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Friday 4:00 PM

War In Space — 1hr 29min — Otis (2)

In this Toho classic, Earth is attacked by Venusian forces, but is saved by a Japanese scientist, his beautiful daughter, and his prototype spaceship. Derivative in some ways (the spaceship is a reworked version of the model from Atragon), and with a future that looks remarkably like 1970s Tokyo, but very much in the classic Japanese space opera tradition.

Dream of a Warrior — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)

Cheesy Korean time travel fantasy—A cop astral-travels into a fantasy world to rescue the mad scientist's daughter. Subtitled, 2001, PG-13.

Friday 5:00 PM

Taboos in Fiction — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

What's left that we can't write about in fiction? Surely there are still things too shocking to discuss. What makes the 21st century reader think that you shouldn't have gone there? Steve Berman, Vylar Kaftan, Gordon Linzner (m), Barry B. Longyear, Sheila M. Oranch

50th Anniversary of Stranger in a Strange Land — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of Heinlein's Hugo-Award-winning work "Stranger in a Strange Land". Containing the inspirations for both the water bed and a real life Church of All Worlds, what other influences has the novel had on genre literature and popular culture? Often cited as a commentary on social mores of the time, what message was Heinlein trying to convey? Come discuss the novel, its origins, and influences on other works. Terry Franklin, Tim Lieder, John G. McDaid, Karen Purcell (m)

Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature for Newbies — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

New to the literature of science fiction and fantasy? Our panel of experts will recommend the books that you really shouldn't miss! We'll cover the classics as well as the latest releases. John Costello, Michael McAfee, Alex Newman (m), Steve Sawicki

The Future of Newspaper Comic Strips — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

The stories of many SF/F heroes such as "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers" started in the newspaper. Some have made the transition to film and novels with mixed results. With the cancellation of "Annie", what does that hold for the future of newsprint comics? Martha Adams, E. J. Barnes (m), Jerome C. Conner, Andrew Farago, Mercy E. Van Vlack

Non-Genre TV Shows That Fans Love — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

"Veronica Mars", "Leverage", and "Criminal Minds" are all mainstream shows with large followings amongst genre fans, and they often obtain a sci-fi "feel." What other realist shows (classic or current) feel like sci-fi or fantasy, and what are the qualities that make these shows feel like genre material? Howard Beatman, Fabrisse, Woodrow Hill, Adam Lipkin (m), Santiago Rivas

So We're Mainstream. NOW What? — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

SF has gone mainstream in a big way. Star Wars may have started it (or Star Trek, if you prefer), but what was once shared by a relatively small cadre of fans is now the stuff of hundred-million dollar movies and TV shows. Has fandom lost something along the way, or is this simply an opportunity to welcome more fans into the fold? And are we maybe not as mainstream as it appears? Melissa Kaplan, Paula Lieberman, Victor Raymond, Cynthia A. Shettle, James Zavaglia (m)

Costuming on the Cheap — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

How to look like a million bucks without actually spending that much. Where to find inexpensive fabrics, ready-made, and accessories, and how to re-make them into one-of-a-kind creations in these tough economic times. Also, how to make costumes if you can't afford a sewing machine. Mike McPhail, Jennifer Old (m), Solveig Pflueger, Nightwing Whitehead, The Wombat

Fast Track 2011 Opens — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Fast Track Opens for 2011! Come and explore this year's activities! Parents please come and look over pre-sign up classes and permission slips. Heather Brown, AJ Strong (m)

Open Coloring — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Have you been stuck traveling all day to get to Arisia? Need some down time? Come and enjoy a few minutes of coloring to relax!

Make and Take—Tie Dyed Butterfly — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Coffee filter butterfly craft with markers and water. Heather Brown

Face Painting — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Come and get your face painted! Domingo Diaz, Sandra Woodring

Doing What You Love — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Our panelists, who are doing what they love to make their living, explain the path they took to their career, lessons learned along the way, and advice for others who wish to do the same. Vonnie Carts-Powell, Amy Chused, Lori Del Genis, Sandra Hutchinson, Scott Lefton (m)

Worlds Within Worlds: Cartography in Literature — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Since the advent of map-making, there has been a desire to define places, including those which are unreal or fantastic. Likewise, many fantasy novels begin with a map of the terrain to be traversed. What happens when F/SF/H authors create maps of their own—psychological, fantastic, of known and unknown worlds—and where can we go with them? David Camacho, Greer Gilman, Sarah Smith, Catherynne M. Valente (m)

Fantasy Football — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

If I was coaching the Pats, we'd get at least ten wins—with Conan on the offensive line and Legolas at tight end! Yeah, that's right! With Arisia taking place in the thick of the NFL playoffs, we'll take the whole "fantasy football" thing literally. The panel will discuss which collection of fantastic warriors and mythological heroes would be the most likely to win the Lombardi Trophy. Thomas Traina, James A. Wolf (m), Eric Zuckerman

Food Communicating Culture in Literature — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

How do writers communicate things about their cultures and characters via the food they use? What can you discern about cultures based on if they get their food in pill form, if they are vegetarian/vegan, omnivores, carnivores? How does the anatomy and physiology of your aliens or magical creatures dictate their food requirements? What about the terrain? Does the diversity of food culture—and what it communicates—on Earth get shown in literature? John Bowker, Stephanie Clarkson, Shira Lipkin, Larissa Niec, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

When Science Overreaches — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Roger Penrose was a brilliant mathematician, but his attempt to make a scientific explanation of consciousness fell on its face. Where else have science and scientists attempted to go when perhaps they should not have? Steven Hirsch, Ken Olum, Ian Keville Schleifer, Dr. Jason Schneiderman, Richard Stallman

Autograph—Kushner, Van Name — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Ellen Kushner and Mark L Van Name. Ellen Kushner, Mark L. Van Name

Why Knot? Macrame Workshop — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Make a hemp and bead bracelet or necklace, and learn some basic techniques that can be used over and over again. Kits available ($5) include pre-measured hemps in various colors with interesting beads and buttons for closures. Two different techniques demonstrated. Lisa A. Ashton

Friday 5:30 PM

Alien Trespass — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)

2009 Homage to 1950s SF movies. Can a physicist fend off an alien invasion? PG.

Friday 6:00 PM

Contra Dance — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Chris Lahey, calling to the live music of Free Raisins: Jeff Kaufman and Audrey Knuth. Jeff Kaufman, Audrey Knuth, Chris Lahey (m)

Heave Away — 6min — Otis (2)

This short film on the decommissioning of a spacecraft is set to music by Helva Peters. In 16mm, Color by DuArt.

True History Behind Samurai Anime — 1hr 15min — Stone (2)

Who is Oda Nobunaga? Was Himura Kenshin real? Was Saitou Hajime actually left-handed, and did he really like plain soba noodles? Learn the answers to these questions, and a whole lot more, in this panel designed to separate fact from fiction. Josh Doremus, David Lee (m)

Curse the Darkness — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

10 years ago, He opened the shadows and let Them into the world. He leveled Washington DC, cast Jerusalem into the darkness of the Between, and then demanded that we give up faith, politics, ideology—identity. Dissent can be fatal. All we can spare is a quiet curse. Matt McFarland

Last Night on Earth — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

Players take on the role of either the Heroes, working together to make it through the night, or the Zombies, unending waves of undead spreading over the town like a plague. So put down that popcorn, grab your shotgun, and hide your brain; the Zombies are coming and this could be your Last Night on Earth. Steven Hammond

Legion — 6:05 PM, 1hr 40min — Otis (2)

God, disenchanted with what Men have made of His world, sends down a legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. The only folks left to make a stand for humanity are the Archangel Michael and a group of strangers trapped in a diner. How can you not love a plot line like that? This film is beautiful and creepy, and yet it will make you proud to be human. In 35mm Cinemascope.

Friday 6:30 PM

Batman Through the Ages — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Between the comics, the movies, and TV, Batman has gotten more reboots than almost anyone. How has he changed over the years? Little Mel, Daniel Miller, Alex Newman (m), Steve Sawicki, James Zavaglia

Re-Reading Childhood Classics — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

We all have favorites from our childhood, but some of them, when we read them as adults, sour us on our original warm memories. Others surprise us with depths that we never caught the first time. And still others have the lyricism which we first fell in love with. Let's all look again. Vikki Ciaffone (m), Patricia M. Cryan, Greer Gilman, Victoria Janssen, Sonya Taaffe

Reading—Bowker, Silverman, Williams — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors John Bowker, Hildy Silverman, and Jennifer Williams will read selections from their works. John Bowker, Hildy Silverman, Jennifer Williams

Poly 101: An Introduction — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

New to polyamory? Interested in exploring polyamorous relationships, or just want to find out what it's all about? This panel is the one to start with! Our panelists will tell you all about their adventures in polyamory, and what they've learned along the way. Calliope, Michelle Driscoll (m), Bendy Yoga Girl, S. Tulchinsky, Valerie White

Introduction to Arisia — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Is this your first time at Arisia? Maybe your first time at a con? Welcome! Our experienced panelists will give you tips on how to get the most out of the con, and on con survival in general. Thomas A. Amoroso, Mario Di Giacomo, Melissa Kaplan, Bill Pomeroy (m), Jude Shabry

Interstitial Arts: A Discussion — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Interstitial art refers to any work whose nature falls between, rather than within, the familiar boundaries of recognized genres, making the work difficult to categorize or describe. This open discussion will be moderated by the co-founder of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, with participation by members of the IAF's Board and Working Group eager to discuss what interstitial art means to our community and how the IAF could better support and encourage interstitial work. Deborah Atherton, Wendy Ellertson, Andrea Hairston, Felice Kuan, Ellen Kushner (m), Shira Lipkin, Geofffrey Long, Adam Nakama, Larissa Niec, Victor Raymond, Stephen H. Segal, Delia Sherman, Sarah Smith, Erin Underwood

The Colder Side of Global Warming — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

A lecture on the latest data about global warming and the science behind it. Tom Wysmuller

Best of Filk Sing-Along — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Come sing-a-long with filk classics and new favorites! Kate Farb-Johnson, Benjamin Newman (m)

Con Safety for Kids — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Or, why your parents gave you a red ribbon.

Origami 101 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Create paper animals, rockets, balls or your own creation using the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Peter Maranci (m), Joy McCarthy, Barbara M. Pugliese

I've Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What? — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Juggling for Kids; for both first-time and experienced jugglers. Peter Breton, Wil Howitt

Stretch Like a Shao-Lin — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Stretch like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and that guy in "The Matrix". We'll do some gentle loosening up and simple conditioning exercises from the ancient art of Kung Fu. Wear loose clothing, and bring a water bottle and a towel to sit on. You will feel better after this, we promise! Suitable for all ages and no disk drive in the back of your head required. Bill "Dr. Crash" Yerazunis

Mad Scientists in Anime — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

The mad scientist has become a stock character that pops up in some of the most unlikely genres of anime, from Doctor Tenma to Kaolla Su. Dr.Gero in Dragonball, Mayuri in Bleach, Ikari Gendo in Evangelion, good old Dr. Franken Stein from Soul Eater, or questionably sane Komui Lee in D.Gray-man—all mad in their own special way. What makes a good mad scientist in anime, and what differentiates him/her from Euro-American mad hatters? Adam Ferraro, Shaenon Garrity, Robert Luoma (m), John Monahan, Mike Toole

Masquerade Basics and First Impressions — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Panelists will discuss participating in a masquerade, from planning and preparing to rehearsing and tech, explaining everything from ninjas and den moms to the director and the MC. Plus, how to show off your costume at its best: stage movement, ideas for presentations, basics of choreography—all in 1 minute or less. Jill Eastlake, Melissa Honig, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Toni Lay (m), The Wombat

Imagining Anarchy — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Most anarchies in science fiction are presented as dystopias, or a transition state after a disaster. But there are some, from LeGuin's "The Dispossessed" to Longyear's "Circus World", which demonstrate a stable, functioning culture free of government. What does it take to imagine anarchy? Mark L. Amidon (m), Vylar Kaftan, Barry B. Longyear, Shava Nerad, Ian Randal Strock

Boston as Setting — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

The subway line to Cambridge inspired H.P. Lovecraft to visions of subterranean Antarctic horror; Hal Clement drowned Beantown under dozens of feet of water. Why Boston? Who's writing about here lately? What scenic SFnal and fantastical possibilities do our fair city present? Robert Davies, Alexander Jablokov, Steve E. Popkes, Margaret Ronald, Cecilia Tan (m)

Books for Artists — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

What books have helped our panelists in their art careers? Books about art? About the art world? What books have been inspirational in your art or in your making a life as an artist? Our panelists review and recommend some of their favorites. Jacob Lefton, Thomas Nackid, Brianna Spacekat Wu

Autograph—William Freedman — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with William Freedman. William Freedman

Origami—The Art of Paperfolding — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Paper folding for everyone. Learn to fold flowers, balloons, and more! Beginners and intermediate folders welcome. Paper will be provided. Sparr

Friday 7:00 PM

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8.1 — 1hr — Webster (2)

Motion Comics Animation episodes written by Joss Whedon. "The Long Way Home" and "The Chain". PG-13

Faebotica, a Musical Event — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Featuring soulful vocals and sublime lyricism, Faebotica is the child of Boston multi-instrumentalist Nicole Edgecomb and former Lucretia's Daggers guitarist/programmer Darrell Brown. Joe Ball, Jason Berube, Jenn Bliss, Darrell Brown, Nicole Edgecomb (m), Lauren Phillips, Marcio Roberto, Jason Winslade

LARP Character Selection — 1hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

Setup for Vampire the Masquerade LARP. Michael Dlott (m), Melissa Hamilton

Friday 7:30 PM

Samurai Anime — 4hr — Stone (2)

Samurai Deeper Kyo, Afro Samurai, and Samurai X are a few of the best known samurai anime epics. Come enjoy your samurai anime right after you learn about what is real in sword play, and what is just in anime.

Call of Cthulhu: The Cask of Tartessos — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

In the 6th century B.C., the city of Tartessos mysteriously vanished, possibly destroyed by the Phoenicians. Some speculate that Tartessos was Atlantis. Clues to the truth have surfaced, and that truth threatens the modern world. And what does any of that have to do with jamón ibérico de bellota, considered by many to be the world's greatest tasting (and most expensive) ham? Richard B. Auffrey

Art Show Director's Docent Tour — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Show

Tour the Arisia 2011 Art Show with the art show director and get his point of view of the show itself as a work of art. David D'Antonio

Friday 8:00 PM

D&D Roundtable — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Over the past thirty-five years, D&D has evolved significantly. Panelists will discuss the best features of each generation of the classic RPG—D&D, AD&D, 2nd Edition, d20, 4th edition—and the future for this long-lived product. Karl G. Heinemann (m), Catherine Kane, Daniel Miller, Mitchell Morris, Jason Schneiderman

The New (Old) Wonder Woman — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Wonder Woman fans recently celebrated her 600th issue. She's got a new costume, a new celebrity writer (J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame), and a new direction. Ed Fuqua, Ken Gale, Donna Martinez (m), Mistress Simone, Mercy E. Van Vlack

Convention Feedback 1 — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Tell us what's going wrong—early in the con when we might be able to fix a problem on the fly. (We don't mind hearing about what's going well either.) Paul Aldred, Lisa Holsberg, Crystal Huff (m), Richard Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, James Pinkerton, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Michael Sprague

Anime Swordplay vs. Real Swordplay — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Experts in the art of Kendo and the Japanese sword arts talk about Kenshin and Kyo, and Champloo and Afro, and Ichigo too. Relating the real earthbound practices of swordsmanship to the gravity-defying methods on screen. Josh Doremus (m), David Lee

Flirting with the Mainstream: Paranormal Romance — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Paranormal romance has staying power on store bookshelves and has taken plenty of heat for diluting SF/F. However, it also has a crossover appeal to women who may not ordinarily be the audience for SF/F. Let's chat about overlapping genres, mixing stories, and the best paranormal romances for the new reader. Kelley Armstrong, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Nancy Holzner, Victoria Janssen, Gail Martin

Manga Artists Meet-up — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Here are my three favorite pieces from my portfolio. How do you make my colors look like that? My favorite ink comes from _____, you can buy it on the web at Share your knowledge with other fans of the art of creating in the Japanese manga style. Bettina Kurkoski

Living Off the Grid — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

What does it take to live "off the grid"? What is involved with living independent of power, water and other resources managed by a utility company? This lecture will detail methods some people have used to do just that. Included will be details on construction, power, water management, and cost particulars. Tom Wysmuller

Introduction to SF Criticism — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

What is it, what is it for, and what is its terminology? Where do we find it? How do we apply it? And, ultimately, how do we contribute to it? Andrea Hairston, Adam Lipkin (m), Marlin May, Steve Sawicki, Catherynne M. Valente

Drum and Dance Circle — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Bring a drum. Borrow a drum. Find a drum. Feel the rhythm and the power with us. Wolverine Bloodthorn (m), Angela K. Bowen, Penny Messier

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading — 1hr 30min — Hancock (2)

Broad Universe is an international organization of women and men dedicated to celebrating and promoting the work of women writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Come hear samples of the works of several members of the Broad Universe group. Roxanne Bland, Justine Graykin, Elaine Isaak, Kate Kaynak, Larissa Niec, Renee Otis, Jennifer Allis Provost, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Morven Westfield, Trisha Wooldridge (m), Phoebe Wray

Clutch Cargo — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)

A curious product of the early 1960s, this is an animated children's television show employing Synchro-Vox, a process in which live action lips were rotoscoped onto still drawings. The plotlines and the artwork both owed a lot to the pulp SF styles of the day and were quite advanced for a kid's show of that era. In memory of Hugh Colston. In 16mm B&W.

Race and Identity in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Does genre literature have tools and tropes uniquely suited to complex discussions about race and identity? Is the very notion of a post-racial society hopelessly naive? Mark L. Amidon, Woodrow Hill (m), Adam Nakama, Kate Nepveu

My Favorite Game Went Out of Print! — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

When games go out of print, how do you keep the fun alive? Learn tips for playing and supporting out-of-print tabletop games and finding new players for extinct games. Tony Finan, Peter Maranci, Victor Raymond (m), Jonathan Woodward

Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

What do judges look for when looking at costumes up close and on stage? Past judges and contestants discuss what judges look for in both presentation and workmanship. Susan de Guardiola (m), Jill Eastlake, Marty Gear, The Wombat

Avatar Extended Version — 3hr — Webster (2)

James Cameron's Corporate Mad Scientists know no bounds in this Galactic adventure with more Bluey Goodness. PG-13

Vampire the Masquerade: Written in Blood — 3hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

A clown is dead in Boston, a child of Malkov who left behind a legacy of journals and lore of vampires stolen from the Tremere. In short, a giant potential breach of the Masquerade. Pieces of these works written in blood are scattered across the city. The prince wants the pages found and kept out of mortal hands, but it seems like the damage has already been done. Why did the prince order that the pages be destroyed and not read? Michael Dlott (m), Melissa Hamilton

9 — 8:05 PM, 1hr 19min — Otis (2)

Long-time Arisia-goers will know we are fans of post-apocalyptic films of all kinds, and this beautifully-animated one by Tim Burton is no exception. A rag doll awakens after the war between men and machines is nearly at an end, with few human survivors. Who can save them? Visually striking, you need to see this on a big screen with friends. In 35mm.

