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Restaurant Guide

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Final Updated Version of Restaurant Guide Text

- COVER - Arisia 2011
Restaurant Guide & Local Area Guidebook


The Captive Audience’s Guide to Foraging for Food Outside of

- TABLE OF CONTENTS - Table of Contents Listings Abbreviations Key

Pg. 1

Westin Hotel Restaurants Pg. 2

Chinatown: Dim-Sum, Hong Kong Breakfast Pg. 3

Quick Bites Pgs. 4-5

South Station Food Court Pg. 6

Area Restaurants Pgs. 7-10

Specialty Eats Pgs. 10-11

Delivery Pg. 11

Reservations Pg. 12

Area Convenience Stores Pg. 12

Local ATMs Pg. 12

Zipcars Pg. 12

Getting Around Boston, Public Transit, Taxis Pg. 13

Map - Seaport Area Pg. 14

Map - Chinatown Pg. 15 All artwork for this guide was created by Rob
Allison. It is used with his permission and he retains all rights.

Thanks extended to Lori J. E. Turi for assembling the first version
of this guide for Arisia 2007.

2011 edition was compiled by Lisa Goldstein and designed by Lia

- PAGE 1 - Welcome to the Boston Seaport. Let’s Eat! You've made it!

Those of you new to the area will be forgiven for half expecting a
tumbleweed to roll by as you parked in some far off surface lot. At
first glance, the Seaport area doesn't seem to offer much to tame
your growling stomach, but take heart. There are many tasty
provisions to be found in the hotel and just a short walking
distance away. All of those really big buildings that you see are
about a mile away, and tucked within them are some gastronomical
delights. Don't want to go that far? You still have a range of
options, from high class dining to taking in a brewery tour or
sampling from over 100 whiskeys. So drop your bags in the room, grab
your badge at registration, and rest easy that there is plenty out
there to tickle your tastebuds. Arisia is happy to provide this
guide to many restaurants and services near the two Arisia hotels
(the Westin Waterfront and the Boston Doubletree). While we make
every effort to provide accurate information, Arisia cannot
guarantee the hours, offerings or quality of any independent
establishment. Phone numbers and websites are included with listings
where available. If you have specific questions or concerns
regarding any of our listings, we suggest you phone ahead. This year
the establishments in this Guide are organized by a general category
that they would fall under. Some areas of the city have a greater
concentration of places to eat than others, and we encourage you to
explore beyond what this guide may list. This is merely a starting
point for your culinary adventures. In years to come we will gladly
expand our range of listings based on congoer feedback.

Key for Restaurant Listings

B Breakfast

BR Brunch

L Lunch

D Dinner

V Vegetarian menu options

AL Bar service

TO Takeout

GF Group Friendly

?? Wheelchair Accessable

DL Delivers to hotel

no CC No Credit Cards accepted

R Reservations Accepted

$ $8 or less avg. cost/plate

$$ $9 - $13

$$$ $14 - $19

$$$$ over $20

$$$$+ over $30 Day/Time Notation

Days: M T W Th F Sa Su Times: 8a, 10:30a, 12p (noon), 2:30p, 10p,

12a (midnight)

- PAGE 2 - Westin Hotel Restaurants (all are [wheelchair icon] )

Birch Bar -- Light menu same as Sauciety. -- M-Su 4p–2a--
American upscale $–$$$$ D/V/AL

City Bar -- Nightspot with full bar and some appetizer
foods.-- Kitchen: M-Su 4:30p–11p, Bar: till 2a-- Bar food $ L/D/V/AL

M.J. O'Connors -- Themed casual pub. Burgers & sandwiches
are $11-$14, entrees $13-$20-- Kitchen: M-Su 11:30a–12a, Bar: till
2a-- American bar food $$–$$$ L/D/V/AL

Sauciety -- Breakfast: coffee/tea $4, Bagel $5, omelet $14--
M-F 6:30a–11a, -- Sa 7a–11:30a, Su 7a–12p-- Lunch: Salad $11-$16,
sandwich/burger $14-$16-- M-Su 11:30a–2:30p-- Dinner: Entrees
$26-$35-- M-Su 4:30p–11p-- Fine dining, American cuisine $–$$$$

Starbucks Cafe -- Small selection of premade sanwiches
available.-- 24-hours during Arisia M-Su 6a - 7p -- Coffee shop fare
$ B/L/V

- PAGE 3 - Chinatown

Location: Bounded by Purchase Street/Surface Road to the East where
the Chinatown Gate stands, Kneeland Street to the South, Washington
Street to the West and Beach Street to the North. Food Culture:
Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese bakeries.

