pm (Hale (3W))

Autograph—Shaenon Garrity 2:00pm (Galleria—Autograph Space)

Renaissance Glass Blowing 3:30pm (Carlton (3E))

Comic Book Creation from Creators' Perspectives 3:30pm (Lewis (3E))

Completion of Lego Tournament 3:30pm (Fast Track 4 (3E))

Seanan McGuire and others

The Best International Comics 3:30pm (Hancock (2))

René Walling and others

Jonny Quest: Pursuit of the Po-Ho 3:30pm (Otis (2))

René Walling

Future's Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed 3:30pm (Quincy (2))

Comics: Not How You Start, But How You Finish! 5:00pm (Douglas (3W))

Shaenon Garrity and others

From First Draft to Second Draft 5:00pm (Carlton (3E))

Kelley Armstrong and others

Manga & Anime Art Workshop 5:00pm (Independence (3E))

Tactile Tour of Art Show 5:00pm (Galleria—Art Show)

Josh Simpson and others

Ask a Geek: Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering 6:30pm (Carlton (3E))

YA Brainstorming with Josh Simpson 6:30pm (Griffin (3E))

Funniest Songs Sing-Along 6:30pm (Lewis (3E))

The Time Lord's Ball 8:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Masquerade 8:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Ask a Geek: Weapons, War, & Martial Arts 9:30pm (Carlton (3E))

Weird Science Dance 11:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Repo! the Genetic Opera 12:00 midnight (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))


The New Doctor. Who? 9:30am (Lewis (3E))

Seanan McGuire and others

Things Everyone Loves (But I Don't) 9:30am (Paine (2))

Breakfast with Special Guests 11:00am (Grand Ballroom DE (1W))

The Subs (Rebecca Angel) 12:00 noon (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Satoshi Kon, His Legacy 12:30pm (Stone (2))

The Business of Art 12:30pm (Galleria—Art Program)

Annoucement of Winners of the Writing Contest 1:30pm (Galleria—Art Show)

Josh Simpson

The History of Comics 2:00pm (Douglas (3W))

Shaenon Garrity and others

Convention Feedback 3 2:00pm (Hale (3W))

Acting, Improvisation, and Role-Playing 2:00pm (Burroughs (3E))

Mad Science Song Circle 2:00pm (Griffin (3E))

Seanan McGuire and others

Alchemy 101 2:00pm (Independence (3E))

Jude and Derek's Wedding 2:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Renaissance (SCA) Dance 3:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading 3:30pm (Burroughs (3E))

Shaenon Garrity and others

YA Writing Workshop: Kelley Armstrong 3:30pm (Independence (3E))

Carl Brandon Society Awards Ceremony 3:30pm (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Belly Dance Show 4:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Fanfic as Writer's Workshop 5:00pm (Quincy (2))

Seanan McGuire and others

Autograph—Kelley Armstrong 5:00pm (Galleria—Autograph Space)

No Capes! Non-superhero Comics 6:30pm (Douglas (3W))

René Walling and others

2010: Our Hideous Future 7:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Psyche Corp—Solo Concert 7:00pm (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

How to Write a Comic 8:00pm (Douglas (3W))

Shaenon Garrity and others

Seanan McGuire Talks With Catherynne Valente 8:00pm (Burroughs (3E))

Visual Kei Party 8:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

SMOF 101: How to Become a SMOF 8:00pm (Quincy (2))

René Walling and others

Goli in Concert 8:00pm (Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W))

Art Auction 8:00pm (Galleria—Art Program)

Heinlein in the Bedroom 9:30pm (Paine (2))

8-Bit/Demoscene Dance 10:00pm (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all ages) 10:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

The Terrornauts: Extra-Bad Film 11:00pm (Otis (2))

Eye of Argon Reading 11:00pm (Paine (2))

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 11:00pm (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Commentary! the Musical 12:00 midnight (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (adults only) 1:00am (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))


Autograph—McGuire, Valente 9:30am (Galleria—Autograph Space)

Seanan McGuire and others

The Care and Feeding of the Young Fan 11:00am (Griffin (3E))

René Walling and others

Instrumental Jam with Dancing 11:00am (Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E))

Post-Antibiotic SF 12:30pm (Adams (3W))

Seanan McGuire and others

Convention Feedback 4 2:00pm (Hale (3W))