Friday 9:00 PM

Presenting Josh Simpson — 1hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)

This year's artist Guest of Honor, Josh Simpson has been practicing the art of glassblowing for over four decades. He will discuss his Infinity Project, where many times a year Josh gives two of his glass Planets inscribed only with the Infinity symbol (one to keep, one to hide) to people who propose why, when and where they want to place a Planet. Hear about the incredible places where these planets are hidden and what Josh hopes to accomplish by hiding his artwork around the world and beyond. Josh Simpson

Hallucinating Shakespeare — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Ecstatic rants on Shakespeare: Five versions of the Witches. Why baseball and Shakespeare are spoken in the same language. What happens when you can't get your bag of fake blood to explode during your death scene in Richard III. Michael Anderson

Friday 9:30 PM

Beyond Binaries 101: Exploring Gender Roles — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

How do science fiction, fantasy, and horror explore beyond our existing gender roles? How often do we see authors fall back on traditional gender roles or just flipping gender roles? Or how often do we do it ourselves? Who has created unique roles separate from gender or dealing with gender beyond binaries? What would we like to see? Steve Berman, Greer Gilman, Adam Nakama, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

Noir in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

"Film noir" describes a certain genre of film about people with shady motives who may pay a terrible price for detouring off the straight and narrow. Movies like "Blade Runner" and "Dark City" have adapted that for the world of SF and fantasy. How does the hybrid change the noir and SF/F roots? What other films draw from and evolve the noir heritage? Garen Daly, Fabrisse, Jaime Garmendia, Adam Lipkin (m), Timothy J. Tero

Reading—Costello, Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Stallman — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, John Costello, and Richard Stallman will read selections from their works. John Costello, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Richard Stallman

BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

There are a lot of different ways to practice BDSM. How can you get into it without getting in over your head? What can you do to stay safe while experimenting and exploring your own limits? We'll go over a few do's and, more importantly, don'ts of trying BDSM. 18+ Only. Calliope, Shana Fuqua, Princess Kali, Ian Cooper Rose, Percival (m)

Not Your Parents' Zombies! — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

These days, zombies come in many shapes, sizes, and speeds. From Shaun of the Dead to Fido, what zombie works break the mold and set new standards? Which writers got it right and made the best use of their braaaaaainnns? Robert Davies, Chris Denmead, Tony Finan (m), Misty Pendragon

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom. Paul Estin, Mark A. Mandel (m)

Corsets, Hoops, & Other Undergarments — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

What goes under your costume can be just as important as your actual costume. Find out the basics of corsets, hoop skirts, and everything else that you can find under a costume. Ann Catelli, Susan de Guardiola (m), Jamila Sisco

Yin and Yang: Yuri and Yaoi — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Yuri is a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yaoi is a popular Japanese term for female-created, female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships. Learn about the conventions of the genre, the classics, as well as the newest titles to hit the shelves and the screen. Mary Dumas (m), Felicitas Ivey, Marlie Philiossaint

Advanced Makeup in Costuming — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Beyond foundation and mascara, learn about various techniques including prosthetics, facial hair, aging effects, body paint, and gore. Also, find out where to get the supplies and how to best use them on stage and in the halls. Bill Frankenfield, Marty Gear (m), Samara Martin

SMOF 450: How to Be a Good Moderator — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Panels are among the most important offerings at science fiction conventions. Moderating a panel is an art and a science. A good moderator can make a panel, while a bad one can doom it. How does one become a good moderator? What skills do you need to bring to the panel? What mistakes should you strive to avoid? If you want to make the leap from sitting in the audience to sitting in front of it, this is a good place to start! Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Susan Hanniford Crowley, David Larochelle, JeffWarner, Jonathan Woodward

Species as Analogy for Race — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

"Avatar," "District 9" and even "Star Trek" are among recent SF films that have offered us aliens who arguably are standing in for real races or ethnic groups. How does SF film handle racial issues? Is it a way of avoiding painful topics or a way of addressing them by other means? Jessica Belisle, Andrea Hairston, Walter Hunt, Suford Lewis, Nisi Shawl (m)

Conservatism in SF and Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

William F. Buckley defined a conservative as "someone who stands astride the motion of history and yells 'STOP!'" Some authors have cautioned against some runaway trends; others show how core values are still applicable in completely alien situations. Jonathan Swift, Robert Heinlein, Jerry Pournelle, and other authors provide a counter-balance to the wide-open speculation the genre is known for having. Howard Beatman, William Freedman, Alexander Jablokov, James A. Wolf (m)

Friday 10:00 PM

Home Movies From Arisia 2008 — 6min — Otis (2)

A couple years ago we carried a hand-cranked newsreel camera around the convention and shot film of actual fans doing actual fannish things. You can see them in this exciting short. See children misbehaving! See adults being silly! In 35mm Kludgecolor.

Dr. Who: The Starship of Madness — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Suffering Shoggoths, it's Boston in the Roaring Twenties! Flappers! Gin joints! Deep Ones? A newly-regenerated Doctor and a nightmare-plagued writer by the name of Lovecraft investigate the eccentric Professor Whiteman's amazing invention that can cure the insane. What's really going on inside the Miskatonic Gentlemen's Club? What will happen to the human race when C'thulhu rises? And can the Doctor prevent it? (A staged radio play presented by the Post-Meridian Radio Players.) Hilary Caplan, Thomas Champion, Paul Dworkin, Alicia Ellen Goranson, Andy Hicks, Zahra Khan, Mindy Klenoff, Ron Lacey, Andy Lebrun, Neil Marsh (m), Michael McAfee, Rob Noyes, Alyssa Osiecki, Brad Smith, Judy Yen

Newsreel 2147 — 10:05 PM, 6min — Otis (2)

A view into the world of Robert Charles Wilson's "Julian Comstock", this newsreel details how the war against the Dutch is going and the bright future for the new American dictatorship. In 35mm silent with organ accompaniment by Gary McGath.

Der Golem—Silent Film — 10:10 PM, 1hr 5min — Otis (2)

In 16th century Prague, a rabbi creates a creature from clay and, using proprietary source code, brings it to life in order to protect the Jewish community there. Unfortunately some bugs remain. This classic German silent is still creepy after ninety years. Gary McGath's live organ accompaniment makes it creepier. Gary McGath

Friday 11:00 PM

BDSM and the Internet — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Fetlife, Collarme, Mydungeonspace, Alt… there are now so many avenues for exploring the BDSM community within the comfort of your own home. Is kink becoming more mainstream and more approachable? Or are traditions getting lost in this new age? How is the Internet helping the lifestyle? Does Internet kink have its downfalls? What are the best Internet resources for someone interested in the lifestyle, and what should you shy away from? 18+ only. John Bacon, Michelle Driscoll, Princess Kali (m), Mike Schneider, S. Tulchinsky

The Future of School — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Science fiction writers have often written about changes that technology might make to education, from the students' "desks" in Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" to R.A. Heinlein's observations and critiques of education in his juvenile fiction. What kinds of alternate education exist now? How does emerging technology affect the learners of tomorrow? Will school still get out for summer? W. "Ian" Blanton, Kate Kaynak, John G. McDaid, David Nurenberg (m), Trisha Wooldridge

Reading—Amundsen, Berman, Kane — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Erik Amundsen, Steve Berman, and Catherine Kane read selections from their works. Erik Amundsen, Steve Berman, Catherine Kane

The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

While the geek population is broad and diverse, there are some common psychological traits among geeks. What are these traits, and what can we learn about ourselves and each other by examining them? Ethan Gilsdorf, Melissa Kaplan, Jean Rossner, Dr. Jason Schneiderman, Aimee Yermish (m)

Mad Science—Is it Worth the Risk? — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

What are some particularly juicy real world examples of mad science? What were their risks and benefits? D. Cameron Calkins (m), Mario Di Giacomo, Abby Hafer, John Monahan, Shava Nerad

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk continues — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Music will continue as long as people are interested. Paul Estin

Making Room: Your Day Job and Your Passion — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

So many of us have uninspiring day jobs to pay the bills, while we do our real work after we go "home" for the day, whether it be writing, social action, theatre, or something else. How do you juggle work, a vocation, and friends/family/rest? William Freedman, Victoria Janssen (m), Steve Sawicki, Mark L. Van Name

DJPet's Club Dance with Live Bands — 6hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Dance featuring electronic bands ORDNANCE!, Encanti, and the Attic Bits. DJ sets by DJPet. Roland Adams, Mike D'Errioc, Jim Dattolo (m), David Dodson, Jeremy Murphy

Tropes and Your Audience — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Tropes, trappings, settings, and archetypes. They come and go like fashions. Why are some tropes ephemeral, while others demonstrate extreme longevity? Why do some tropes take over a genre or subgenre, or sometimes an entire medium? Why do some inspire counter-tropes, which sometimes surpass the original? Mary Catelli, Jeanne Cavelos, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Israel Peskowitz

Circlet Press Reading — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Author Cecilia Tan reads selections from her work. Cecilia Tan

SMOF 350: How to Be a Good Panelist — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Panels are the bread and butter of many science fiction cons. But without panelists, even the best ideas can die before they ever make it to the schedule. How can someone new break into the world of the panelist? Is it as glamorous as the movies say? Once you make it on the panel, how do you prepare? If you've always wanted to be on panels, but didn't know where to start, this is the panel for you! Stephanie Clarkson (m), Suford Lewis, A. Joseph Ross, Michael Whitehouse, Eric Zuckerman

The Big Fear: Genre Fiction as Social Commentary — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

What does the threat or conflict implicit in a work of fiction say about the society that made it? In the 1940s, books like George Orwell's "1984" and George Stewart's "Earth Abides" are examples of fears of a totalitarian dystopia and the end of civilization respectively. John Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar" is an example of the fear of overpopulation present in many works of 1970s fiction. What are the cultural bogeymen of today? What will the big fear be 20, 50, 100 years from now? Carl Danielson, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Sarah Smith, Mark Waks (m)

Possession — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)

Sarah Michelle Gellar confronts her ex-con brother-in-law, possessed by the spirit of her comatose husband. 2009, PG-13.

Friday 11:30 PM

Anime Ghost Stories — 4hr — Stone (2)

Samurai Horror Tales: Goddess of the Dark Tower, Yotsua Ghost Story, Goblin Cat can only happen if we have an overnight volunteer rated 15+

Saturday 12:00 AM

Richard III Midnight Callback — 2hr 41min — Otis (2)

Inspired by a scene in Jasper Fforde's "The Eyre Affair," come see a showing of Richard III (1955), with audience participation, a la "Rocky Horror". No prior knowledge of Shakespeare required, merely a sense of humor. In 16mm, color by Technicolor. Jason Schneiderman

The Rocky Horror Picture Show — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the longest running shadow show of all time. The Teseracte players have been adding their own flavor of originality and sin to this show for nearly 20 years. Watch and join in as they "do the Timewarp again!" Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Eric Carter, Patrick Connelly, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Jen Flis, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, arthur laurie, Ted Lynch, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, J. Chris Quint, Roy Rossi, Joye Thaller, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Chrysalis — 12:25 AM, 1hr 34min — Webster (2)

In near-future Paris, a cop is searching for his wife's killer. The trail leads him to a high tech medical clinic where everything is not what it seems. 2007, subtitled, R.

Saturday 12:30 AM

Religion and Kink — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Connections between kink and spirituality are legion. From the Christian monks of the Middle Ages flagellating themselves in penitence and the woman in a latex nun's outfit threatening her naughty students, to the kinkster marveling at how his first experience of subspace reminds him of his favorite moments from synagogue; the scene can be so powerful for some people, it opens spiritual doors. This panel will explore ways in which kink and spirituality intersect. Darkteddybear (m), Adam Fromm, Jaime Garmendia, Shava Nerad, Percival

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)

Friday Open Filk descends into chaos as it turns to Saturday. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Saturday 2:00 AM

The Gene Generation — 1hr 36min — Webster (2)

Michelle, an assassin to a new breed of killers (DNA Hackers), finds she has greater obstacles in her life—family. 2007, R.

Saturday 3:35 AM

Submerged — 1hr 33min — Webster (2)

Chris Kody (Steven Segal), imprisoned member of the US military, is released from prison and reunited with his old team in order to pursue a renegade scientist. The catch, the scientist has developed mind control technology that can make even your friends into heartless killers. 2005, R.

Saturday 5:10 AM

The Vintner's Luck — 2hr 5min — Webster (2)

In 19th century France, a peasant winemaker endeavors to create the perfect vintage with some unusual help. From New Zealand, based on the novel by Elizabeth Knox. 2009, PG-13.

Saturday 7:15 AM

Get Lamp — 1hr 18min — Webster (2)

With limited sound, simple graphics, and tiny amounts of computing power, the first games on home computers would hardly raise an eyebrow in the modern era of photorealism and surround sound. But in the early 1980s, an entire industry arose over the telling of tales, the solving of intricate puzzles and the art of writing. They were called "computer adventure games", and they used the most powerful graphics processor in the world: the human mind. Documentary, 2010, PG.

Saturday 8:00 AM

Rocky and His Friends — 20min — Otis (2)

An original network print, with the original commercials, of this fine moose and squirrel oriented cartoon. In 16mm, B&W.

Geeky Play Date — 2hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

Looking to meet up with other parents and kids at the con? Geeky Playdate is a casual, drop-in space for you and your children. Kids can bring their favorite toys and make new friends! Parents can do the same! Please note: this is NOT a babysitting service/venue, plan on tending to your children. Dale Meyer-Curley

Saturday 8:30 AM

Space Angel: Project Hero — 30min — Otis (2)

A curious product of the early 1960s, this is an animated children's television show employing Synchro-Vox, a process in which live action lips were rotoscoped onto still drawings. The plotlines and the artwork both owed a lot to the pulp SF styles of the day and were quite advanced for a kid's show of that era. Project Hero is the story of a robot learning to adapt to his life. In 16mm.

Farm of Tomorrow, Egon & Donci — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)

Animated genetic hybrids. 1954, G, 6 min. Followed by Hungarian space adventure animation, 7.4 on IMDB. 2007, G, 78 min.

Saturday 9:00 AM

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot — 25min — Otis (2)

The earth is invaded by a terrorist group called Gargoyle, controlled by the Emperor Gillotine. What can be done? Why, Johnny Sokko can use his enormous robot, using a remote control disguised as a wristwatch, to help save the earth. This is classic Japanese tokusatsu ("special effects") television, now unavailable in the US. In 16mm.

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Tokyo Godfathers — 1hr 40min — Stone (2)

On a Christmas Eve, three Tokyo homeless—mid-aged alcoholic man Gin, high school runaway girl Miyuki, and former drag queen Hana—are searching dumpsters and trash bags for possible Christmas gifts for themselves, when cries from a baby draw their attention. Believing this is a gift from God, Hana, who can't have a baby of "her" own, vows to take care of the abandoned baby girl, and together they begin searching for baby's mother. Allen MacLeod

Walk the Labyrinth — 2hr — Grand Ballroom D (1W)

Take a long walk in a small space. Come find your center in our 30'x30' Seven-Circuit Classical Labyrinth. A tool for walking meditation, use it to find a little peace during the excitement of Arisia. Derek D. Lichter, Jude Shabry

Gentle Yoga — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom E (1W)

Start your day off right. Relax the mind, strengthen the body, and be ready for a long, fun day at the con. If possible, bring a mat or towel. Gena Bean

Kobolds Ate My Baby — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

This silly little game can be a pile of fun. Bring your pencil and sense of humor. See adventuring life from the other side of the tracks. Sorry, your character is not destined for greatness. There will be horrible deaths. Character creation is quick and you'll get good at it. Tom

American Megafauna — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

Experience 250 million years of evolution on the North American continent. See if you can survive as the land around you changes. Out-compete the other players and become the dominant species. Steven Hammond

Saturday 9:30 AM

Frankenstein, Now? — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

We all know the story of Frankenstein and his monster, but is science on the way to creating life now? Wars have had a heavy toll on soldiers' lives, but many more are surviving what was once a fatal injury. Now there are prosthetics that can actually make an injured person walk, an ear hear, and an eye see. How close are we to building our own "Modern Prometheus" out of spare, both organic and artificial? Thomas A. Amoroso, Jeanne Cavelos, Karl G. Heinemann (m), Steve E. Popkes, Ian Keville Schleifer

Viewing Anime Online — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

What is Crunchyroll? Where can I legally watch the best of the new anime and manga with English subtitles? What about "scanlations"? What's the big deal about making my anime watching a legal activity? These questions and many more will be answered in this informative panel with special interest paid to the mad science of seeing the best and newest almost immediately after it has been released in Japan! Patrick Delahanty, Adam Ferraro, William Frank, Elizabeth O'Malley, Richard Ralston (m), Mike Toole

Reading—Dern, Hunt, Ivey — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Daniel P. Dern, Walter Hunt, and Felicitas Ivey will read selections from their works. Daniel P. Dern, Walter Hunt, Felicitas Ivey

Cotton-Gin Punk — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Is steampunk in danger of becoming a reactionary literature of racism and imperialist colonialism due to its affinity for an alternate British Victorian Empire? What can we do to keep it real as well as real fun? What about the non-literary submovements associated with steampunk, where people of color are heavily represented? Are they bellwethers? Outliers? Rebel voices? David Camacho, Mario Di Giacomo, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Nisi Shawl (m), Sarah Smith

Seminal SF Movies of the '50s — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

It was the era of films like "Forbidden Planet," "The Thing," "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and many others. Why did the '50s become the Golden Age of the SF film? Which ones have stood the test of time? Do they still speak to younger viewers? Garen Daly, Bob Eggleton, Daniel M. Kimmel (m), Steve Sawicki, Phoebe Wray

Real Mad Scientists: A Historical Retrospective — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

A discussion on the real mad scientists as opposed to the ones in film and literature. It is known certain alchemists behaved strangely, sometimes as a result of handling dangerous substances, such as mercury poisoning in the case of Sir Isaac Newton. Nikola Tesla was well-known for his eccentricities. Come find out about other real mad scientists which inspired this stock archetype. Jeff Hecht, John Monahan (m), Stephen R. Wilk

A Taste of Viable Paradise Writer's Workshop — 2hr 45min — Independence (3E)

Debra Doyle and James MacDonald of the Viable Paradise writer's workshop will host a one-day writer's workshop at Arisia 2011. Finalists will be contacted prior to the convention. Debra Doyle, James Macdonald

Visual Kei: An Introduction — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Visual Kei is a Japanese fashion, musical genre, and subculture portrayed by many J-rock stars. Come find out more about the style and music of Visual Kei, which draws influences from glam, punk, and goth. Dash, Renée Johnson (m), Pam "Izumi" Larson

Fast Track Opens — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Come and enjoy the wonders of Fast Track and see what we have planned for the day. Please remember that No Food is allowed in Fast Track and please plan accordingly. Kathy Bourassa, Heather Brown

Spoon-A-Pults — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Come and construct your own spoon-a-pult. Erik J. Meyer-Curley

Swordsmanship 1 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Swordsmanship for kids. Must sign up in advance. Stuart Ferguson

Kamikaze Costuming — 2hr — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Fabrics, pins, and imagination! Come make your own costume. Then, show off your creation in the Masquerade. Note: this is only a 2 hour programming item. Dawn Albright, Vonnie Carts-Powell, Sarah Goodman, Josephine Monreal, Jill Singer, Persis L. Thorndike (m), The Wombat, Aimee Yermish

Blood Drive with the Naughty Nurses — 6hr 30min — Lobby (2)

Give the Gift of Life at Arisia! The 7th Arisia blood drive. Please consider donating. To set an appointment, go to the Heinlein Society table, find a Naughty Nurse, or email [email protected]. Walk-ins welcome! We try to pace the timing of donors to allow the bloodmobile staff to deliver on their expectation of one half hour per donor from beginning to end. Adria Alumbaugh, John Hodges (m)

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Manga — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

An open discussion about the wonderful and exciting world of Japanese Manga, with recommendations on the best reads in the science fiction and fantasy books of the genre. Additional information will be made available about the best places to purchase manga and ways for you to petition your local library to include manga in their selections. Mary Dumas, Shaenon Garrity, David Lee, Marlie Philiossaint (m), René Walling

The Thing vs. Godzilla — 1hr 29min — Otis (2)

When this film was first released in the US in 1964, there was a huge campaign asking "What Is The Thing?" and posters with the Thing blacked out. In fact, The Thing is just Mothra, and this film was presented in Japan as Godzilla vs. Mothra. My mother says, "This is just more of that Godzilla Gorilla crap that will rot your brains out." This classic Japanese monster film is fun for the whole family, except my mom. American International Pictures edit. In 16mm Cinemascope.