Unofficial Hours: On average, restaurants are open from 11am to 2am,
although some have shorter or longer hours. Note on Bakeries: Common
hours are 7am–6pm. There is a bakery within a block in every

direction from the main intersection of Beach St. and Harrison Ave.


China Pearl 9 Tyler St. 617.426.4338-- M-Su 8:30a-9:30p -- Dim-sum:
M-F all day, Sa-Su til 3p $$ B/L/D/V/TO/AL

Chau Chow City 83 Essex St. 617.338.8158-- M-Su 8:30a–3a-- Dim-sum
8:30a–3p, on 3rd floor $$ B/L/D/V/TO/AL/[wheelchair icon]

Hei La Moon Restaurant 88 Beach St. 617.338.8813-- One block outside
of Chinatown gate.-- M-Su 8:30a–11p-- Dim-sum 8:30a–2p $$
B/L/D/V/TO/AL/[wheelchair icon]

Windsor Dim Sum Cafe 10 Tyler St. 617.338.1688-- Serves dim-sum and
other Chinese breakfast foods plus a full regular menu. Very small
location. Expect a wait. $10 min CC charge.-- M-S 9a–10p $-$$


Hong Kong Style Breakfast China Pearl Best Cafe 11 Tyler St.
617.426.2341-- On street level next to China Pearl upstairs
entrance. Smaller menu than China Pearl with many rice plates and
"home cooking" style food.-- M-F 9a–10p, Sa-Su 8a–10p $

B/L/D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]

Vinh-Sun BBQ & Restaurant-- 58 Beach St. 617.338.1368-- Many
different styles of noodles, rice plates served all evening, with a
smaller dinner menu. $10 min CC charge.-- M-Su 8a–2a $ B/L/D/V/TO

- PAGE 4 - Quick Bites

Au Bon Pain 300 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.542.0412 -- M-Th
6a–6p, F 6a–9p, Sa-Su 8a–6p-- American cafe

fare $ B/L/V/TO

Burger King 280 W. Broadway (South Bos.) -- Drive through open till
12p-- M-Su 7a–10p -- Fast food $ B/L/D/TO/

[wheelchair icon] Dunkin' Donuts -- Breakfast fast food $
B/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

200 Seaport Blvd. (South Bos.) -- Located in the World Trade Center
building -- M-Sa 6a–7p, Su 6a– 6p

330 Congress St. (South Bos.)-- M-F 6a–7p, Sa 6a–3p, Su 7a–2p

268 Summer St. (South Bos.)-- M-F 6a–7p, Sa 6a–12p, Su Closed-- MLK
day hours: 6a–3p

Flour Bakery + Cafe 12 Farnsworth St. (South Bos.) 617.338.4333 --
Famous for its pastries and breads. Carries breakfast sandwiches and
full lunch menu with sandwiches, quiche,

and pizza. Kid friendly.-- M-F 7a–7p, Sa 8a–6p, Su 9a–3p -- Bakery $
B/BR/L/D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

Fresh City 2 Seaport Ln. (South Bos.) 617.443.0962-- Location has
breakfast burritos, healthy lunches, salad bar, espresso, smoothie
bar, and WiFi access. -- M-F 6:30a–4p, Sa-Su Closed -- Healthy

American/Gluten-free $ B/L/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

Golden House Chinese Restaurant -- 303 W. Broadway (South Bos.)
617.269.6090 -- Standard Cantonese/Szechuan dishes. Lunch plates are
sold all day.-- M-F 3:30p–1a, Sa-Su 3:30p–2a-- Chinese $
D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]/DL ($2 fee)