Fashion Throughout History — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Panelists will discuss how fashion, styles, and traditions changed throughout the years, and what that means for historical costuming. Hand versus machine sewing, fabrics, and sources. What are the most important things historical costumers should know in their research? Where do people most likely make mistakes? What makes a costume historically authentic, and how important is it? Lisa A. Ashton (m), Ann Catelli, Woodrow Hill, Elaine Isaak, Nightwing Whitehead

SF/Mainstream Convergence — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Is SF converging with the mainstream? Just as SF tropes have invaded films and TV, have they also become so much part of our common culture that the genre will simply be absorbed into (or absorb) the rest of literature? What will this mean for SF and for us? Is it a Good Thing? Michael Bonet, Alexander Jablokov (m), Gail Martin, Sheila M. Oranch, Eric M. Van

Voice Workshop for Writers — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

As a reader and a storyteller, your voice is your most important instrument. Do you want to learn new techniques for fine-tuning your voice? Would you like to learn how to project your voice powerfully without fatigue? Would you like to explore dramatic voice-techniques that will keep an audience riveted as you read to them? Come prepared to work your breath, move your body, and make noise! Andrea Hairston

Intellectual Property for the Creative Person — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

What are intellectual property rights? How does an author, designer, or artist claim ownership and have it hold up in court? Come hear the finer points of intellectual property law and how it affects the audience as well as the artist. E. J. Barnes (m), Daniel Miller, Sean Sullivan, Thomas Traina, Alan Wexelblat

Autograph—Eggleton, Silverman — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Bob Eggleton and Hildy Silverman. Bob Eggleton, Hildy Silverman

Crafts for Adults: Fingerpainting — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Who needs brushes to paint? Come by and fingerpaint to your heart's content. Paint and paper will be available for use. Wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting paint on. Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia

Saturday 10:00 AM

Lessons in Medieval Swordsmanship — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Kunstbruder presents: Hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. Josh Conway, Stuart Ferguson, William Frisbee, Sarah Haglers, Steven Hirsch (m), Chris Stetson, Joshua Watson

Wallace & Gromit 2010 — 1hr — Webster (2)

Wallace & Gromit present Mad Scientists and their creations. G.

Hallucinating Shakespeare — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Ecstatic rants on Shakespeare: Five versions of the Witches. Why baseball and Shakespeare are spoken in the same language. What happens when you can't get your bag of fake blood to explode during your death scene in Richard III. Michael Anderson

Saturday 10:30 AM

Epic Arkham Horror — 10hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

Evil is coming to Arkham, and this time it's serious. The skies are dark with leathery wings, the woods are harboring evil secrets, an evil is rising from the reef off shore… and the game is just beginning. Chris Barney

Go For Beginners — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

Go is an ancient board game for two players that is noted for being rich in strategy despite its simple rules. Timothy Lewis

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Paprika — 10:40 AM, 1hr 30min — Stone (2)

In the near future, a revolutionary new psychotherapy treatment called PT has been invented. Through the "DC Mini" it is able to act as a "dream detective" to enter into people's dreams and explore their unconscious thoughts. One of the prototypes is stolen, sending the research facility into an uproar. Renowned scientist, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, enters the dream world under her exotic alter-ego, code name "Paprika," in an attempt to discover who is behind the plot to undermine the new invention. Allen MacLeod

Saturday 11:00 AM

LARPing: What Is It, and Why Would I Do It? — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Live Action Role Playing—LARP—is an acronym that keeps coming up in geek and convention circles, but what does it really mean? What do people do at a LARP? Who goes to LARP? What kinds of LARPs are there? John Bacon (m), Stephen R. Balzac, Heidi Hooper, Rebecca L. Kletnieks, Samara Martin

Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae Beyond Europe — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

People often think of fairytales as stories from British or Western European cultures, but what about Asia and Central Asia? The Middle East? Africa? American Natives? All of these cultures have equivalent fairytales that address our human relationship to the wild/natural world and reflect important cultural elements that define a society's values. What are some things all cultures share in defining humanity, and what can fairytales teach us about the differences? Mary Catelli, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Tananarive Due, David Sklar, Trisha Wooldridge

Reading—Amidon, Belisle, Lefton — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Mark Amidon, Jessica Belisle, and Jacob Lefton will read selections from their works. Mark L. Amidon, Jessica Belisle, Jacob Lefton

Introducing Kelley Armstrong — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Kelley Armstrong introduces her work and her writing process. Kelley Armstrong, Crystal Huff (m)

Idols with Feet of Clay — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

The late James P. Hogan was a Holocaust denier; Orson Scott Card is a well-known homophobe, and Harlan Ellison is infamous. Is it okay to like the works when you hate the person behind them, or should principles override a good read? What obligation does the author have (if any) to keep their personal views in check in their stories or in public? Can you still read the works of someone with whom you are on opposite sides politically? If not, why? Erik Amundsen, John Bowker, Adam Lipkin (m), Kate Nepveu, Ian Randal Strock

Carl Brandon Awards Panel — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

A discussion of the Parallax and Kindred Awards, including new winners receiving $1000 each at this Arisia. Why are these awards so important to the genre? Who is eligible? How are winners nominated and selected? How can you get involved? Andrea Hairston, Vylar Kaftan, Victor Raymond, Nisi Shawl

Anime/Manga Parents' Discussion — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

What you need to know about these popular genres, such as how to tell what's suitable for kids and teens, and what the fan culture is like. And should you be worried if they start talking about "Gothic Lolita?" Katie Dumas, Mary Dumas, Adam Ferraro, Ed Fuqua, René Walling, John C. Watson (m)

Con Safety for Kids — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Or, why your parents gave you a red ribbon.

Ooey Gooey Fingers — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Come and feel the texture between your fingers and finger paint with us! Melissa McCusker

Simple Henna Designs and History — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

A sampling of simple henna designs with a basic understanding of the history behind it. Mimi Noyes

Jedi Lightsaber Techniques — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Many of the lightsaber techniques we see in the Star Wars movies are based on Japanese katana and European longsword traditions. Watch as the HASG presents a lightsaber demonstration based on historically accurate longsword techniques used by knights during the Middle Ages. May the Force be with you! Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Steampunk Bocce — 1hr — Harbor Terrace (3E)

Come and play Indoor Bocce dressed up in your Steampunk Finery! Indoor Bocce sets provided. Esh Grey aka Cookie

Character Dynamics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

You have your cast of characters, now how do you get them to interact the way you want? How can you make you them fight, love, and laugh at each other convincingly? How do you make changes in a relationship between characters come about naturally, rather than seeming forced? Our panelists will elucidate on the finer points of getting your characters to behave with each other on the page the way you imagine them in your head. Jeanne Cavelos, Nancy Holzner (m), Victoria Janssen, Ellen Kushner, Gordon Linzner

Comics as Spin-Off — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

First Buffy did it. Now The Guild and Torchwood are following, and even the X-Files have gotten into the act. Many shows are extending their life by crossing media and putting out new stories in comic book form. Who is reading them? Are they canon? Should they be? Chris Denmead, Roho, Cynthia A. Shettle, Susan Soares, Mark Waks (m)

Costuming Without Sewing — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Don't have access to a sewing machine? That doesn't mean you can't make a costume! Learn how your creations can be made without one, using fabric and all sorts of materials. Christine Connell, Jill Eastlake (m), Kristina Finan, James Jones, Samantha Yoo

Book Club: The Windup Girl/The City & the City — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

The 2010 Hugo Award for best novel went to two very different novels: "The Windup Girl" by Paolo Bacigalupi and "The City and the City" by China Mieville. Let's read both books and discuss them here! Robert Davies, Marlie Philiossaint, Bey Woodward (m)

Defying Gravity: A Historic Achievement In Glass — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)

In April 2005, the Director and Curator of the Corning Museum of Glass commissioned Josh Simpson to make a 100 lb glass "megaplanet". We'll be showing the PBS documentary which chronicles the making of this groundbreaking piece of glass art. Josh will narrate details about the process of the glassblowing techniques demonstrated in the documentary and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Josh Simpson

Introduction to Live Sound Production for Cons — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Learn about the gear used for sound reinforcement in convention ballrooms, and meet the volunteers who operate this gear for Arisia. Workshop is limited to 10 persons—sign up at Program Nexus.

Fostering Creativity — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

How do parents inspire the next generation of makers? If you realize a child you know has that creative spark, how do you encourage it and make it grow without going overboard? Join the discussion on how to inspire and encourage the next generation of artists. Wendy Ellertson, Sean Sullivan, Bonnie Barlow Turner, James Turner (m), Aimee Yermish

Autograph—Crowley, Gilsdorf — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Susan Hanniford Crowley and Ethan Gilsdorf. Susan Hanniford Crowley, Ethan Gilsdorf

Beading Workshop — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Come learn to bead a cabochon onto fabric and other fabric beading techniques. Lisa A. Ashton (m), Carol Salemi

Saturday 11:30 AM

Viking Warriors & Combat — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

A dominant force in Europe for centuries, the Vikings still fascinate our contemporary world. Explore the culture, daily life, military equipment, and combat techniques of this legendary and fearsome society. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Rocky Jones Space Ranger — 1hr 30min — Otis (2)

Rocky Jones, Vena Ray, and ten-year-old Bobby cruise the galaxy in their space ship in this typical television space opera, complete with space piracy, hijacking, and everything else a kid in the fifties would want to see in a serial. We're actually running a complete set of four episodes back to back because the last time we ran a single episode people had to wait until next Arisia to see how it came out. In 16mm B&W.

Saturday 12:00 PM

Social Dance 101 — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Come and learn the basic steps for a variety of social dances; pick up some new moves or sharpen up on some old ones! Shannon Harrower, Adam Nakama

Surprise Anime — 1hr — Stone (2)

We have an hour to fill, and the Anime News Network columnist Mike Toole has some great surprises for us.

Shadowrun 03–05: In & Out — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

A stool pigeon is ready to name names, and Mr. Johnson wants to make sure they're the right names. He needs you to break into the NYPD Inc. holding facility and deliver a message. Jonathan Riedel

Sassafrass & Stranger Ways — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Sassafrass is a Pegasus Award-nominated a cappella filk group who perform original pieces with complex vocal harmonies. Stranger Ways is a dark modern folk band that plays traditional and original music with heavy harmonies and a macabre sense of humor. The two groups will play alternating sets. Nat Budin, Kara Hurvitz, Emily Lewis, Brad Smith, Julia Suggs, Susan Weiner

Saturday 12:30 PM

Comedy and Mad Science — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

From Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein" to the Disney Channel's Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz—from Dr. Evil to Dr. Horrible, mad science and its practitioners have often been played more for laughs than for any actual threat. Let's explore the depths and breadth of this amalgamation of tones and see what we come up with! Bwahahahahaahaha! Mark L. Amidon, D. Cameron Calkins, Mario Di Giacomo, Daniel Miller (m), John Monahan

Vampires, Gender, and Sexuality—Oh My! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

The majority of current popular vampire fiction revolves around a female non-vampire becoming romantically and sexually involved with the male vampire. How can this be interpreted according to society's definition of sexuality and gender? Does it promote traditional, oppressive gender roles, or subvert them? What other vampire romance/sex options are out there, and what do they explore? Kelley Armstrong, Adrianne Brennan, Susan de Guardiola, Gail Martin, Jennifer Williams (m)

Reading—Kushner, Longyear, Shawl — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Ellen Kushner, Barry Longyear, and Nisi Shawl read selections from their works. Ellen Kushner, Barry B. Longyear, Nisi Shawl

The Movie Year in Review — 1hr 30min — Burroughs (3E)

Our annual look back at the year in SF, horror, and fantasy film. Our panel of experts will cover every theatrical release of 2010. Find out which ones are worth catching. John Bowker, Garen Daly, Chris Denmead, Daniel M. Kimmel (m), Robert Newton, Mimi Noyes, Michael A. Ventrella

Challenges of Self-Publishing — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

How do you do it? What are the pitfalls you should avoid? Is it worth it? Joel Gill, Steve Kanaras (m), Roho, Rick Silva, Dirk Tiede

Ask a Geek: Biology, Psychology, & Medicine — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Is there something you'd really like to know about biology, psychology, or medicine? The panelists will take questions from the audience and answer them. Amy Chused, Karen Purcell (m), Aimee Yermish

Kaffeklatsch—Fables — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

An informal discussion on Bill Winningham's Eisner-award winning comic series. E. J. Barnes, Mistress Simone, Mark Waks, Eric Zuckerman (m)

Take Back the Sci-Fi — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Sexual assault and rape frequently get used as symbolic plot devices, with no consideration of how sexual violence actually affects survivors and the people around them. Let's discuss books that accurately portray the repercussions of and recovery from sexual assault, as well as those that merely use it as a shortcut to character development, those that end up glorifying it, and how sexual violence can be written in a way that is true to the character and respectful to survivors. Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Shira Lipkin (m), Trisha Wooldridge

MyChip Event — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

The MYCHIP (Masonic Youth Child Identification Program) provides tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. The Masons of Massachusetts, partnering with the Massachusetts Crime Prevention Officers Association and the Massachusetts Dental Association, donate MYCHIP resources to make this service available to the public. None of the information is copied and all the identifying materials are given to the child's family. Erik J. Meyer-Curley

Brushes and Creativity — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Come and join us in creating your very own masterpiece of artwork with watercolors. Kathy Bourassa, Charlene Taylor D'Alessio (m)

Daggers and Shields and Swords, Oh My! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Have at you! Witness the subtle skills of attack, parry, and grapple as the combat arts of the dagger, buckler, and sword are brought to life from forgotten manuals in this presentation by the Higgins Armory Sword Guild. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Lego Tournament! — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best? Athene Boswel, Sparr (m)

Props? In a Role-Playing Game? — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

We tend to think of role-playing sessions as being focused on paper, pencils, and dice. Why not expand the experience and bring in other senses? Scent, touch, and sound can enhance a role-playing session powerfully, as can physical props and art. This panel shares ideas on ways to bring new dimensions to role-playing with objects that may surprise you! Peter Maranci, Victor Raymond (m), Richard Staats

When Truth is Stranger than Fiction — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

How do writers weave bits of reality into their books to set the scene they want? Verisimilitude is a useful technique for getting the reader to relate to the story, but what about when reality just doesn't make sense? What's too weird for fiction? Jeanne Cavelos, Dash, Elaine Isaak, Seanan McGuire, Mark L. Van Name (m)

Fandom and Disabilities — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Many fen have disabilities, and they aren't always obvious to the outside world. Physical disabilities are not always easy to spot, and mental disabilities can easily go unnoticed by most people. What can conventions do to make sure every fan gets the full convention experience? What can all fans do to help their fellow fen who need it? How can we, as attendees and organizers, make our conventions more welcoming and inclusive? Cheryl Braverman, Stephanie Clarkson (m), Israel Peskowitz, Ian Keville Schleifer, Bonnie Barlow Turner

Modifying, Making, and Using Sewing Patterns — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Instead of drafting patterns, it is often easier to start with a known pattern and change it to do what we need. Where do you start? Our panelists discuss useful patterns and how to go about making changes to end up with your own pattern and a mock-up of your outfit that fits perfectly. Lisa A. Ashton, Jessica Belisle, Lori Del Genis (m), Kristina Finan, Nightwing Whitehead

Balticon Film Festival Shorts — 30min — Webster (2)

Selections from the Balticon Sunday Night Short Film Festival.

Online Art—Beyond the Flat — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Robin Wood and other artists have been selling a lot of really gorgeous avatars and object items on Second Life using digital tools. Online distribution has been a fertile ground for distribution of comics, so perhaps it can be the same for visual artwork. Discuss the difference between creating (and marketing) a print for the art show and creating something for display (and sales) in a digital environment. Fish Fishman (m), Shava Nerad

Autograph—Ivey, Smith — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Felicitas Ivey and Sarah Smith. Felicitas Ivey, Sarah Smith

Book Creation Workshop — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Make your own steampunk journal. Participants will create a journal in a wrap-around leather cover, decorated with hardware. Workshop materials fee is $10. Limited to 10 participants. Sign-up sheet can be found in the Program Nexus. Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia

Saturday 1:00 PM

Films By Robert Houllahan — 1hr — Otis (2)

Experimental filmmaker Robert Houllahan will show two of his recent short films, "Psychic Alchemist" and "Iron Guild." Each of these will be followed by a short discussion period where he will talk about the films, film-making as art, and its relationship to the science fiction tradition. In 16mm.

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Perfect Blue — 1hr 25min — Stone (2)

Pop idol Mima quits her group in order to pursue an acting career. But not everyone is happy, especially a crazed fan who stalks her. People around her are being murdered, and Mima starts to lose her sanity. Allen MacLeod

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8.2 — 1hr — Webster (2)

Motion Comic Animated episodes produced by Joss Whedon. "No Future for You" & "Anywhere But Here". PG-13.

Kids' LARP — 1hr 15min — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

A LARP for kids will be improvised. Stephen R. Balzac

Nexus Elements (Boffer LARP) — 5hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)

Come visit the original world of Nexus Elements, a place where magic is as common as might. On the Isles of the Forgotten King, the fairy folk run wild and humans are nothing but myth. Lady Carthairen has recently been gifted the island of Ashling, in the kingdom of Delbin, and is looking for adventures of strong will to help her settle its wilderness. This is a good opportunity for new adventurers to prove their might, steel, and magic to the world. Kevin Robbins, Dori Schendell (m)

Bohnanza—the Bean Game! — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

A zany trading card game. The deck consists of 10 types of bean cards, each with their own values and frequencies. Players must plant the first one or two beans in their hand at the start of each turn—which can get tricky since you are not allowed to rearrange your hand. The goal is to harvest groups of beans for coins; the more you have planted of one type, the higher the value. Trading is a must and can get very silly. Cards have fun graphics and descriptions. Jen Lewis

Saturday 2:00 PM

A Clockwork Orange — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, why does the film have so much staying power? Does the message it sends still hold true? How close or far have we come to the society depicted in the film? What other films has it gone on to influence? Michael A. Horne, Tim Lieder (m), Resa Nelson

Global Anime — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Global Anime: The Making of Japan's Transnational Popular Culture. A lecture by Dr. Ian Condry of M.I.T. on the making of global anime cultures, focusing on the creators in Tokyo studios, but also considering wider connections to Asia and the US. What drives the creativity of anime? How does online sharing (or piracy) of anime affect its transnational flows? How are love and sexuality portrayed in the current "moe" boom? Why are there so many giant robots? Ian Condry

Convention Feedback 2 — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Feedback for the staff about the convention so far. Paul Aldred, Lisa Holsberg, Crystal Huff (m), Richard Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, James Pinkerton, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Michael Sprague

TV Year in Review — 1hr 30min — Burroughs (3E)

Look back at SF, fantasy, and horror in 2010 on TV. What were the memorable shows? What are the new ones to watch? What's hot and what's not? Howard Beatman, Randee Dawn Cohen, Adam Lipkin (m), Misty Pendragon

Why Do We Need Slayers? — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

From David vs. Goliath, St. George vs. the dragon, Beowulf vs. Grendel, to Van Helsing vs. Dracula, great monsters have demanded great slayers. Is this the point of the monster? What traits do we demand of our slayers? And how has this changed? Vikki Ciaffone (m), Debra Doyle, Barry B. Longyear, David Nurenberg

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

"Inception" was clearly one of the best SF movies of 2010. Why? Was it the complex and intelligent plot, or was it the convoluted and fascinating world of dreams within dreams? David Camacho, Garen Daly, Michael McAfee (m), Shava Nerad, Eric M. Van

Men's Costuming — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

Costuming often focuses on women's styles—but what about the men? What challenges do they face? What resources and patterns work best for men's costuming? Kristina Finan, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Solveig Pflueger, Dr. Jason Schneiderman (m)

Mini-Me Doll Costuming — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

There are those of us who enjoyed costuming in the past, before time and weight caught up with us. CostumeCon has introduced a new way for us to enjoy the world of costuming again: The Doll Costuming Competition. Learn more about this aspect of making your fashion dreams a reality. Dawn Albright, Ann Catelli, Mary Dumas (m)

Monster Make-up — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

A workshop teaching basic monster make-up for children. Domingo Diaz, Rebecca Sturdevant, Sandra Woodring

Magic Show Part 1 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

A basic magic show for kids. Daniel P. Dern, James Macdonald

Pirate Combat — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

When pirates took to the sea, they expected to have to fight. They used cannon for ship-to-ship combat, but when it came time to board their targets, hand weapons, especially knives and cutlasses, ruled the decks. See the Higgins Armory Sword Guild demonstrate how pirates subdued, defeated, and sometimes killed their victims. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Race & Gender Politics in Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

How have politics influenced comics? What can't you believe saw print? Conversely, how do politics affect the writers, artists, and editors who publish our beloved books? Jaime Garmendia (m), Joel Gill, Woodrow Hill, Steve Kanaras, Everett Soares

In Search of Ancient Mysteries — 1hr — Otis (2)

Pseudoscience? Absolutely! But wouldn't it be great if the Mayan civilization actually had been created by aliens? Rod Serling narrates this amusing if unbelievable documentary which briefly summarizes all the crazy UFO theories of the 1970s. In 16mm.

Fantastic Women — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Once we mature past the (male) adolescent fantasy of women, modern fantasy provides us with complex heroines. We'll talk about the touchstone women of fantasy, our current favorite fantastic women, and how society's changing view of women in general both drive the creation of these characters and is influenced by them. Adrianne Brennan, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Sheila M. Oranch, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Margaret Ronald, Vandana Singh

Religion in Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

From "A Canticle for Liebowitz" to the Bajorans in "Deep Space Nine," religion in science fiction has been portrayed both as an evil influence and as something from which the characters draw strength. What can we learn about religion through the lens of science fiction? Fans have taken fictional religions and put them into real-life practice. Is this a great way to express your spirituality, or does checking the "Jedi" box on your census form just make you look like an idiot? Darkteddybear, Justine Graykin, Sandra Hutchinson (m), Gail Martin, Bonnie Barlow Turner

John W. Campbell: Threat or Menace? — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Campbell turned SF away from its pulp roots and demanded good stories with good science. On the other hand, Campbell almost never accepted a story where the protagonist was other than a white human male. His influence marked SF as a genre for white male libertarian iconoclasts, and has been met with several counter-revolutions. Is SF truly better for Campbell's influence? What opportunities may have been missed in the evolution of SF due to his guiding hand? Mark L. Amidon, A. Joseph Ross, Ian Randal Strock, Catherynne M. Valente, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Asterix & Cleopatra — 1hr 44min — Webster (2)

Big-budget live action comedy adventure based on the French comics. Asterix and Obelix aid Cleopatra in her bet with Julius Caesar. Subtitled, PG-13.

Introduction to Video Production for Cons — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Learn about the gear used for producing the projected magnified live images and hotel TV broadcast of events at cons, and meet the volunteers who operate this gear for Arisia. Workshop is limited to 5 persons—sign up at Program Nexus—will take place during Masquerade rehearsal, so meet in Prefunction outside Grand Ballroom A.

Tools for Digital Art — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

What tools are available for creating artwork on the computer? How does one get started using these tools? Learn about 3D art tools like Poser, Bryce, and Carrara, and 2D tools like Gimp and Photoshop. Fish Fishman, Scott Lefton, Dirk Tiede, Carsten Turner, James A. Wolf (m)

Autograph—Shaenon Garrity — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Shaenon Garrity. Shaenon Garrity

Crafts for Adults: Working with Clay — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Sculpt! Sculpt like there's no tomorrow! Come by and make various clay shapes with your own two hands. Wendy Ellertson (m), Jennifer Hunter

Pandemic (Co-op Board Game) — 2:15 PM, 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

You are specialists at the CDC/Atlanta where you watch several virulent diseases break out simultaneously all over the world. The team mission is to prevent a worldwide pandemic outbreak, treating hot spots while researching cures for each of the four plagues before they get out of hand. Jen Lewis

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Millennium Actress — 2:25 PM, 1hr 35min — Stone (2)

When Studio Gin'ei commissions filmmaker Gen'ya Tachibana to make a documentary commemorating its 70th anniversary, he travels to a secluded mountain lodge to interview the idol of his youth, the enigmatic Chiyoko Fujiwara, who was the studio's leading lady from the 1930s until the 1960s. As Chiyoko reminisces about her life, Tachibana and his cameraman suddenly find themselves on a rich and dazzling journey through time, intertwining with present events that stretch the boundaries of reality. Allen MacLeod

Saturday 3:00 PM

Starship Artemis — 3hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the "main screen", while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. One player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn't have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do. The game will run several times in the space of the time slot. Brian C. Johnson (m), Thom Robertson

Building a Poly Home — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

You know that multiple relationships are the right path for you, and are thinking of moving from dating to cohabitating. Deciding to move in together can be a tricky proposition for any relationship, but it can get even more complicated when there are more than two people involved. When it's time to pack the U-Haul, what are the potential issues—emotional, legal, and logistical—that you might face? Come hear from our panelists about the joys and challenges of creating a poly home. Joy Marchand, Ian Cooper Rose (m), Susan Weiner, Valerie White, Bey Woodward

Saturday 3:30 PM

The Plight of the Older Gamer — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

It was so easy in college. Nothing but time to kill and plenty of other gamers on campus. But now that you've got a job and a family, is it possible to still be a role-player? Can you be a role-player "and" have a life as an adult? James T. Henderson Jr, Catherine Kane, Sean Kane (m), Mike McPhail, Victor Raymond

Launching Your Book Without Losing Your Mind — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Author Gail Z. Martin presents techniques and insights for managing successful book tours, attention-getting internet promotions, exciting websites, and dynamic media interviews. Learn tips garnered from her own experiences as well as that of others about what works and what doesn't to get your book into the public eye. Gail Martin

Reading—Crighton, G.Gilman, Staats — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Katherine Crighton, Greer Gilman, and Richard Staats will read selections from their works. Katherine Crighton, Greer Gilman, Richard Staats

8-Bit Music: Chiptunes & Video Game Remixes — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

The 8-bit boop boo-doop sound of early computer games has inspired a lot of music. Chiptunes use computer soundchips as an instrument, while other bands cover video games songs with more traditional instrumentation. Come learn about these musical genres, the local groups that write and perform them, and hear some samples. Valerie Grimm, Benjamin Newman, Michael Piantedosi (m)

Renaissance Glass Blowing — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Glassblowing as an art has been practiced for centuries. What was this fascinating art form like in the time of Shakespeare? Find out from master glassblower Josh Simpson. Josh Simpson

Steampunk Craft Swap — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

Come by and talk with other steampunk tinkerers, engineers, and artists, and swap interesting finds and ideas. Michela Carlson

Comic Book Creation from Creators' Perspectives — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Ever wonder how the words and pictures go together? Want to know how to pitch a project to a potential partner? Or are you more interested in the nuts and bolts of doing it all yourself? Every story has a history. Stop by and peer in behind the scenes! Shaenon Garrity, Steve Kanaras, Bettina Kurkoski (m), David Marshall, Rick Silva

Dern Grim Childrens' Stories — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Stories read by author Daniel Dern. Daniel P. Dern

Make-Up for Girls — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Do you want to look your best but Mom says you look like a clown? Here is a chance to see the proper ways to use make-ups and cosmetics. Domingo Diaz, Rebecca Sturdevant, Sandra Woodring

Belly Dancing for Beginners — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Belly dancing is a great form of exercise! Come learn some basic moves with us. Samara Martin

Completion of Lego Tournament — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Judging and awarding of prizes. Seanan McGuire, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Bill "Dr. Crash" Yerazunis

The Best International Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

What comics are out there beyond America and Japan? What countries venerate the art form like no other? What's the best material out there, and what's available here in the United States? Jaime Garmendia, Steve E. Popkes, Roho, Susan Soares, René Walling (m)

Jonny Quest: Pursuit of the Po-Ho — 20min — Otis (2)

We have the original network print of this Jonny Quest episode. Not only does it have the original commercials, but it also has all of the phrases that were censored in the DVD version. Introduced by Fan Guest of Honor René Walling. In 16mm B&W. René Walling

Costuming for LARPs — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Costumes make LARPs atmospheric and engaging. For some games, they are essential! This panel will discuss costuming for dramatic effect, for comfort, on a budget, and at the last minute. Learn the secrets to make your costumes a success. Anna R. Bradley, Nat Budin, Rebecca L. Kletnieks (m), Rachel Morris, Nightwing Whitehead

Future's Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Many SF books presuppose dramatic technologically-led transformation for the human race. But even in a high-tech society, not everyone adopts technology at the same rate. Will developing countries leapfrog the industrialized world and go right to the newer tech, as several did with cell phones? What will happen to the late adopters when the singularity comes? What about the Amish? Mark L. Amidon, John Bowker (m), Andrea Hairston, Don Sakers, Mark L. Van Name

Alternative Activism — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Many fans are also heavily involved in activism, advancing the rights of queer/poly/kink/trans/etc. folks. At this panel, you will learn the best ways to get your voice heard, and what organizations and causes could use your support. Come share your skills, meet some fellow activists, and get some ideas for how to best fight for your cause. Darkteddybear, Bendy Yoga Girl, Shira Lipkin (m), Lawrence Nelson, Mike Schneider

We Want It On DVD! — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

It's a shrinking list, but there are still old movies and TV shows that aren't available on DVD. There are also films out on DVD that need to be re-released in better presentations. Our panel discusses their favorites and yours. Thomas Boutilier, D. Cameron Calkins, Tony Finan, Adam Lipkin (m), Sonya Taaffe

Autograph—Hunt, Ventrella — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Walter Hunt and Michael A. Ventrella. Walter Hunt, Michael A. Ventrella

Make Chainmail — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Learn how to make chainmail. We supply pliers, and kits of pre-cut rings are available for purchase. A sign-up sheet will be located at the Program Nexus. This workshop is limited to 10 people. Materials fee: $5 per participant. Liz Cademy Pfeffer

Sintel — 3:40 PM, 16min — Webster (2)

Sintel tells the story of a young woman's journey in the search for the dragon she helped raise. A short computer animated film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation.

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Paranoia Agent Eps. 1–7 — 3:55 PM, 2hr 35min — Stone (2)

An elementary school kid dubbed with the title "shounen bat" or "lil slugger" has been going around attacking people with his bent, golden bat. Now, two detectives are investigating so they can stop this kid from making any more attacks, but they will find out soon enough… that this case is much more than they expected. Allen MacLeod

Saturday 4:00 PM

The Host (Gwoemul) — 2hr — Otis (2)

This is the scariest movie I have ever seen, and it's scary in the same way that "Alien" is scary. Sure, it's another Asian monster movie, but this is so much better than anything you've seen in years. A mutant monster, created by improper toxic waste disposal on an American military base, leaves the water and begins terrorizing Seoul. This film tells the story of a family during that terrible time. In Korean with subtitles, presented in 35mm.

Future X-Cops — 1hr 41min — Webster (2)

Cyborg cop Zhou Zhihao travels back in time to protect a scientist from terrorists. 2010, Hong Kong, subtitled.

Poly 201: Theory and Practice — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Once you've learned about the basics, how do you make polyamory work in the real world? In this panel, we'll tackle some of the harder questions, such as: How do you tell your friends and family? Should you? How can you find people whose poly styles are compatible with yours? What if my partners don't like each other? Calliope, Santiago Rivas, Susan Weiner, Alan Wexelblat, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Saturday 4:30 PM

Mouse Guard: On the Road to Wolf Point — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

It's that time of year again…The bitter weather of winter is abating, the birds of spring are warbling and the vicious predators that stalk the woods beyond the scent barrier are beginning to encroach into the Mouse Territories. There are supplies to gather, a foul smelling concoction to brew and plenty of threats to overcome. Morgan Crooks

Saturday 5:00 PM

I Can Go to Jail for THAT?! — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Can I carry my claymore on the train on my way to the Con? Is my realistic-looking steampunk pistol illegal? Do I really need to register my hands as a deadly weapon? Come find out the answers, and bring questions of your own. Aimee Bouchard, William Frank, A. Joseph Ross, Lisa J. Steele, Thomas Traina (m), James A. Wolf

Comics: Not How You Start, But How You Finish! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

So you've got the idea for the epic that will amaze the world: How do you turn it into more than that? Building a body of work in comics takes time, whether you're creating a webcomic, minicomic, or graphic novel. Learn what it takes to not only bring your vision to life, but keep at it long enough to finish it. Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Onezumi Hartstein, Everett Soares, Dirk Tiede (m)

Reading—Hairston, Valente, Wilkins — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Andrea Hairston, Catherynne M. Valente, and Connie Wilkins will read selections from their works. Andrea Hairston, Catherynne M. Valente, Connie Wilkins

Designing A Memorable Role-Playing Character — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Designing a memorable character for a tabletop RPG or LARP can be tricky: One must maintain a balance of the limits of the gaming system, the demands of the narrative, and your own preferences. But it's a critical element if you hope to have fun in the game. Learn techniques for creating memorable and fun characters for all sorts of role-playing games. Nat Budin, Mike McPhail, Rachel Morris (m), Shava Nerad, David Nurenberg

From First Draft to Second Draft — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

What's your writing process? Is the first draft a private letter to yourself while the second draft is more accessible to others? How does the fiction change through the writing and revision process? Our panelists discuss their methods for rewriting. Kelley Armstrong, Nancy Holzner, Victoria Janssen, Ellen Kushner (m), Rita Oakes

Shanty Sing — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Songs of ships, of the sea, and possibly of space. Jeff Keller (m), Mark A. Mandel, Mimi Noyes, Joan Ruland Donnelly, Sonya Taaffe

Manga & Anime Art Workshop — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

Have you ever tried to draw manga but never got it quite right? Maybe the lines were not rounded enough or the eyes were all wrong? Come let our artists show you how it's done. Bettina Kurkoski

Back in MY Day… Anime — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Anime and its related genres—manga and video games—have been exported since 1961. Kimba the White Lion or Astro Boy may bring up warm fuzzies for you. But there are many more from back in the day. Lupin III started life as a manga in 1967! Final Fantasy is more than 20 years old! A discussion of favorite oldies-but-goodies. Mario Di Giacomo, Michael A. Horne, Richard Ralston, Mike Toole, John C. Watson (m)

Gimping in Sith Colors — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Make and Take of Gimp in Sith colors! (Gimp, also called boondoggle or lanyard, is a plastic lacing used to make bracelets and/or keychains.) Come and enjoy this craft using Red and Black! Loren Damewood, Joy McCarthy (m)

Magic Show Part 2 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Come learn some basic magic tricks to amaze your friends and family Daniel P. Dern (m), James Macdonald

SF and Fantasy as the Modern Myth — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

John Campbell, Joseph Campbell, Tolkien, and George Lucas: What is the role of myth in F&SF, and F&SF in myth? Does the ubiquity of SF's tropes in society support the thesis that SF is our modern myth? And, if not, what is? Mark L. Amidon, Renée Johnson, Shira Lipkin (m), Gail Martin, John G. McDaid

Beta Reading — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Having a beta isn't just for fanfic any more. How to be a good beta reader as well as how to make good use of one. Lauren P. Burka, Jeanne Cavelos (m), William Freedman, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Sarah Smith

FAIL!!! — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Racefail, Open Source Boob Project… how do we keep stepping in it? What is it we're stepping in? Katherine Crighton, Woodrow Hill, Victor Raymond (m), Nisi Shawl

Writing and Racial Identity — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

What does your race have to do with what you write? Depending on your race, are certain topics forbidden to you? Obligatory? None of the above? If your race matters, how do you know what it is? By what people see when they look at you, or by what you know of your genetic background? By your cultural upbringing? By what you write? Dash, Tananarive Due, Jaime Garmendia, Adam Nakama, Nisi Shawl (m)

Coming Out — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Coming out of the closet is not an easy decision or process, regardless of whether you are coming out as LGBT, poly, kinky, pagan or Republican. Come share stories and advice on how and whether to come out to family, friends, and co-workers. Steve Berman, Tony Finan, Princess Kali (m), Melissa Kaplan, Michelle Wexelblat

3D Art—Basic Materials & Methods — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

There's an incredible range of materials and ways to work with them. The panelists will discuss some of their favorites. Wendy Ellertson, Jacob Lefton, Scott Lefton, Brianna Spacekat Wu

Tactile Tour of Art Show — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Show

Touching encouraged of select 3-D art in the art show. Participants will be encouraged to explore shapes and textures. Cotton gloves provided. Space is limited and first preference will be to those with visual impairment. Jerel Dye, Fabrisse (m), Josh Simpson

Autograph—Longyear, Stallman — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Barry B. Longyear and Richard Stallman. Barry B. Longyear, Richard Stallman

Scale Spaceship Modeling Workshop — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

A workshop on building scale spaceships. Paper kits, scissors and glue will be provided. Guillermo "Zubie" Zeballos

Saturday 5:45 PM

Game of Thrones Preview — 12min — Webster (2)

A sneak peek at the television adaption of the George R.R. Martin series.

Saturday 6:00 PM

The Cutting Truth of the Sword — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of Test Cutting with Medieval Swords, followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. Josh Conway, Stuart Ferguson, William Frisbee, Sarah Haglers, Steven Hirsch, Chris Stetson, Joshua Watson

Meeting In Orbit — 15min — Otis (2)

This USIA-produced film details the launch and almost-docking of Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 spacecraft. In 16mm.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising — 1hr 46min — Webster (2)

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is a feature length film produced by Dead Gentlemen Productions, and focuses on a group of table-top gamers as they attempt to beat their adventure. 2008, PG-13.

Curse the Darkness — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

10 years ago, He opened the shadows and let Them into the world. He leveled Washington DC, cast Jerusalem into the darkness of the Between, and then demanded that we give up faith, politics, ideology—identity. Dissent can be fatal. All we can spare is a quiet curse. Matt McFarland

Apollo 7 — 6:15 PM, 15min — Otis (2)

The Apollo 7 mission was a major milestone on the road to the moon. This film details how and why with some great images from space. In 16mm.