- PAGE 5 -

J.Pace & Sons Uptown -- Corner of Northern Ave. & Congress
St. (South Bos.) 857.366.4640 -- Part retail store, part
cafeteria-style takeout place: hot Italian dishes, deli sandwiches,
salad bar, homemade soups. Grocery items as well as beer and wine.--

M-F 7a–9p, Sa-Su 7a–7p, Breakfast till 10a-- General store,
Cafeteria $ B/L/D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

Marco Polo 274 Summer St. (South Bos.) 617.695.9039-- Family owned,
cafeteria style service with hot dishes, soups, sandwiches.-- M-F
6a–3p, Sa-Su Closed -- Italian $ B/L/TO/[wheelchair icon]

Metro Cafe 332 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.399.2000-- Wraps,
sandwiches, hot lunches, fruit, yogurt, pizza. -- M-F 6a–4:30p,
Sa-Su Closed -- Cafeteria style $ B/L/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

My Diner 98 A St. (South Bos.) 617.268.9889 -- Menu dominated by
breakfast style food, served all day. -- Delivery to Westin from
6a–2p.-- M-F 5a–2p, Sa-Su 6a–2p -- Diner $
B/L/TO/DL(free)/[wheelchair icon]--

Mul's Diner 75 W. Broadway (South Bos.) 617.268.5478-- A favorite
with the locals for breakfast food. Expect a line. -- M-Su 5a–2p --
Diner $ B/L/TO/GF/[wheelchair icon]/no CC

Sleeper Street Cafe 51 Sleeper St. (South Bos.) 617.451.8020 --
Corner of Sleeper St. and Seaport Blvd. at the foot of Seaport
bridge.-- M-F 7a–3p, Sa-Su Closed -- American $ B/L/V/TO/[wheelchair

Teriyaki House 2 W. Broadway (South Bos.) 617.269.2000 -- Serves
rice dishes, grilled meats, bubble teas. Does not use MSG.-- M-Su
10:30a–1a -- Asian style fare, Sushi $ L/D/V/TO/DL
(free)/[wheelchair icon]--

- PAGE 6 -

South Station Food Court Location: Train terminal building at South
Station. -- Ammenities: Eateries, newsstand, small bookstore kiosk,
flower stand. -- Official Hours: 5a–12a -- Only a few eateries are
open the whole time. All locations are $, L/D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]

Au Bon Pain -- Limited menu compared to larger locations.-- M-Sa
5a–11p, Su 6a–11p

Cajun Cajun -- Meat and rice plates, burgers, soups. -- M-F
10a–9:30p, Sa-Su 10a–9p

Cheeseboy -- Grilled cheese sandwiches.-- M-Su 9a–10p

Cosi -- Healthy sandwiches, salads, fruit, pastry.-- M-Su 5:30a–9p

Master Wok-- Rice or noodle plates with choice of meat and
vegetable.-- M-Su 10a–9p

McDonalds -- M-Sa 5a–12a, Su 6a–12a Pizzeria Reginia --
Cafeteria-style. Limited menu compared to other store locations.--
M-Su 10a–9:30p

Rosie's Bakery -- Homemade original chocolates, pastries, full cakes
for sale.-- M-F 7a–7p, Sa 11a–7p, Su Closed

Surf City Squeeze-- Fresh made juice and smoothies. Pastries &
Chock Full O'Nuts coffee.-- M-F 6a–7p, Sa-Su 8a–5p

- PAGE 7 - Area Restaurants

The restaurants listed in this section offer primarily lunch and
dinner menus.