Saturday 6:30 PM

Leadership and SF/F — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

All hail to our Glorious Leaders! What is our image of the leader? What is leadership and how does SF/F alter or change our perspectives of leaders? To what extent does the image of the leader in literature reveal society's beliefs about what constitutes leadership? Stephen R. Balzac (m), Alex Feinman, David Nurenberg, Ian Randal Strock, Mark Waks

Comics Fight! Live! Loud! And Wacky! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Did you like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Imagine that, but with dueling artists. David Marshall, Roho (m), Matt Ryan/Norman Katz, Dirk Tiede

Reading—Lipkin, Rabuzzi, Sklar — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Shira Lipkin, Daniel Rabuzzi, and David Sklar will read selections from their works. Shira Lipkin, Daniel Rabuzzi, David Sklar

Fantastic Elements That Shouldn't Be Explained — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Modern readers demand internal consistency, even in their fantasy. Without this, it sometimes feels as if the author is cheating. But magic is not, and should not be, science. Midichlorians made more fans groan than smile knowingly. When should we be satisfied with "it's just magic"? And when is that just not going to cut it? Erik Amundsen, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Rebecca L. Kletnieks, Suford Lewis (m), Gail Martin

Ask a Geek: Physics, Chemistry, & Engineering — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Is there something you'd really like to know about in physics, chemistry, or engineering? The panelists will take questions from the audience and answer them. Emily Coombs, Jeff Hecht, Mitchell Morris, Tom Murphy, Ken Olum (m)

YA Brainstorming with Josh Simpson — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Intended for teens, this will be a chance to talk with glass-blowing artist Josh Simpson about one of his larger planets. You'll discuss ideas for what sorts of life might live on that planet as a place to begin imagining and writing about that world. Josh Simpson

LibraryThing — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers. LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books—books you own, books you've read, books you'd like to read, books you've lent out—whatever grouping you'd like. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share. Come find out about this social networking site for book-lovers from its founder and head librarian. Abby Blachly, Tim Spalding

Funniest Songs Sing-Along — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

A hour filled with the funniest filk and geeky songs we could find. Lyrics will be projected and a leader will play accompaniment so everyone can join in! Nat Budin, Loren Damewood, Paul Estin (m), Susan Weiner

Torchwood: Is Jack Really Back? — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Torchwood was a huge success in Great Britain, and then a DVD success in America. It ended, and then the fans said, "MORE!" Is more going to be a good thing, or are we greedy? What is it we loved about the first three seasons that we expect in season four? Is this pandering on the part of the producers to Jack fans? Or is this just good science fiction television? Mary Dumas, Toni Lay, Kristen Morris, Marlie Philiossaint, Charlie Spickler (m)

NASA Highlights 1969 — 16min — Otis (2)

Sure, you know about the moon landing, but did you know about the Mariner visits to Mars, early development of the Space Shuttle, vertical landing aircraft, or sounding rockets at Wallops Island? Come and find out what else NASA was doing. In 16mm.

Speed Improv Story Writing Competition — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Two teams of two writers each match their authorial skill against one another. One writer from each team is given a character archetype, a place, and a thing by the audience. They write for two minutes, and read what they wrote. Then the other writer picks up where his/her team member left off. Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Katherine Crighton, Kate Kaynak, Adam Nakama, Brad Smith (m)

Lost—The End — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

It's finally over. What did you think? Does it make any sense? Did you even get to the ending? Will it make you think twice before committing to another open-ended serial with an unfolding mystery? David Camacho, Fish Fishman, Resa Nelson, Cynthia A. Shettle, Hildy Silverman (m)

Flirt Like a Pro! — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Flirting, like any skill, can be learned and gets better with practice. Our panel of experts are here to help! They will discuss and maybe even demonstrate ways to flirt like a pro, and what never to do under any circumstances! Cheryl Braverman, Hugh Casey (m), Michelle Driscoll, Michael McAfee

Paths for a Professional Artist — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

The are as many different ways to "be an artist" as there are to "be a writer" or "be a cook" but, as a beginning artist, it's difficult to make sense of it all. Our panelist highlight the many ways and venues you can showcase your talent and find out what works for you in the process. Wendy Ellertson, Onezumi Hartstein, James Mobius, Thomas Nackid, Mimi Noyes

Autograph—Ronald, Wray — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Margaret Ronald and Phoebe Wray. Margaret Ronald, Phoebe Wray

Make a Byzantine Bracelet — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

A workshop on making a bracelet in the Byzantine style. We provide heavy gauge wire and wire cutters. Some experience working with chainmail or wire jewelry is useful, but not necessary. A sign-up sheet will be located at the Program Nexus. This workshop is limited to 10 people. Materials fee: $5 per participant. Liz Cademy Pfeffer

Living In Space — 6:45 PM, 15min — Otis (2)

This late 1950s Boeing production details the important research Boeing is doing to allow men to live in space over the long term. In 16mm.

Saturday 7:00 PM

Clutch Cargo (second showing) — 6min — Otis (2)

A curious product of the early 1960s, this is an animated children's television show employing Synchro-Vox, a process in which live action lips were rotoscoped onto still drawings. The plotlines and the artwork both owed a lot to the pulp SF styles of the day and were quite advanced for a kid's show of that era. In memory of Hugh Colston. In 16mm.

Masquerade Doors Open — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

House will open at this time for you to find seats for the masquerade.

9 (second showing) — 7:05 PM, 1hr 19min — Otis (2)

Long-time Arisia-goers will know we are fans of post-apocalyptic films of all kinds, and this beautifully-animated one by Tim Burton is no exception. A rag doll awakens after the war between men and machines is nearly at an end with few human survivors. Who can save them? Visually striking, you need to see this on a big screen with friends. In 35mm.

Satoshi Kon Legacy: Paranoia Agent Eps. 8–13 — 7:15 PM, 2hr 15min — Stone (2)

An elementary school kid dubbed with the title "shounen bat" or "lil slugger" has been going around attacking people with his bent, golden bat. Now, two detectives are investigating so they can stop this kid from making any more attacks, but they will find out soon enough… that this case is much more than they expected. Allen MacLeod

Saturday 7:50 PM

Musa (The Warrior) — 2hr 35min — Webster (2)

A lavish Korean adventure. In the 14th century, nine warriors battle to protect a Chinese princess from Mongolian troops. 2001, IMDB 7.4, subtitled, R.

Saturday 8:00 PM

Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

So you enjoy kink and think it might be fun to step out of the bedroom and meet others who share your interests. How can you find your local BDSM groups? Once you've found them, what should you expect… and how should you behave? Aimee Bouchard, Lawrence Nelson, Ian Cooper Rose, S. Tulchinsky, Percival (m)

Things Man is Not Meant to Know — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

There are always spoilsports to tell Dr. Frankenstein not to create artificial life or to tell Seth Brundle he's turning into a fly, but mad scientists of the movies hang in there until it all comes crashing around them. Who are the great mad scientists of the big screen? Are they all tragic heroes or are there some truly deranged figures among them? And what do these characters say about our attitudes towards real science? Mario Di Giacomo, Justine Graykin, Suford Lewis (m), John Monahan, Sonya Taaffe

Why Are MMORPGs So Popular? — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Everquest, World of Warcaft, Lord of the Rings Online, Eve Online—The list of popular MMPORGs goes on and on. What makes them so popular, and why do they have so much staying power? Is it the plot lines? The community? The grind? The feeling of achievement? Ethan Gilsdorf, Shava Nerad, Bill Pomeroy

The Heroine's Journey — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

If one takes a classic hero's journey plot and changes the gender of the character, how does the story shift and change? Are there differences we can see in literature between stories told with women and girls as their protagonist, and the ones told about boys and men? Ellen Kushner, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Nisi Shawl (m), Delia Sherman, Sarah Smith

The Nature of Gender: Past, Present & Future — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

What is gender? How much does environment contribute to one's gender orientation? At one time, two genders were considered the norm. Now there may be four, five or perhaps more depending on your definition. Will gender still have the same meaning in the future? Will it mean anything at all? Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Michelle D'Entremont, Melissa Kaplan, Rabbit, Trisha Wooldridge

Filk 101 Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Curious about Filk? Come to this interactive introduction and ask your questions or request songs. Find out if anyone knows a song based on your favorite author's work or about your favorite small furry animal. See how a song circle works and hear some filk. Kate Farb-Johnson (m), William Frank, Mark A. Mandel, Benjamin Newman

Many Ways to Tell a Story — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

How does a particular medium change the telling of a story? Novels, comic books, and movies can all have the same source material. At what point do they diverge and why? What works in one medium and not another? Can one story work well in multiple media? Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Andrea Hairston, Gordon Linzner, Kate Nepveu (m), Ian Randal Strock

The Time Lord's Ball — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Join your fellow Time Lords as they dance the night away to music with a time & space theme. This event is open to all time travelers including renegade Time Lords & Daleks.

Myth and Folklore in Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

How do writers use myth in their stories? What are the most common myth cycles drawn from? How does yesterday's traditional folklore relate to today's urban legends? Why is the appeal of these stories so strong, even after millennia? Erik Amundsen, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Merav Hoffman, Gail Martin, Daniel Rabuzzi

Problem Players — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Sometimes a player just isn't right for a gaming group. Sometimes some players simply rub each other the wrong way. How can such conflicts be resolved? And if they can't, what's the best way to resolve the situation? Andrew V. Disbrow, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Rachel Morris, David Nurenberg (m), Michael A. Ventrella

3D Movies: Here to Stay? — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Are 3D movies a fad or are they here to stay this time? Does it make a bad movie good? A good movie better? Has any other 3D film worked the technique as well as "Avatar?" What about movies where the 3D is an afterthought? And will it ever really work for those of us who wear glasses? Garen Daly, Chris Denmead (m), Fish Fishman, Robert Newton, Richard Ralston

9/11 in SF — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

It's been almost ten years since the Towers fell. 9/11 has entered into our fiction, and our science fiction in particular. So has the so-called "war on terror" that resulted from the attacks. Have our artists and writers done them justice? What about Hollywood? Jessica Belisle, Tim Lieder, Jennifer Pelland (m), James A. Wolf

Masquerade — 3hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

The 22nd annual Arisia Masquerade. The theme of this year's convention is "Mad Science". MC'ed by Susan de Guardiola. Susan de Guardiola

Saturday 8:30 PM

War In Space (second showing) — 1hr 29min — Otis (2)

In this Toho classic, Earth is attacked by Venusian forces, but are saved by a Japanese scientist, his beautiful daughter, and his prototype spaceship. Derivative in some ways (the spaceship is a reworked version of the model from Atragon), and with a future that looks remarkably like 1970s Tokyo, but very much in the classic Japanese space opera tradition. In 16mm.

Saturday 9:00 PM

Time Travel Review Board LARP — 2hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

On December 1st, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104. Please come prepared to explain your project and the larger impact of your work. History will be made (and unmade) as a horde of would-be time travelers descend upon our beleaguered review board. Time Travel Review Board is a light comedy horde LARP dealing with everything from the politics of Ancient Egypt to the King of Rock and Roll. Nat Budin (m), Jenn Giorno, Susan Weiner

Kobolds Ate My Baby — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

This silly little game can be a pile of fun. Bring your pencil and sense of humor. See adventuring life from the other side of the tracks. Sorry, your character is not destined for greatness. There will be horrible deaths. Character creation is quick and you'll get good at it. Tom

Saturday 9:30 PM

Sacred Sexuality — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

This panel will explore the role of sex and sexuality in religion and in ritual, both in history and in fiction. Bendy Yoga Girl, Jow Scangarella, Mistress Simone (m), Tchipakkan, Jennifer Williams

This Panel Has Warped My Fragile Little Mind! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

The Baroness, Emma Peel, Princess Leia in that metal bikini… So many images from science fiction and fandom may have been ingrained in your mind while you were still young and impressionable. Now that you are old and corrupt, it is time we let loose these naughty secrets. How are our fantasies rooted in those images, and how can we can corrupt them even more now? D. Cameron Calkins, Fabrisse, Sarah Goodman, Woodrow Hill, James A. Wolf (m)

Reading—Gilsdorf, Martin, Pelland — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Ethan Gilsdorf, Gail Martin, and Jennifer Pelland will read selections from their works. Ethan Gilsdorf, Gail Martin, Jennifer Pelland

Selkies: The Next Big Thing? — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

They won't drink your blood. They won't eat your brain. When the moon is full, they… um… slip off their seal skins and dance on the beach? Selkies may seem helpless, but they'll probably break your heart. And are they the next big thing? This panel will look at the sealfolk in legends, in modern retellings, and in stories still to be told. Vikki Ciaffone (m), Greer Gilman, David Sklar, Sonya Taaffe

Ask a Geek: Weapons, War, & Martial Arts — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

What is Greek fire made from? What does a forward observer do? What were ninjas really like? These and other questions about self-defense and warfare will be answered by our knowledgeable panelists. Stephen R. Balzac, Terry Franklin, Higgins Armory Sword Guild, Steven Hirsch (m), Wil Howitt

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom. Mark A. Mandel

The Japanese Ghost Story — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

A discussion of the Japanese ghost story—its origins, how it's different from Western culture ghost stories, its relation to Japanese culture, its influence on manga, horror films, and anime—using examples from each medium. Chris Denmead, Michael A. Horne, Robert Luoma, Timothy J. Tero, Jennifer Yoo (m)

Anime and Sex — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

You've heard the words: Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Uke, Semi, and Tentacle Monsters. What the heck is that all about? Probably one of the least understood aspects of anime is the sexual side. Is it pornography? Is it art? Is it pimple-faced geek boys with nothing better to do on a Saturday night? Come find out about this side of anime. And parents, you might want to learn about this before your kids do, or at least learn to break the code so you know what they are talking about. Josh Doremus, Adam Ferraro, Felicitas Ivey, John C. Watson, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Playing in Other People's Sandboxes — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

This discussion will explore the pleasure for both writers and readers in augmenting pre-existing characters and universes. Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Kate Nepveu, Meredith Schwartz, Cecilia Tan (m)

Imaginary Texts as Critical and Artistic Tools — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Writers as diverse as H.P. Lovecraft, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Jorge Luis Borges have invented imaginary texts for a variety of literary and socially contextualized reasons, from the Necronomicon, to the Sonnets from the Portuguese, to The Approach to Al-Mu'tasim. What does engaging with invented texts allow us to do in the way of critical discourse and social commentary? How do we read and contextualize them differently from more traditional works? Valerie Grimm, Adam Lipkin (m), John G. McDaid, Adam Nakama, Catherynne M. Valente

Queer SF&F — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Queer topics and characters are becoming more common in science fiction and fantasy—or are they? Do modern authors really do a better job addressing these concerns than in the past? How has the field changed? And what effect has it had on the fans? Steve Berman, Mary Dumas, Marlin May, Don Sakers (m), Connie Wilkins

Saturday 10:00 PM

Heave Away (second show) — 5min — Otis (2)

This short film on the decommissioning of a spacecraft is set to music by Helva Peters. In 16mm, Color by RGB/DuArt.

Hentai Anime — 4hr — Stone (2)

A selection of entertaining sexually themed Hentai Anime from the past decades. Humor is the main ingredient, but a long way from the only ingredient in this soup of sophomoric shenanigans. Samurai Fantasy, Spa of Love, Sexfriend, Virgin Touch, Wet Summer Days, Samurai XXX (18+ ONLY)

Legion (second show) — 10:05 PM, 1hr 40min — Otis (2)

God, disenchanted with what Men have made of His world, sends down a legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. The only folks left to make a stand for humanity are the Archangel Michael and a group of strangers trapped in a diner. How can you not love a plot line like that? This film is beautiful and creepy, and yet it will make you proud to be human. In 35mm Cinemascope.

Saturday 10:30 PM

Hunter Prey — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)

A group of elite intergalactic commandos crash-lands on a planet while transporting an alien prisoner. Amidst shifting loyalties among the group, they must track down and recapture the escaped creature. From the director of Batman Deadend, an old school classic SF story well told. 2009, PG-13.

Saturday 11:00 PM

IGOR! Throw the SWITCH!!! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

What does it take to be the assistant to a mad scientist? Are all assistants named Igor? Who are the great mad scientists of the movies and how have they changed over the decades? Do modern mad scientists still have assistants? D. Cameron Calkins, Mario Di Giacomo (m), John Monahan, Israel Peskowitz

Reading—Vylar Kaftan, Steve Sawicki — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Vylar Kaftan and Steve Sawicki and will read a selections from their works. Vylar Kaftan, Steve Sawicki

The Best Bad SF/F Movies — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

It's easy to love Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey," but much harder to love "Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone". But don't worry, our panelists will manage this feat somehow. From "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (the original beloved stinker, and still the best to many of us) to more recent dubious favorites like "Battlefield Earth" and the latest "Highlander" travesty, look forward to spirited discussion on the best of the bad science fiction films. Chris Denmead (m), Michael McAfee, Mike Toole, Stephen R. Wilk

Home Depot in the Bedroom — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

You don't have to spend a fortune to have an impressive toybox. Home Depot is an adult playground and toystore, if you walk the aisles with an open mind. We'll discuss tricks, tips, and ideas for your next "home improvement" project. 18+ only. John Bacon, Princess Kali, Lawrence Nelson, Rabbit, Ian Cooper Rose

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont. — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Open Filking continues. Merav Hoffman

Anime/Video Hell — 2hr 30min — Lewis (3E)

"If the battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena—then you've already lost!" Anime/Video Hell is a freeform, late night potpourri of flotsam from the mediascape: found videos, Asian game show segments, insane music videos, exotic trailers and found video segments. Michael A. Horne, Timothy J. Tero (m)

Weird Science Dance — 5hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

'80s dance with a weird science slant! John F. Zmrotchek

Disaster Preparedness for Fans — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

In this Arisia favorite, we'll discuss ways to protect what's important to you from random acts of disaster, including yourself. How do I protect my books from flooding? What should I put in a disaster kit? Is renters insurance worth buying? Come learn how to prepare yourself for when the alien cyborg zombies invade! Thomas Boutilier, Sean Kane, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Carsten Turner

Favorite Movie Scenes — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Clark Kent becoming Superman without special effects or changing into his costume. Barbarella's zero-g striptease. Cyclops lowering his hands from his visor controls and declaring "It's him." The shutterfly-opening of Watchmen. What is your favorite scene in genre movies? Expect lots of audience participation, lots of disagreement, and lots of fun! Howard Beatman (m), Robert Newton, Eric M. Van

Arisia Reads! — 1hr — Quincy (2)

5 books enter! 1 book leaves! Each panelist champions a novel which they feel all of Arisia, if not the world, should read. Mark L. Amidon (m), Stephanie Clarkson, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Fabrisse, Karen Purcell

Co-Housing: Beyond the Commune — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Co-housing is becoming increasingly more attractive as people try to find ways to live a more conscientious, connected life. How does co-housing work in the real world? What are the different ways to do it? And how do you find others who also want to live this way? Michelle Driscoll, Joy Marchand, Sarah Smith

Saturday 11:55 PM

Trashi—X-Rated Film — 2hr — Otis (2)

In keeping with the Arisia theme of mad science, we present this X-rated classic. In his basement laboratory, Dr. Schtupp completes the latest in a long series of sex robots: Trashi. When the chief of police and a private inspector come by to investigate rumors, they find even more than they expected. Introduced by Cecilia Tan. You must be 18 years or older and have ID. Cecilia Tan

Veronika Decides to Die — 1hr 43min — Webster (2)

Tells the story of 24 year old Veronika (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who appears to have everything in life going for her, but who decides to kill herself. She wakes in a mental hospital where her presence affects all the patients. Based on the novel by Paulo Coelho. 2009, R (nudity).