606 Congress Street 606 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.476.5606--
Located in the Renaissance Hotel-- Lunch: M-F 11a–2p, Dinner: Su-Th
5:30–10p, F-Sa 5:30–11p-- Modern American Food $$$$
L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R--

Atlantic Beer Garden 146 Seaport Blvd. (South Bos.) 617.357.0800--
12 beers on tap, 50 bottled -- Kitchen: Su-Th 11:30a–11p, F-Sa
11:30a–12a, Bar: till 2a-- American $$ L/D/AL/TO/GF/[wheelchair

Aura Restaurant 1 Seaport Ln. (South Bos.) 617.385.4300-- Located in
the Seaport Hotel-- Breakfast: M-F 6:30a–10:30a, Sa 7a–11:30a, Su
7a–12:30p, -- Breakfast buffet for $18.50-- Lunch ($$$): M-F
11:30a–2p, Dinner ($$$$): T-Sa 5:30p–1p -- Contemporary American
$$-$$$$ B/L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R --

Barking Crab 88 Sleeper St. (Boston) 617.426.2722 -- Located at the
Ft. Point Channel Landing-- Su-W 11:30a–10p, Th-Sa 11:30a–11p--
American, Seafood $$$$ L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]--

Blue Wave 343 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.790.0720-- Only
appetizers are served after 9p.-- M-Th 11a–9p, F 11a–2a, Sa 8p–2a,
Su Closed-- American $$ L/D/V/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R--

Clarke's 720 Atlantic Ave. (Boston) 617.261.6361-- Located inside
South Station.-- M-Su 11:30a–1a-- Quality Bar Food $$
L/D/TO/AL/[wheelchair icon]--

- PAGE 8 -

The Daily Catch 2 Northern Ave. (South Bos.) 617.772.4400-- Located
on the side of the Moakley Federal Courthouse.-- M-Th 11a–9:30p,
F-Sa 11a–10:30p, Su 1p–9p -- Fresh seafood $$$$
L/D/AL/GF/[wheelchair icon]/R--

Drink 348 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.695.1806-- Located
downstairs from Sportello, no street signage. -- M-Su 4p–1a-- High
concept bar $-$$ AL--

Les Zygomates 129 South St. (Boston) 617.542.5108-- Lunch ($$$): M-F
11:30a–2p -- Dinner ($$$$): M-Th 5:30p–10p, F-Sa 5:30p–11p, Su
Closed-- French Bistro, Wine Bar $$$-$$$$ L/D/AL/[wheelchair

LTK - Legal Test Kitchen 225 Northern Ave. (South Bos.)
617.330.7430-- Test kitchen for the Legal Seafoods restaurant chain.
-- Kitchen: Su-W 11a–10p, Th-Sa till 1a-- Bar: Su-W 11a–11p, Th-Sa
till 2a-- Seafood $$$$ L/D/A/[wheelchair icon]/R --

Lucky's Lounge 355 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.357.5825-- Sinatra
Sundays: Show at 7pm. Sunday brunch: 10a–3p, live music.-- Kitchen:
M-F 11a–10p, Sa-Su 10a–11p -- Bar: Till 2am-- Modern Bar Fare $$$

Menton 354 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.737.0099 -- Prix Fix 4
course meal $95.-- Su-Th 5:30p–9:45p, F-Sa 5:30p–10p-- Haute Cuisine
$$$$$ D/AL/R--

Morton's The Steakhouse 2 Seaport Ln. (South Bos.) 617.526.0410--
Located in the World Trade Center East building.-- M-F 11:30a–11p,
Sa 5p–11p, Su 5p–10p-- Steaks, Elegant desserts $$$$$
L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R--

- PAGE 9 -

No Name Restaurant 15 Fish Pier St West (South Bos.) 617.338.7539--
M-Su 11a–10p-- No frills seafood $$-$$$ L/D/GF/AL/[wheelchair

O Ya 9 East St. (Boston) 617.654.9900-- Award winning-- T-Th
5p–9:30p, F-Sa 5p–10p, Su-M Closed-- Seafood, Sushi $$$$$
D/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R--

Papagãyo 283 Summer St. (South Bos.) 617.423.1000-- Kitchen:
M-Th 11:30a–10p, F-Sa 11:30a–9p, Su 11:30a–9p-- Brunch: Su 10a–2p--
Bar: M-Sa till 1a, Su till 11p-- Mexican American fare $$
BR/L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]--