Sunday 12:00 AM

Repo! the Genetic Opera — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Visually evocative of the Victorian era at its most macabre, Repo! weaves 64 original rock songs into a catchy musical tapestry. Set in the not so far future, human organs are lent on credit. Death and destruction are the penalties when the debt goes unpaid and the Repo man comes to call. The sleek and sexy RKO Army rocks out to this 'genetic' opera in a way that will leave you wanting more. Erika Ataya, Nicole Baldassari, Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Michael Bilow, Crystal Blauss, Eric Carter, Amy Lee Connell, Patrick Connelly, Miranda Cummings, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Faye Finegan, Jen Flis, Cassia Gordon, Zephyr Goza, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Kat Harvey, Dave Hollinsworth, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, Bill Lange, arthur laurie, Chris Lawrence, Ted Lynch, Michelle MacNiel, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, Ron Morris, Molly O'Brien, J. Chris Quint, Christine Raboin, Roy Rossi, Jon Steiner, Joye Thaller, Amanda Vetalino, Jono Vincent, Mikala Watson, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Keither Woods, Lin-Z Woods, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Sunday 12:30 AM

Your Kink is OK! — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

No matter how outlandish someone's proclivities are, there are still things that they will find freaky about other people. Why is it that some who engage in one unusual behavior look down on another? We'll discuss various activities and maybe discover that "those people" aren't quite as freaky as you might have thought before. 18+ only. Aimee Bouchard, Bendy Yoga Girl, Princess Kali (m), Lawrence Nelson, Mike Schneider

I Married a Non-Fan — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

She/he is only at Arisia because I'm here. How can we make the con a better experience for those who aren't part of fan culture? Is conversion possible? If so, what's the best approach? Mixed relationships can be difficult, so let's share some ways to make them work. And how will we raise the kids—as fans, or not? Cheryl Braverman (m), Vanessa Layne, Marlin May

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)

Open Filk descends into chaos. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Sunday 1:35 AM

Big T*ts Zombie — 1hr 13min — Webster (2)

Grindhouse Comedy—Japanese Strippers vs. The Zombie Apocalypse. Subtitled, R.

Sunday 2:45 AM

Turok: Son of Stone — 1hr 14min — Webster (2)

Native Americans, dinosaurs, and violence, based on the comic book. 2008, R.

Sunday 4:00 AM

The Man in the White Suit — 1hr 28min — Webster (2)

The hero (Alec Guiness) falls foul of both trade unions and the wealthy mill owners who attempt to suppress his invention, a suit that never wears out. 1952, PG.

Sunday 5:25 AM

Tom & Jerry Blast Off to Mars — 1hr 10min — Webster (2)

The most famous animated cat and mouse fight goes extraterrestrial. 2005, PG.

Sunday 6:35 AM

The Wizard of Speed & Time — 1hr 35min — Webster (2)

Special effects run riot in Hollywood, as a struggling film maker challenges the world. 1988, PG.

Sunday 8:00 AM

Geeky Play Date — 2hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

Looking to meet up with other parents and kids at the con? Geeky Playdate is a casual, drop-in space for you and your children. Kids can bring their favorite toys and make new friends! Parents can do the same! Please note: this is NOT a babysitting service/venue, plan on tending to your children. Dale Meyer-Curley

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland — 8:10 AM, 1hr 25min — Webster (2)

Animation of the Winsor McCay comic strip, with story by Ray Bradbury. 1989, G.

Sunday 9:00 AM

Kid-Friendly Anime — 3hr — Stone (2)

Some of the cuteness will be so thorough you won't need sugar in your coffee. We've got Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and more.

Gentle Yoga — 1hr 30min — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Start your day off right. Relax the mind, strengthen the body, and be ready for a long, fun day at the con. If possible, bring a mat or towel. Gena Bean

Sunday 9:30 AM

Borrowing Plots — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Shakespeare did it, so why can't we? Mixing and matching elements from classic literature, or even the latest Hollywood flick, can be a source of inspiration for GMs. We'll look at ways to borrow plot elements from various sources without having your players cry foul. Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Kristen Morris, Mark Waks, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Reading—Crowley, Freedman — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Susan Hanniford Crowley and William Freedman read selections from their works. Susan Hanniford Crowley, William Freedman

Poly 279: Poly Parenting — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Mixing multiple relationships with raising children introduces a host of new complications as well as possibilities. How do you answer questions, schedule your time, and mix parenting styles? These and other questions will be discussed. Michelle Driscoll, Shira Lipkin, Joy Marchand, Alan Wexelblat (m), Michelle Wexelblat

Unintelligent Design — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Presented by an evolutionary biologist who teaches human anatomy and physiology, Dr. Abby Hafer shows us how these human body parts are badly designed, how they could have been done better, and other members of the animal kingdom that got better body parts than we did. Then she asks, why didn't the Creator give the good stuff to us? Abby Hafer

My Friend Wrote a Book, Do I Have to Buy It? — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Etiquette for friends of authors and other creators. How to support their endeavors without going broke or feeling you have to attend every signing. What to do when you don't like their creations and are asked (or feel it's expected) to give a reaction? Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Nancy Holzner, Elaine Isaak (m), Felicitas Ivey, Victoria Janssen

The New Doctor. Who? — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

New season and new Doctor. What's the verdict on Matt Smith, the newest Doctor? And who doesn't love Amy Pond? Has the series gotten better or worse since Moffat's takeover? Is the current Doctor Who madly inventive or just maddening? Patrick Delahanty, Samantha Dings, Woodrow Hill, Toni Lay (m), Seanan McGuire, Hildy Silverman

Play with Clay — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Come and make a work of Art! Dawn Albright (m), Melissa McCusker, Sheila M. Oranch

Yarn Works (Basics) — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Interested in learning how to crochet and/or knit? Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia (m), Joy McCarthy, Jill Singer, Tchipakkan

Swordmanship 2 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Swordsmanship for kids. Must sign up in advance. Stuart Ferguson

Table Top for Beginners — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Tired of hearing, "You're too young to play"? Come learn and play a basic table top game! For younger and less experienced players. Athene Boswel, Peter L. Thomas

The Generation & Utilization of Steam — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

All about steam technology. The generation and utilization of steam for locomotive force. The power of the piston. The work of the worm-gear. James Hinsey, Ian Keville Schleifer, James B. Van Bokkelen (m), Andrew Van Zandt

Things Everyone Loves (But I Don't) — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Ah, "Star Wars," "E.T.," "Lord of the Rings," "Blade Runner," "Star Trek"—all so beloved, how can anyone not like them? This is a panel for people who haven't hopped on the bandwagon for these or other popular films. Find out why, and discover why you're not alone. Karl G. Heinemann (m), Daniel M. Kimmel, Jennifer Pelland, Steve E. Popkes, Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Starting the Family Campaign — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Running a role-playing game with your children can be a rewarding challenge. We'll discuss the pitfalls inherent in playing with your own kids or their friends. How do you choose a system and get the group started, create campaigns which appeal to the different developmental levels, or schedule time? W. "Ian" Blanton, Steven Hammond (m), John Monahan, Richard Staats

Isaac Asimov: A Retrospective — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Some may say his work is dated, but Asimov's impact on the genre is unequaled by any other author. We'll discuss his life and works. Mark L. Amidon, Vikki Ciaffone, Christopher Davis (m)

Time Management for Creative People — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Some people find it easy to get things done, while some people have ideas but don't know how to make them happen. People who've learned to bridge the gap, particularly in creative pursuits, give their tips for making the daily grind mesh with bringing new things to life. Onezumi Hartstein (m), Catherine Kane, Bruce Mackenzie, Susan Soares, Carsten Turner

Autograph—Boutilier, Brennan — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Thomas Boutilier and Adrianne Brennan. Thomas Boutilier, Adrianne Brennan

Spoon-A-Pults for Big Kids! — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Spoon-a-pults aren't just for kids! Come and construct your own spoon-a-pult. Erik J. Meyer-Curley

Sunday 10:00 AM

Halberd Drill — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Learn to be a soldier in a medieval army! Members of the Higgins Armory Sword Guild will demonstrate the use of the halberd, a late-medieval polearm, and then teach participating audience members battlefield drill with the weapon. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Blood Drive with the Naughty Nurses — 6hr — Lobby (2)

Give the Gift of Life at Arisia! The 7th Arisia blood drive. Please consider donating. To set an appointment, go to the Heinlein Society table, find a Naughty Nurse, or email [email protected]. Walk-ins welcome! We try to pace the timing of donors to allow the bloodmobile staff to deliver on their expectation of one half hour per donor from beginning to end. Adria Alumbaugh, John Hodges (m)

The Questor Tapes — 1hr 40min — Otis (2)

Questor is an android designed by Dr. Vaslovik, assembled by an international scientific team according to his plans. But Dr. Vaslovik has disappeared and one of the programming tapes is missing, so Questor isn't quite sure what his purpose is, only that he needs to find Dr. Vaslovik. He enlists technician Jerry Robinson (Mike Farrell) into a road trip. This will be shown with English-language closed captioning for the deaf. In 16mm, color by Fuji.

Pilots Made for the Internet — 2hr — Webster (2)

CTRL—A comedy that crosses The Matrix with The Office. PG-13, 42 minutes. Chronicles of Bob—Fantasy about correcting life's mistakes. 37 minutes. Pioneer One—More ambitious than the X-Files. PG-13, 36 minutes.

Pandemic (Co-op Board Game) — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

You are specialists at the CDC/Atlanta where you watch several virulent diseases break out simultaneously all over the world. The team mission is to prevent a worldwide pandemic outbreak, treating hot spots while researching cures for each of the four plagues before they get out of hand. Jen Lewis

Sunday 10:30 AM

Swordplay in the Middle Ages — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

The sword was the weapon par excellence for hundreds of years, and the symbol of nobility and might. During that time its techniques changed dramatically. From the subtleties of the knightly longsword to the military efficiency of the English backsword, watch the HASG demonstrate authentic swordplay styles, taken from surviving manuals. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Sunday 11:00 AM

What Women Want (in Their SF/F Females) — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Many panels discuss what women's roles in SF/F are and ought to be, but what do female readers really want to see? How do women feel about "token" female friends in works like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? How do we feel about reimagining heroines like Alice, Arwen, and Maid Marion who are willing to pick up weapons and fight to achieve their destiny? Female readers, writers, and other SF/F creators will "let it all hang out" in this spirited panel! Vonnie Carts-Powell, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Trisha Wooldridge

Fannish Music: What Makes Geek Rock — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Some "mainstream" rock artists play some very geeky anthems. What are you favorite geek rock anthems? Also, what makes a popular song geeky? How do geek anthems written by pop rock artists differ from those written by artists like Jonathan Coulton, whose primary audience is geeks? Nat Budin, Stephanie Clarkson (m), William Frank, Jason Schneiderman

Reading—Macdonald, Marchand, Monahan — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors James Macdonald, Joy Marchand, and John Monahan read selections from their works. James Macdonald, Joy Marchand, John Monahan

Foundlings and Orphans — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

The orphaned baby who grows up to become a master wizard. The lonely farmboy who becomes a powerful Jedi. The last son of the planet Krypton, who assumes the mantle of the world's greatest hero. Foundlings and orphans form a common and powerful theme in popular culture and fiction around the world, but why? What is the origin of this storytelling theme, and why does it appeal to writers and audiences so much? Mary Catelli, Debra Doyle (m), Paula Lieberman, Kate Nepveu, Sheila M. Oranch

Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Where do they come from? Do ideas just appear wholly formed to some costumers? Our panel discusses the origin and evolution of costume themes and inspirations. Jill Eastlake, Bill Frankenfield, Toni Lay, Jennifer Old (m), Nightwing Whitehead

Women in Gaming: Then and Now — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

It used to be a running gag; the absence of women in any sort of gaming. But it's just not true any more. Local cons show a distribution of gender closer to the human average. What changed? Social pressures? Awareness? A wider definition of "gaming"? Shana Fuqua, Heidi Hooper, Catherine Kane (m), Lisa J. Steele

Writing the Other Writer's Workshop — 3hr — Independence (3E)

Nisi Shawl teaches a hands-on writing class featuring exercises and explorations of ways to create believable characters of a different race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability. Participants will be asked to bring some of their own writing to work on, but sharing is not required. Attendance is limited to 15 people. Sign up on our website at: A sign-up sheet will be available in Progam Nexus at con if spaces are open. Vylar Kaftan, Nisi Shawl

Mars: Past, Present & Future — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Professor of Geology and NASA consultant Warren Huff offers a brief background on what we know about Mars as a planet, and a summary of the history of our exploration of Mars, including future plans for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). Warren Huff

Mad Science! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Come get to see and try some hands on science! Stephen R. Wilk

Cartooning & Comic Creating — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Learn how to draw cartoons and construct a comic. E. J. Barnes, Bettina Kurkoski (m), Mercy E. Van Vlack

Make Some Music — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Make your own instruments and play songs with them! Paul Estin, Kate Farb-Johnson

Classical & Historical Fencing — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Dr. Ken Mondschein, instructor at the Higgins Academy of the Sword, and several of his students will demonstrate living and reconstructed traditions of swordsmanship, from the days when a man's (or woman's) life might depend on his skill with a blade. Weapons demonstrated will include the foil, dueling sabre, cane, great stick of the belle époque, the Renaissance rapier and two-handed sword. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape! — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Potions Master, Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor, and Headmaster of Hogwarts. What makes this sinister and malicious teacher so intriguing and so loved by readers and fans? How will he be remembered? Will he be vilified or revered? Lori Del Genis, Susan Heithmar, James Hinsey, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Resa Nelson

Robots You Can Take Home To Meet The Family — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

From Roomba to MakerBot, what's the state of the art in robots in the home? We've come a long way from Asimov's "Robbie". Mark L. Amidon (m), David Larochelle, Richard Stallman, Andrew Van Zandt, Percival

LARPs vs. LARPs: What's the Difference? — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

LARPing 201. Live action role playing has a large following in the Northeast, but 'LARP' doesn't meant the same thing to everyone. With the same name used for everything from hour-long murder mysteries, to day-long one-shot narratives to ongoing campaigns with weekly or monthly boffer skirmishes in the deep woods, it sometimes feels like we're speaking different languages. What can this disparate community learn from itself? What are some of the best and worst facets of each variation? John Bacon (m), Rebecca L. Kletnieks, Rachel Morris, Ian Keville Schleifer, Mark Waks

Jews in Space: Jewish SF/F — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

From Isaac Asimov to David Brin, many Jewish authors and artists have had a significant impact on the SF/F genre. How have their cultural and religious beliefs influenced their work? What central themes of Judaism resonate in their stories? Steve Berman (m), Leah Cypess, Merav Hoffman, Daniel Miller, Sonya Taaffe

Starship Artemis — 3hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the "main screen", while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. One player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn't have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do. The game will run several times during the time slot. Brian C. Johnson (m), Thom Robertson

Breakfast with Special Guests — 2hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)

This is not only an opportunity to relax and talk with friends, it is also an opportunity to sit and chat with a 'Special Guest' who will be acting as your table host! Advance ticket purchase required. Michael Anderson, Kelley Armstrong, Bob Eggleton, Shaenon Garrity, Crystal Huff (m), Seanan McGuire, Hildy Silverman, Josh Simpson, Cecilia Tan, Catherynne M. Valente, René Walling, Frank Wu, Eric Zuckerman

Blokus in 3D — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

This twist on the classic Blokus is a spacial puzzle, slowly constructed piece-by-piece in four challenging levels: Corner, Steps, Pyramid, and Tower. Jen Lewis

Photoshop, Ethics & the Human Form — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Society at large is beginning to understand that most people in ads are "Photoshopped", but it still influences body perception in much of the target audience. Should ad images carry warning labels or be rated for degree of manipulation? Should there be ethical guidelines for modifying images of people in ads, and if so, what should those guidelines be? Onezumi Hartstein (m), Scott Lefton, Kristen Morris, Thomas Nackid

Exhibits Director's Tour of the Art Show — 1hr — Galleria—Art Show

Tour the Art Show with the Exhibits division head and hear his view of the show and how it relates to the rest of the convention. Nicholas "phi" Shectman

Autograph—Feinman, Lieder — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Alex Feinman and Tim Lieder. Alex Feinman, Tim Lieder

Learn to Make Fabric Flowers — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

These fabric flowers start with strips of ordinary fabric, but your hand-sewing in specific steps turns them into wonderful, colorful flowers! The centers can then be beaded or a button added, then glued or sew on a pin-back, and you have instant style! Kits for sale ($5) include pre-ironed fabric strip, needle, thread, and pin-back. Many colors will be available. These flowers can be made into pins, barrettes, bobby pins, or sewn directly onto clothing or quilts. Lisa A. Ashton

Sunday 11:30 AM

Swordplay in the Renaissance — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

The sword was the weapon par excellence for hundreds of years, and the symbol of nobility and might. During that time its techniques changed dramatically. From the military efficiency of the English backsword to the subtleties of the duellist's rapier, watch the HASG demonstrate authentic swordplay styles, taken from surviving manuals. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Sunday 12:00 PM

History of Swing — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Learn the five variations on Swing dancing, taught along with the details of the historical context of the forms. Shannon Harrower, Adam Nakama (m)

THX 1138 — 1hr 26min — Otis (2)

This was George Lucas' first movie, and many think it is still his best. A slow-paced and thoughtful film, it is a love story that takes place in a world of cloned humans where love has been eliminated. You need to see this film if only to understand the many references to it made in more recent SF work. This is the original edit, currently unavailable on video, without the distracting CGI added more recently by the director. You can see this only at Arisia. In 16mm.

The Hunt for Gollum — 39min — Webster (2)

The Hunt for Gollum is a 2009 fantasy-adventure fan film based on the appendices of J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". It is set in Middle-earth where the wizard Gandalf the Grey sends ranger Aragorn on a quest to find Gollum, whom he fears may reveal information about the One Ring to necromancer Sauron. Winner of the 2009 Balticon Film Festival award for Best Live Action feature. 2009, PG.