Salvatore's 225 Northern Ave. (South Bos.) 617.7375454-- M-F
11a–12a, Sa 12p–12a, Su 4p–10p -- Italian/Gluten-free $-$$$ --
L/D/V/AL/TO/GF/[wheelchair icon]/DL ($5 fee)/R--

Sorriso Trattoria 107 South St. (Boston) 617.259.1560-- Boasts a 7
page wine list. Emphasis on pairing food with wine.-- Lunch: M-F
11:30a–2:30p -- Dinner: M-W 5p–10p, Th-Sa 5p–10:30p-- Bar Menu till
11p-- Italian $$$ L/D/AL/[wheelchair icon]/R--

Sportello 348 Congress St. (South Bos.) 617.737.1234-- Also has a
small bakery for take out.-- M-Th 11:30a–10p, F 11:30a–11p, Sa-Su
10:30a–11pm-- Brunch: Sa & Su from 10:30–4p-- Modern diner foods
$$$ BR/L/D/V/TO/R--

Wolfgang Puck's Water Cafe at the ICA-- 100 Northern Ave. (South
Bos.) 617.478.3291-- T-W 10a–5p, Th-F 10a–9p, Sa-Su 10a–5p-- Casual
dining menu $$$ L/D/ --

- PAGE 10 -

Whiskey Priest 150 Northern Ave. (South Bos.) 617.426.8111-- 107
types of whiskey. Live music Sa-Su nights (cover charge).-- M-W
11:30a–11p, Th-Sa 11:30a–12a, Su 10a–11p-- Brunch: Su 10a–2p
$19.95-- Irish American, Bar fare $$-$$$ BR/L/D/AL/GF/[wheelchair
icon]/R(6+ people)--

Yankee Lobster 300 Northern Ave. (South Bos.) 617.345.9799-- Small
dining area.-- M-Th 10a–8p, F-Sa 10a–9p, Su 11a–6p-- Clam shack
style fried food $$ L/D/AL/TO/[wheelchair icon]--

Specialty Eats Vegan/Vegetarian-- My Thai Vegetarian Cafe/Bubble Tea
Bistro-- 3 Beach St., 2nd Floor (Boston) 617.451.2395-- Former
"Buddha's Delight;" same location, new owners.-- Su-Th 11a–9:30p,
F-Sa 11a–10:30p-- Asian style vegetarian $$ L/D/V/TO Australian--

KO Catering and Pies 87 A St. (South Bos.) 617.269.4500-- They also
have a lunch truck that can be located via their Twitter feed.-- T-F
8a–8p, Sa-Su 9a–3p, M Closed-- Home cooked Aussie inspired fare $
B/L/D/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]--


Milk Street Café 50 Milk St. (Boston) 617.542.3663-- Will
deliver to the hotel if ordered the previous business day. While the
cafeteria is all kosher, the catering menu is not. You need to
specify kosher meals.-- M-F 7a–3p, Sa-Su Closed-- Cafeteria-style $

B/L/V/TO/[wheelchair icon]/DL-- ($15 delivery fee plus minimum order
size - $50 breakfast, $75 lunch)--

- PAGE 11 -

Brewery Tours and Tastings--

Harpoon Brewery 308 Northern Ave. (South Bos.) 888.427.7666-- Tours
start every half hour and take about one hour. Reservations are
recommended for tours, but are not needed for tastings. Free
parking.-- Tastings: M-F at 4pm, Tours: Sa

11:30a–5p, Su 12p–3p-- Beer tours and tastings. $ [wheelchair

Handmade Chocolates--

Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe-- 258 W. Broadway (South Bos.)
617.268.4900-- Advance special orders allowed. Single origin
coffees, loose leaf teas, and chocolate elixirs available.-- M
Closed, T-Sa 9a–6p, Su

9a–4p-- Chocolate, Pastries $ V/TO/[wheelchair icon]-- Delivery

Some restaurants will deliver directly to the Arisia hotels – call
to inquire. There are also online ordering services which allow you
to place an order (the restaurant handles delivery). Also has a late night delivery option-- -- Shows open restaurants first No service charges-- 898 listings in Boston area

Other restaurants use the Boston DiningIn service for delivery:--
617.278.2121 or -- Call or log in to place
an order for delivery to the hotel. There is often a minimum order

requirement along with a service fee that is separate from a
delivery tip. -- Hours are: M-Th 8:30a–10p, F 8:30a–11p, Sa 11a–11p,
Su 11a–10p.

Westin Boston Waterfront — 617.532.4200 (front desk/reservations)--
425 Summer St, Boston MA 02210

Doubletree Hotel Boston — 617.956.7900 (front desk/reservations)--
821 Washington St., Boston MA 02111

- PAGE 12 - Reservations

Many restaurant locations may recommend placing a reservation in
order to assure available seating when you arrive. You can do this
either through a restaurant directly or by using

Area Convenience Stores

7–ELEVEN 200 Seaport Blvd. (South Bos.) 617.737.2695-- Located in
the World Trade Center building. Sells pre made sandwiches, fruit,
yogurt, beer, wine, and ice.-- M-Su Open 24 hours $ AL--

Metro Convenience Store-- 263 Summer St. (South Bos.) 617.399.2001--
Located at the corner of Melcher and Summer St. before Ft. Point
Bridge. Carries pre made sandwiches, beer, and wine.-- M-F 6a–8p,
Sa-Su Closed-- Deli counter open 11a–3p $ AL--

Local ATMs

Bank of America -- 1 South Station (Boston)-- 30 Rowes Wharf
(Boston)-- 125 High St. (Boston)

Sovereign Bank-- 474 W. Broadway (Boston)-- 50 Rowes Wharf (Boston)

Citizens Bank-- 441 W. Broadway (Boston)

Wells Fargo-- 121 High St. (Boston)

State Street Bank & Trust-- 470 Atlantic Ave. (Boston)

Boston Private Bank-- 157 Seaport Blvd. (Boston)

Federal Reserve Credit Union-- 600 Atlantic Ave. (Boston)

Hanscom Federal Credit Union-- 495 Summer St. (South Bos.)


If you have a Zipcar membership there are four locations in the
Seaport District area:

-- World Trade Center East Off of Seaport St.

-- Children's Museum Off of Congress St., near Sleeper St.

-- Necco Place Off of Necco St.

-- One Marina Park Dr. Off of Courthouse Way & Northern Ave.

For more information on Zipcar in Boston, visit:

- PAGE 13 -

Getting Around Boston


Frankly, we recommend walking, taking the subway or bus to get to
food. Parking is often expensive and open meters can be hard to
find, not to mention contending with traffic on the way to your
destination. Public Transit (Subway and Bus)

If you take the subway while you’re here, you’ll be on the Silver
Line which connects to the airport and South Station. Subway fare is
$2 ($1.70 with Charlie Card) per trip. Daily ($9) and weekly ($15)
passes are also available. Children under 11 ride on public

transportation for free when accompanied by a paying adult. Charlie
cards can be obtained from MBTA sales offices in South Station,
North Station, Downtown Crossing, Back Bay, and Harvard stations.

There are a number of bus lines that stop in the seaport area within
walking distance to the Westin. They are: 11, 171, 4, 448, 449, 459,
7. Bus fare is $1.50 per trip ($1.25 with Charlie Card).

The T runs approximately 5:30a–12:30a. Complete bus, subway, and
commuter rail maps, schedules, and fare information are available
online at


If you need a taxi, we recommend going to the Concierge Desk in the
Hotel Lobby. They will call a reputable and reliable cab company for

Based on: --

Official taxi fares are:

Meter Rates: $2.60 for the first 1/7th mile or less, $0.40 for each

additional 1/7th of a mile, Flat Rate if applicable: $3.20 per mile.

Waiting Time: $28.00 per hour.

Additional tunnel and airport fees from Logan Airport: $8 ($2.75
airport fee, plus $5.25 tunnel toll) For help in estimating a taxi
fare, try the following links:


-- (mobile version)



- PAGE 16 (back cover)