Circus Maximus (D&D 3.5 Ruleset) — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

It's the chariot races at the Circus Maximus! You will choose two (provided, 4th level) characters to drive your chariot. It takes more than just driving to win, though; weapons, spells, and dirty tricks all play a part. Staying alive is, after all, required to cross the finish line first. Gregory Seidman

The Subs (Rebecca Angel) — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Presenting Rebecca Angel's band,The Subs. A unique clear voice, solid accompaniment on guitar and piano, crafty lyrics and soul-pulling music make Rebecca Angel shine. Put the voice of Sarah McLachlan, the stage presence of Ani DiFranco, and the imagination of J.K. Rowling together and then you have an idea of what Rebecca Angel is like. Rebecca Angel (m), Lilianna Maxwell, Jesse Rawson, Peter Truong

Sunday 12:30 PM

Avoiding Culturefail — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

How can writers best avoid creating simplistic or hurtful imaginary cultures? How can you avoid portraying real world cultures without resorting to stereotypes? Is doing research enough? Where do you start? Dash (m), Sarah Goodman, Woodrow Hill, Rita Oakes, Sarah Smith

LOTR: Movies vs. Books — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Are the Tolkien books done justice in Peter Jackson's films? Do the films surpass the books? Are there people who don't know there are books? How does it all look now that the hype is behind us? Peter Maranci, Kate Nepveu, Charlie Spickler (m), Eric M. Van, The Wombat

Reading—Davies, Doyle, Feinman — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Robert Davies, Debra Doyle, and Alex Feinman read selections from their works. Robert Davies, Debra Doyle, Alex Feinman

Steampunk and Costuming — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Steampunk has been a strong trend in costuming the past few years, and it may still be growing. But what makes a costume "steampunk"? How much Victorian style needs to be retained and how many futuristic elements need to be added? Melissa Honig, Sean Kane, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Samara Martin, Alex Newman

Language and Linguistics in Genre Fiction — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

There's more to language than a dictionary and grammar, as these experts will tell you. Whether written, spoken, or signed, languages grow out of specific cultural settings and specific neurologies, and affect those cultures and neurologies. The ways that languages affect minds and societies, and what we can learn from a culture's language, are fertile fields for research, discussion, and cool ideas. Lauren P. Burka, Tananarive Due, Greer Gilman, John G. McDaid, Sonya Taaffe (m)

Skin Horse Sing-Along — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

"Skin Horse" by Shaenon Garrity, our webcomics guest of honor, and Jeffrey Channing Wells has developed a notable abundance of fan-produced re-wordings of pop & rock songs. In this session, we will sing some of those songs. Lyrics will be available. Paul Estin, Ariela Zonderman

How to be a GM—A Beginner's Guide — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

This workshop will focus on teaching kids how to be a game master (GM) while keeping their players interested. This will be a two-session event; The first session will discuss the how to's, with a second session for the students to each try being a GM. Bill Pomeroy

How to Build a BEM — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Use your imagination to create a Bug Eyed Monster and scare your friends and family. Tom Murphy

Daggers and Shields and Swords, Oh My! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Have at you! Witness the subtle skills of attack, parry, and grapple as the combat arts of the dagger, buckler, and sword are brought to life from forgotten manuals. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Fuzzy Heroes Tournament — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Does your favorite Stuff Friend have what it takes to be a Champion? Come and find out by competing against other children and their favorite stuff friends. Athene Boswel, Rebecca Sturdevant

Thermoforming: Bending Plastic to Your Will — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Throughout the convention you will see stormtroopers, clones, and other characters walking the halls in full-body plastic armor. Ever wonder how that is made? Join us for a presentation on thermoforming plastic. It's not as difficult as it may sound! Brian Anderson

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

The first half of the "Deathly Hallows" film is out. How did the film compare to the book? Were they able to fit more of the book into this film compared to the past films? Are you still looking forward to the final film of the series? As adaptations of one of the most successful book series of all time, how do the movies hold up? Katherine Crighton (m), Susan Hanniford Crowley, James Hinsey, Toni Lay, Resa Nelson

GM Helpline — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Everyone gets stuck now and then. Our panel of experienced game masters will offer advice and tips. Ed Fuqua, Steven Hammond, Mike McPhail, Lisa J. Steele, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Sexuality in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Sexual situations in SF/F books, movies, and television are just as common as in every other genre. Does SF/F do it differently, better, or worse? What discussions of sexuality in SF are significant to read or see, and why? How is a sex scene in a SF/F story different from porn? Where is the line between good and poor taste? Steve Berman (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Victoria Janssen, Meredith Schwartz, Trisha Wooldridge

Satoshi Kon, His Legacy — 1hr 15min — Stone (2)

Satoshi Kon first drew worldwide attention with his feature film directorial debut, the psychological suspense film Perfect Blue, in 1997. He would follow that with a string of critically acclaimed anime projects: Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Paranoia Agent (2004), and Paprika (2006). Kon-sama passed away in August 2010, age 47. Ian Condry, Allen MacLeod, Susan Napier (m)

The Business of Art — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

There's more than talent to making a living as an artist. Health insurance, taxes, marketing, organization, selling yourself, portfolios—where do you find the time to do all that, and still make art? Loren Damewood, Lori Del Genis, Heidi Hooper (m), Matt Ryan/Norman Katz, Thomas Traina

A Picture Framer's Tour of the Art Show — 1hr — Galleria—Art Show

Ever walk through the art show and notice the the care put into framing and presentation? Wonder why those choices were made or how you could better present your own similar pieces? Come tour the art show with us and find out. Jim Paradis

Autograph—Holzner, Macdonald — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Nancy Holzner and James Macdonald. Nancy Holzner, James Macdonald

Lady's and Gentlemen's Sewing Circle — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

A general sewing circle for people to craft, sew, and make new friends. Deborah Castellano

2011 Coming Attractions — 12:40 PM, 1hr 20min — Webster (2)

Trailers for film and TV.

Sunday 1:00 PM

Fencing with Medieval Longswords — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of Fencing with the Medieval sword., followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. Advanced lessons available for students who have already done the basic lesson. Josh Conway, Stuart Ferguson, William Frisbee, Sarah Haglers, Steven Hirsch (m), Chris Stetson, Joshua Watson

Sunday 1:30 PM

Dark Sun: The Slave Pits of Molak Tor — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

In an isolated outpost, a corrupt commander finds his amusement in pitting his slaves against fearsome creatures captured by his legion, or against each other. Chris Barney

Annoucement of Winners of the Writing Contest — 15min — Galleria—Art Show

Josh Simpson, our Artist GOH has generously donated prizes for a writing contest based on one of his works. Come see—and hear—who won the prizes. Josh Simpson

Sunday 2:00 PM

James Cameron Retrospective — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Having consistently brought good genre films to the screen ("Terminator", "Aliens", "The Abyss", "Avatar"), what's next? What themes recur in his works? What messages and narratives does he revisit? Do his films celebrate his influences or rip them off? Garen Daly, John G. McDaid (m), Richard Ralston, Santiago Rivas

The History of Comics — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Mainstream comics have provided the longest-running soap opera in American history. But what's the real story behind the story? How did just a few guys churn out so many amazing books? What tools did they use? What would they say about the industry today? Jerome C. Conner, Andrew Farago, Ken Gale, Shaenon Garrity, David Marshall (m)

Convention Feedback 3 — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Feedback for the staff about the convention so far. Paul Aldred, Lisa Holsberg, Crystal Huff (m), Richard Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, James Pinkerton, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Michael Sprague

Acting, Improvisation, and Role-Playing — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Role-playing and acting share a number of characteristics. Both involve wearing a character, understanding their motivations and drives, and reacting to situations. But in role-playing there's no director, usually no script, the players write their own characters, and no audience. What can role-players learn from the acting community to have a richer and more rewarding gaming experience? What lessons can actors learn from role-playing? Ed Fuqua, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Michael McAfee (m), Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Tools of the Trade: Working with Glass — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Fused glass, lamp working, glass blowing—what can you do with different ways of working glass? What are the tools and requirements for trying it yourself? Panelists talk about access to tools, classes, and what kinds of setups are necessary, whether at home or in an outside studio. Scott Lefton, Michelle McGuire, Danielle Sucher

Mad Science Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

A pick-pass-play song circle on the theme of mad science. Share your favorite musical tale of scientists plotting world domination or experiments gone awry. Gary McGath (m), Seanan McGuire, Benjamin Newman

Alchemy 101 — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

In the Victorian time period occultism was all the rage. This presentation will trace the origins and historical development of alchemy. Learn about what alchemists today do. Jow Scangarella

Anime as Education — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

How anime can spark discussions about the real world, e.g. WWII, education outside the U.S., science fiction vs. fact, etc. Adam Ferraro, David Lee, John Monahan, David Nurenberg (m)

Balloon Animals — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Learn how to make your own balloon art. Kathy Bourassa, Joy McCarthy (m)

Drawing a Story — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

In each of us is the powerful gift of imagination! Test your imagination and drawing skills in this workshop where you will learn that not everyone pictures what is in a story the same way. Elaine Isaak, Sheila M. Oranch

Classic Playground Games — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Play some classic playground games with us! Peter Breton

Roman Legionary & Gothic Knight — 30min — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

The Romans conquered the known world two thousand years ago. The knight was the most powerful force on the battlefield five hundred years ago. Each wore plate armor and carried a sword, spear, and dagger, but they were very different. Come hear a Legionary and a Knight explain their equipment and how they fought, and try to guess what would happen if they were to face each other in battle. Higgins Armory Sword Guild

What is Cosplay? — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

With anime conventions continuing to grow, so is cosplay. How is cosplay different from costuming, or are they one and the same? What are the differences between cosplay at anime cons and costuming at science fiction/fantasy cons? How are the terms defined and is there overlap? Is cosplay only costumes from Japanese sources or is it more than that? Is cosplay the future of costuming or is it already here? Marty Gear, Pam "Izumi" Larson, Amber Nakano-san Romaniak, Jamila Sisco, Jennifer Yoo (m)

The Host (Gwoemul) (second showing) — 2hr — Otis (2)

This is the scariest movie I have ever seen, and it's scary in the same way that "Alien" is scary. Sure, it's another Asian monster movie, but this is so much better than anything you've seen in years. A mutant monster, created by improper toxic waste disposal on an American military base, leaves the water and begins terrorizing Seoul. This film tells the story of a family during that terrible time. In Korean with subtitles, presented in 35mm.

Beyond Physics: Many Sciences of Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

While a lot of speculative fiction is still very focused on physics, speculation can come from any field of study including anthropology, computer science, psychology, and history. A discussion of some of the more unusual ways that science fiction has chosen to examine the human condition. Vikki Ciaffone (m), Justine Graykin, Valerie Grimm, Kate Kaynak, Peter L. Thomas

Marketing Independent Media — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

You've finished your magnum opus, whether it's a comic book, a graphic novel, or webcomic. That's the hard part, right? So now what? How do you get people to notice your brilliance? How do you make any money back? Jaime Garmendia (m), Joel Gill, Rick Silva, Susan Soares, Dirk Tiede

Retelling Fairytales — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Folk and fairytales offer some of the richest sources for story telling. How have people adapted them into novels and films? What are great sources of these tales? Why do they resonate so with readers? Erik Amundsen, David Camacho, Katherine Crighton, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Daniel Rabuzzi

Fullmetal Alchemist—Brotherhood Eps. 1–7 — 3hr — Stone (2)

In consideration for a Hugo Award. Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mother to an incurable disease. Using "alchemy" they attempt to resurrect her. The process fails, and a severe toll is taken for using this type of alchemy, one sacrifices an arm and leg, the others soul is affixed to a suit of armor. They now search for the Philosopher's Stone to return the brothers to their original bodies, becoming a "State Alchemist".

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec — 1hr 47min — Webster (2)

Steampunkish adventure set in 1911, by Luc Besson, based on a series of French graphic novels. 2010, subtitled, PG-13.

Jude and Derek's Wedding — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Join Peacefrog and Dreaming as they travel into the next dimension together! (Dress code is con-wear but if on stilts, please be mindful of shorter creatures behind you.) Derek D. Lichter, Jude Shabry

Alien Invaders! Robots & Madmen! — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Lex Berman and Frank Wu present an intergalactic slide show of classic SF paperback and magazine cover art. Join the discussion on the art techniques and mind-bending themes of the 20th Century's greatest genre illustrators. Sub-topics include: The Alien Encounter, Robots and Cybernetics, and Dangerous Visions. Lex Berman, Brianna Spacekat Wu, Frank Wu

Autograph—Doyle, Martin — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Gail Martin and Debra Doyle. Debra Doyle, Gail Martin

Tussie Mussies — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Fans weren't the only silent language in the Victorian era. Learn more about flower language and make a tussy mussy for yourself or to send a message to someone else. Deborah Castellano

Sunday 3:00 PM

Renaissance (SCA) Dance — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Come dance with the Society for Creative Anachronism at a Renaissance Ball! We will be doing many types of dances: from the formal and elegant to the bouncy and energetic. No experience or partner necessary. All dances will be taught, so everyone will be able to join in the fun! Live music will be provided by the world famous Waytes of Carolingia. Medieval or Renaissance garb is welcome if you have some (and will certainly add to the atmosphere) but not required. Roza Anthony, Troy Daniels, Ginger Fitzsimmons, Ellen Kranzer, Deirdre Rees, Robert J. Rossi, Susan Weiner

A Cunning Foe (Boffer LARP) — 6hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)

The Silver Chain goblin tribe wasn't always a menace to civilized folk, but they are now. Recently they have become much more adept at dark rituals and thaumaturgy—whatever it takes to get an edge. Now they have established a war camp within striking range of the Great North/South road, and no traveler is safe from their depredations. The Realms is a fantasy LARP involving boffer combat. Test your skills, agility, and mind. Boffer weapons provided, new adventurers welcome. Dan Diamond (m), Karen Diamond, Kovaks, Michael McCarthy, Jeremy Sullivan

Power Grid (Board Game) — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

The object of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone's network gains a predetermined size. In this new edition, players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they use to power their cities. Timothy Lewis

Sunday 3:30 PM

Writing Reviews — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Lots of people think they can write reviews, but what are the secrets to writing good ones? Should you just not review bad books? What are the risks to reviewing? Does everybody really hate a critic? Randee Dawn Cohen, Susan de Guardiola, Daniel M. Kimmel, Don Sakers, Steve Sawicki (m)

Girls LARP? Really? — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

It often seems like there are many more female LARPers than female table-top gamers. Why is this the case? What is it about this particular side of the gaming hobby that attracts women? Anna R. Bradley, Rebecca L. Kletnieks, Kristen Morris, Rachel Morris (m), Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Reading—Nelson, Taaffe — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Resa Nelson and Sonya Taaffe read selections from their works. Resa Nelson, Sonya Taaffe

The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

They range from wretched to wonderful, from the most mundane to the freakiest of the fantastic. We're going to discuss what we consider to be the best of the best from various genres—and we're sure to cover some you haven't heard of yet. Alexander C. Danner (m), Shaenon Garrity, Steve E. Popkes, Everett Soares, Dirk Tiede

Man-in-the-Machine Anime — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Evangelion, Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Robotech, Fullmetal Alchemist, and all other mad scientists who cross the lines between man and machine are discussed, with some doses of things to come. James T. Henderson Jr (m), Pam "Izumi" Larson, David Lee, Robert Luoma, Margaret Ronald, JeffWarner

Fannish Music MP3 Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Share your favorite fannish song off your portable music player and hear some interesting fannish music that may be new to you. Laptop speakers will be used for playback. Please keep your song choice to 3 minutes or less to give more people the chance to participate. Kate Farb-Johnson

YA Writing Workshop: Kelley Armstrong — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

This is an interactive writer's workshop on writing YA fiction—come prepared to write and discuss your work. How do you craft a character and story for a YA audience? Attendance at this workshop is limited to 16, and priority will be given to high school and college students who sign up by January 7th. Sign up at the link here: A sign-up sheet will be located in the Program Nexus at con in case there are still slots available then. Kelley Armstrong

The Business of Anime — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

The business model for most of the SF/F industry is 1) make a product, 2) sell it, 3) get profit. Why has anime production and distribution had to rethink this entire model based on the Internet and piracy? Patrick Delahanty, Adam Ferraro, William Frank (m), Mike Toole

How to be a GM—A Beginners Guide (2nd session) — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

This workshop will focus on teaching kids how to be a game master (GM) while keeping their players interested. This will be a two-session event; The first session will discuss the how to's, and each student will try being a GM in the second session. Bill Pomeroy

All About Poi — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Poi is a performance art in which a ball or balls suspended from a length of flexible material, usually a plaited cord, are held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. In this class, you will create practice poi out of socks. After making your poi you will learn some basic dance moves. Please supply your own socks! Forest Handford

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Moves — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Fans of Nickelodeon's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" love the combination of martial arts and magic in the show. This is a demonstration of the four different kinds of kung-fu that are used to manipulate the four elements in the show. No sparring, but participants are welcome to try the moves as we go. Great for cosplayers! Wil Howitt

Magrathean Apprentice Training: Build a Planet — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Wouldn't you just love to have your own custom-built planet? Here you will have a chance to work up a prototype. What would your dream planet have? Pretty clouds? Funny-looking aliens? Oceans? Forests? Mountains? Volcanoes? We will have light 10" diameter spheres for you to paint, glue, color, and decorate as the planet of your dreams. Note: messy paints may be involved, please don't wear your fanciest con dress-up clothes. Charlene Taylor D'Alessio, Alexandra Morgan (m)

Molding and Casting — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

It is surprisingly easy to make a mold of your creation and produce many copies. Join us for a combination lecture, discussion, and live demonstration of the techniques used to produce the props and costumes for the 501st New England Garrison. The presentation will include casting replicas using quick curing and odor-free liquid plastics, so you can see for yourself exactly how it is done. Brian Anderson

Tales from the Slush Pile — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Our esteemed panelists describe the worst of the worst that have crossed their editorial desk. Panelists will also discuss ways aspiring authors can avoid being cast into the slush pile. Erik Amundsen, John Bowker, Hildy Silverman

Sports for Geeks — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Ultimate Frisbee is just one of the more "geeky" sports out there. There's also disk golf, curling, dodge ball, and geocaching. And let's not forget the local softball league or martial arts! Come talk about some of your personal favorite sports. Aimee Bouchard, Steven Hirsch, Adam Nakama, Ian Cooper Rose (m), Carsten Turner, Eric Zuckerman

Costume Makeup Basics — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

How costume makeup is different from daily makeup and how to apply it to get different effects. Find out what works well in the hall and on stage to complete your costume's overall effect. Bill Frankenfield (m), Jamila Sisco

Carl Brandon Society Awards Ceremony — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

The Carl Brandon Society presents their Kindred and Parallax Awards for 2008 and 2009. The Carl Brandon Parallax Award is given to works of speculative fiction created by a self-identified person of color. The Carl Brandon Kindred Award is given to any work of speculative fiction dealing with issues of race and ethnicity; nominees may be of any racial or ethnic group. Dash, Jack Dietz, Tananarive Due, Andrea Hairston, Victor Raymond, Nisi Shawl, Rachel L. Silber, Vandana Singh, Cecilia Tan, René Walling

Dueling Easels — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

After hearing a short passage, two artists compete to come up with a cover for the story, and the audience gets to cheer them on. E. J. Barnes, Karen Purcell (m), Matt Ryan/Norman Katz, Frank Wu

Autograph—Gilman, Sklar — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Laura Anne Gilman and David Sklar. Laura Anne Gilman, David Sklar

Monster Mash — 2hr 45min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Don your best Mad Scientist outfit and create marvelous monsters and creative chimera along with Dr. Meme No/Yes, Master Monster Maker. We will take cute fluffy stuffed animals, hack them into pieces, and then reassemble them in wholly unnatural ways. There will be a $5 materials fee per participant to cover the cost of DNA splitters, splicers, and experimental specimens. Dawn Albright, Mimi Noyes (m)

The Queen, My Lord, Is Much, Much Better — 3:45 PM, 15min — Webster (2)

A 15-minute romp based on a comic essay of the '50s that imagines theatrical sabotage by bit-part actors in British productions of Shakespeare plays. Presented with theatrical photographs, largely taken in Massachusetts, and narration by a Boston-area artist.

Sunday 4:00 PM

Let the Right One In — 1hr 55min — Otis (2)

This Swedish vampire film is substantially better than the American remake currently making the rounds. It's a story about a young boy who befriends the classic "girl next door"—except that the girl next door is 200 years old and lives off of human blood. This is a lovely story about friendship and vampires. In 35mm Cinemascope.

This Week on Brit TV — 2hr — Webster (2)

The latest in British television.

Belly Dance Show — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

From Star Trek to Firefly, science fiction has long been entranced by the shimmying undulations of belly dance. Join us as belly dancers explore brave new worlds of science fiction fusion, featuring inventive performances from some of the Milky Way's finest dancers! Katrina Meyer

Afternoon Cream Tea — 2hr — 1307

Join us for an intimate traditional Cream Tea complete with fresh scones, clotted cream, jam and lemon curd served with tea brewed from high-quality tea. Each seating will last approximately twenty minutes and seating will be done on a first come first serve basis. Deborah Castellano (m), James Jones, Jow Scangarella

Sunday 4:30 PM

Hollow Earth Expedition: Lionheart — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

The great architect and priest Imhotep hid a powerful secret in the deserts of Egypt. Now it is 1936 and the darkness spreading out of Europe threatens to wipe away the sands of time and claim that treasure for its own. Can you find it before the Nazis do? Can you escape with your life? Steven Hammond

Sunday 5:00 PM

Ask Me Anything — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

How do you cope if your bedroom is a political agenda item? What's it like to be transgendered, bisexual, polyamorous, or any combination thereof? These and other question related to gender, sexuality, and relationships will be discussed and answered by our panelists. Tom Limoncelli, Robyn Ochs (m), Rabbit

Wizard Rock: The Power of Love — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Wizard Rock is reaching its 10th year. There are over 300 wrock bands in the US, and it all started right here in Massachusetts. A look at HP-inspired bands like Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Whomping Willows, etc. Emily Coombs, Susan Heithmar, James Hinsey (m)

Arisia Corporate Meeting — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

An open meeting of Arisia Inc., the organization that helps the con committee do its job every year. Non-members welcome (and welcome to join us). Crystal Huff, Richard Kovalcik (m), Benjamin Levy, Noel Rosenberg, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner

Our Weird Biology — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Did you know the human stomach has neurons? That you lose about 1/2 liter of water a day just through breathing? That driving can increase the size of the posterior hippocampus of the brain? That testosterone levels decrease after consuming sugar? Come hear about these and more weird, wild facts about the human body. Amy Chused, Psyche Corporation, Lori Del Genis, Abby Hafer (m), Dr. Jason Schneiderman

Metropolis: The Complete Film — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece of cinema has finally been restored to completion. How does seeing the full version change our understanding of this landmark SF movie? In what ways does it continue to influence the genre? Justine Graykin, John G. McDaid, Sonya Taaffe (m), Eric M. Van, Frank Wu

LARP Round Table Discussion — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Come tell war-stories and share the ups and downs of playing and running your favorite (and least favorite) LARPs. Rachel Morris, Michael A. Ventrella (m), Mark Waks, Susan Weiner

Japanese Historical Fashion & Costuming — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

With the continuing growth of interest in manga and anime, interest in traditional forms of Japanese dress is at its highest ever. Learn the history of the styles in Japanese culture. Josh Doremus, Felicitas Ivey (m), David Lee, Jennifer Yoo, Samantha Yoo

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Rebooting a storyline is nothing new. See Superman, Batman, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek as examples. But there has not been a reboot of a popular anime series until now. Released in February 2010 to rave reviews by English-speaking audiences, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood should be nominated for a Hugo Award. Pam "Izumi" Larson (m), Amber Nakano-san Romaniak, Margaret Ronald

Table Top for the Experienced Young Gamer — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Have you been playing table top games since you could read the dice? Come and share your skills with others! Erik Amundsen, Bill Pomeroy (m)

Steampunk Basics — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Come learn about steampunk clothing and crafts. Barbara M. Pugliese

Game Time! Card Games! — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Come bring your favorite card games to share with others! Melissa McCusker

Flying High with Paper — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Paper, paper everywhere! Come and learn how to make paper airplanes! Joy McCarthy, Peter L. Thomas, Guillermo "Zubie" Zeballos (m)

The Sword is Queen of the Martial Arts — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of Longsword techniques with Diverse weapons and grappling in the Medieval Martial Arts, followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. Advanced lessons available for students who have already done the basic lesson. Josh Conway, Stuart Ferguson, William Frisbee, Sarah Haglers, Steven Hirsch, Chris Stetson, Joshua Watson

Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Northern Lights is a chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the public and enjoy the construction and wearing of all forms of costume. Jerome C. Conner (m), Elizabeth O'Malley

The Best Young-Adult and Children's Comics — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Are you looking for material suitable for your kids? Or are you seeking to convert that favored niece or nephew into your life-long hobby? Come share recommendations suitable for the younger crowd. Alexander C. Danner, Steve Kanaras (m), David Marshall

Fanfic as Writer's Workshop — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

What does fanfic offer to pros and aspiring writers? How does it complement their professional work? Does it make them a better writer? Our panelists will discuss the joys and pitfalls of experimenting with fanfic. Randee Dawn Cohen, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Seanan McGuire, Hildy Silverman, Jennifer Williams (m)

Relationships 101 — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Whether you are young or old, mono or poly, gay, lesbian, straight, or bi, trans- or cis-gendered—the keys to happy, healthy relationships are similar. And every so often we could all benefit from a little refresher. What are the secrets to good relationships? Come learn about ways to make your relationship(s) better. Catherine Kane, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Jean Rossner, Michelle Wexelblat (m)

The Lowbrow Fantastic — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Some of the most prolific fantasy and some of the weirdest tales come from the pens, brushes, and sculpting tools of the so-called "lowbrow" art community. See amazing visions of clockwork courtiers, ceremonial magic with toys and dolls, mature versions of movie monsters, faeries with a touch of Walter Keane, taxidermic sculptures and more. We will discuss the possibilities inherent in this contemporary art of the fantastic. E. J. Barnes, Jerel Dye, Jacob Lefton, Sarah Smith

Autograph—Kelley Armstrong — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Kelley Armstrong. Kelley Armstrong

Sunday 5:30 PM

Sailor Moon, American Style — 2hr — Stone (2)

It showed up in 1992, got down to some sexy business in Japan—and then came to the US as…a children's show?! Here it is in its US network cartoon form.

Sunday 6:00 PM

Trailer Park — 1hr 45min — Otis (2)

Everybody's favorite event! Two hours of trailers for movies you love, movies you hate, and movies you've never heard of! Once again we reach into the dumpsters behind the movie theatre for the finest trailers possible, including, due to special request, the Starlost production trailer. Shown in a wide variety of film formats.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8.3 — 1hr — Webster (2)

Motion Comics Animation episodes "A Beautiful Sunset" and "Wolves at the Gate". PG-13 (sexual situation, violence).

Shadowrun 03–07: Knight at the Opera — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

When a powerful CEO asks for help, you know the job will be something to remember. Damien Knight needs your help with a disappearing act. Are you up for the challenge? Jonathan Riedel

Sunday 6:30 PM

IP & Derivative Work: What You Need To Know — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

How does Intellectual Property law affect creators of fanfic? Do fanfic writers have any claim to ownership? Does work done for free change the status? What about derivative artwork, or fan movies? William Frank, William Freedman, Daniel Miller (m), Thomas Traina

No Capes! Non-superhero Comics — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Come and discuss some of the best non-superhero comics. Robert Davies, Donna Martinez, Little Mel (m), Mark Waks, René Walling

Reading—L. Gilman, Janssen, Wilk — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Laura Anne Gilman, Victoria Janssen and Stephen R. Wilk will read selections from their works. Laura Anne Gilman, Victoria Janssen, Stephen R. Wilk

In and Out of Character — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Do you have trouble getting into character? You have a picture of what your character looks like, what they can do, and their statistics, but how do they speak, walk, and interact with others? Conversely, do you have trouble getting out of character after a long session? Have trouble letting go of things that happened in game? Our panelists detail ways you can more easily slip into and out of your role in game. Stephen R. Balzac (m), Alex Feinman, Vanessa Layne, Adam Nakama, Shava Nerad

Manners Matter — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

What does it mean to be well mannered in this day and age? Is chivalry really dead or just different? Is wearing white after Labor Day really a big deal? Join us for a discussion on pressing questions in the modern etiquette world. Deborah Castellano (m), Barbara M. Pugliese

Bawdy Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

A moderated pick, pass, or play themed song circle for raunchier filk, bardic songs, or other geeky music. Some material may be inappropriate for those under 18. Sing, play or just listen! Nat Budin, Paul Estin, Mark A. Mandel (m)

Masquerade Debrief — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

What went right? What went wrong? What should we do again next year? Join the discussion at this year's Masquerade post-mortem. Susan de Guardiola, Jill Eastlake, Joel Lord, Sharon Sbarsky

Scientific Consensus vs. Scientific Truth — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Is the majority always right? Or whoever gets published in a peer-reviewed journal first? Panelists will discuss the roles played by the majority and minority view in the scientific community. Thomas A. Amoroso, Terry Franklin (m), Steven Hirsch, Ken Olum, Dr. Jason Schneiderman

NERF Gun War — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Bring your NERF guns and plenty of ammo for an all-out NERF gun battle! Please note that protective eyewear is Mandatory—bring goggles if you have them. A limited number of NERF guns and protective goggles are available for those who don't own one. Because of safety considerations, please do not bring modified NERF guns. Peter Breton

Against the New Worlds Order — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Is one government per planet an automatic necessity once multiple worlds are settled? How would that happen? Are there any books where it didn't? Is it the destiny of any long-lived planetary society? Or are authors just using planets as a metaphor for national borders? Mary Catelli, A. Joseph Ross, Richard Stallman

Costuming & Body Type: How to Hide/Accentuate — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Everyone's body is different, and everyone has things they love about their bodies and things they do not. How do you create a costume design that flatters you best? And how do you do it with re-creations? Michelle D'Entremont, Sarah Goodman, Jennifer Old (m), Jamila Sisco, Nightwing Whitehead

Diet and Exercise for Fandom — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

You may not be able to do much about your genetics, but you can affect your health in a positive way through diet and exercise. Find out how in this panel! Adrianne Brennan (m), Amy Chused, John Costello, Bendy Yoga Girl, Jennifer Pelland

From Wax to Bronze — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Artist Butch Honeck presents a slide show demonstrating the lost art of wax casting in bronze. An explanation of the whole process from wax to finished sculpture. Butch Honeck

Autograph—Sakers, Sawicki — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Don Sakers and Steve Sawicki. Don Sakers, Steve Sawicki

Intermediate Chainmail — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Liked the "Making Chainmail" workshop? In this workshop you'll be making more complex designs. A sign-up sheet will be located at the Program Nexus. This workshop is limited to 10 people. Materials fee: $5 per participant. Liz Cademy Pfeffer

Sunday 7:00 PM

2010: Our Hideous Future — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Last summer's cult cyberpunk musical comedy comes to Arisia. A.D. 2010, New Malden: a time of techno-studded blecchiness. Lonely human freedom fighter Kate Brick plans a last stand against the oppressive Artas, artificial life forms who control humankind through torture, brainwashing, and Facebook. But judging by the complacence of her lover Dehnise Compuserve and the general apathy of her fellow humans, it may be too late. Cara Chiaramonte, Kay Coughlin, Carl Danielson (m), John Deschene, Kamela Donlinova, Katie Drexel, Andy Hicks, Tim Hoover, Emma Lathan, Ginger Lazarus, Julia Lunetta, Emilie Nims, Briavael O'Reilly, Lisa Sturgeon, Emily Taradash, William Todisco, Jesse Viator

Psyche Corp—Solo Concert — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

The lead singer of Psyche Corp goes solo, playing her cyberpunk trip-hop darkwave music. Psyche Corporation, Mary Goodman, Heather MacNeill, Renee Staffeld

Terry Pratchett "Shaking Hands with Death" — 7:05 PM, 50min — Webster (2)

Lecture by Terry Pratchett to the Society of Royal Physicians about his choice to confront Death at a time and place of his choosing. With Tony Robinson as the Stunt Pratchett. PG-13.

Sunday 8:00 PM

Negotiation and BDSM — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Consent is sexy. Hard limits? Soft limits? Curious about? Finding a new play partner can be very exciting, but before you get to the fun come get some ideas for how to best negotiate that scene. Learn some skills on how to talk to your partner about what your fantasies might be—and what boundaries not to cross. Darkteddybear, Ed Fuqua, Bendy Yoga Girl, Sarah Goodman, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m)

How to Write a Comic — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

How do you turn a blank page into a vibrant grid chock-full of adventure? How do you write a script for an artist to interpret? How do you get from introduction to climax in 22 pages (or 3 panels)? Alexander C. Danner, Shaenon Garrity, Steve Kanaras (m), Everett Soares, Dirk Tiede

Reading—Garmendia, Roho, Toole — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Jaime Garmendia, Roho, and Mike Toole will be reading selections from their works. Jaime Garmendia, Roho, Mike Toole

Seanan McGuire Talks With Catherynne Valente — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Seanan McGuire and Catherynne M. Valente bring their popular Q & A show to Arisia! It's like "An Evening With Kevin Smith", with twice the fantasy authors and ten times the random literary references. You bring the questions and these authors of fantasy and horror will bring their wit and banter for this off-the-cuff, take-no-prisoners monster of spec fic punk rock snarkapalooza. Warning: will contain adult language, adult concepts, concepts, language, and very odd people. Seanan McGuire, Catherynne M. Valente

Could You Be Simulated? — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

Could future technology simulate a human brain on a computer? Will we be able to back up our brains before engaging in dangerous activities? Could we already be part of a giant computer simulation, and should we act any differently if we are? Martha Adams, Wil Howitt, David Larochelle, Bruce Mackenzie, Ken Olum (m)

Ballads of the Supernatural — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Many traditional songs tell stories of the supernatural: ghosts, faeries, shape-changers, and so forth. Come listen or sing in this themed song circle. Greer Gilman (m), Jeff Keller, Mark A. Mandel, Sonya Taaffe, Susan Weiner

The Toucan Equations — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

Covering the latest NASA Jason/Topex data on sea level rise. The "Toucan Sea-Level equations" refer to the shape of two inequalities zeroing in on the upper and lower Sea-Level limits expected in the near future. The latest update on the equations is scheduled for January 15th, 2011. Come discuss the latest data and what it means for our environment. Tom Wysmuller

Children of the Night — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Vampires, shapeshifters, and zombies are as popular as ever. Why do we love them so much? Are we in danger of loving them too much? Fish Fishman, Israel Peskowitz, Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Visual Kei Party — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

A see-and-be-seen dress-up party with modern dance music. Katie Dumas, Mary Dumas (m), Renée Johnson, Pam "Izumi" Larson

Avatar: The Last Airbender — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

M. Night Shyamalan's live action version of "The Last Airbender" was one of the worst reviewed movies of the year, but fans flocked to it anyway. Was it any good? Did the controversial casting detract from the film or was it a non-issue? Are you anxiously awaiting a sequel or will it likely never be made? James T. Henderson Jr, Peter Maranci, Donna Martinez, Don Sakers (m), Samantha Yoo

Window To Paris (Okhno v'Parizh) — 1hr 27min — Otis (2)

In St. Petersburg in the early 1990s, right after the fall of the Soviet Union, some people in a communal apartment discover a wormhole in space that terminates in Paris. Visiting the west helps them see more of their own country. This beautifully-made comedy will be introduced by Andrey Fedorov, a Russian native, who will provide a little background to the film. In Russian with subtitles, in 35mm.

Running Great Games — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

How do you keep players engaged in a game? How do you manage different kinds of role-players and types of play? What about interruptions like roommates and smartphones? Share your secret techniques and best practices for running role-playing games (and other moderated games) that keep players coming back for more. Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Mike McPhail (m), Adam Nakama, Percival

SMOF 101: How to Become a SMOF — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

How does one become a Secret Master of Fandom? What is a Secret Master of Fandom? Is there a pass phrase? A special handshake? A minimum number of merit badges to earn? Come to this panel and find out what it takes be one of the ones running the show. Hugh Casey, Suford Lewis, Victor Raymond, Nicholas "phi" Shectman (m), René Walling

SMOF 220: The Virtual Con Comm — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

SMOFs often don't live near each other, but they still want to work together on a con. How do conventions function with some local and some remote members? What are the pitfalls and what are the success stories? Ellen Kranzer, Hillary Sherwood, JeffWarner (m)

Hirofumi Nishizaki's Space Battleship Yamato — 2hr — Stone (2)

Hirofumi Nishizaki established a company to produce music and visual works in 1972, and he then produced the Space Battleship Yamato television anime series in 1974. That space opera story launched a franchise that continued with several television series and a string of hit films.

Terry Pratchett's Going Postal — 3hr 15min — Webster (2)

Financial fraud, telecommunications, conspiracy, and magic on Discworld, in two parts with 4 minute intermission. Stay for the end credits. 2010, PG.

Goli in Concert — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom C (1W)

Vessela Stoyanova and Valerie Thompson are Goli, playing chamber music for the modern era. This duo of misfit classical musicians with an appetite for world music cut their teeth in rock bands, world folk ensembles, symphony orchestras, and the occasional free improv outlet. Vessela Stoyanova (m), Valerie Thompson

Art Auction — 2hr — Galleria—Art Program

Come bid on items from the Art Show that have received enough bids in the silent auction to send them to the voice auction.

Sunday 9:30 PM

Scening and Catharsis — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Many people think of BDSM as a simply a way to have a good time, but for some it's a way to learn about themselves and their partner. How can one achieve a cathartic experience through BDSM? Why do people do it? What are some of the potential pitfalls? 18+ Only. Ed Fuqua, Bendy Yoga Girl (m), Jennifer Williams, Percival

Bond. James Bond. — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

James Bond is one of the most identifiable modern characters in English literature. The Bond movie franchise films are definitely SF. What makes Bond one of the most enduring characters around? Is he still relevant in a post-Cold War age? Randee Dawn Cohen, James Macdonald, Charlie Spickler, James A. Wolf (m), James Zavaglia

The Singularity: Threat or Menace? — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

The singularity is possibly the most interesting single idea to come out of SF and yet it also may pose a challenge that SF is incapable of overcoming—for if there is a singularity in our future, then how can we hope to write about it? How can we ever hope to set a story in a world which is, by definition, incomprehensible? How can SF stories cope with it? Or should they just ignore it and move on? Christopher Davis (m), Andrea Hairston, Sarah Smith, Mark L. Van Name, JeffWarner

The City and Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

From the planet-spanning urbs of Trantor or Coruscant to the steampunk precincts of New Crobuzon, what's your favorite SF megalopolis? Would you move there tomorrow? Would it actually work as a technological/societal/economic artifact? In an advanced, post-scarcity society, would people even want to pig-pile together? What will cities be like in the future? And what would you prefer them to be? Robert Davies, Toni Lay, Adam Lipkin (m), Shira Lipkin, Meredith Schwartz

Your Fandom is OK! — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

It's important to remember that just because you don't like a particular fandom, you don't have the right to put down those who do. We're looking at you, Twilight haters! Everyone's fandom is OK! In this panel, we'll discuss why this is true, and what we can do to encourage better understanding among all members of fandom. Jill Eastlake, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Paul Fest, Shana Fuqua (m)

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom. Ellen Kranzer (m), Gary McGath

Introducing Max Headroom — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

It was a landmark TV series that was arguably ahead of its time. Now available on DVD, has it held up? Is "Max Headroom" still relevant today and what do newcomers have to know to "get it?" Martha Adams, Stephanie Clarkson, Garen Daly, Santiago Rivas, Don Sakers (m)

Miniatures in Gaming: Painting Tips & Techniques — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Panelist discuss their own techniques for miniature painting; exchanging tips and tricks with other miniatures enthusiasts. Includes discussion of priming, reducing flash, and shading. Alex Feinman (m), Steven Hammond, Jonathan Woodward

Heinlein in the Bedroom — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Talk to any five geeks about sexuality and one is bound to mention how Heinlein affected their thoughts, especially in terms of polyamory, gender, and sexual orientation. To some, he was a prophet—opening new doors and wonderful new ways of experiencing sexuality. To others, his works are damaging, painting a sexist image of sexual freedom and causing more problems than solving them. Does it change our view if we examine his work through our modern lens, or that of the time in which he wrote? Howard Beatman, Calliope, Darkteddybear (m), Karl G. Heinemann, Mike Schneider

It's an Online Life For Us! — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

As MMORPGs and other online worlds such as SecondLife become more popular, they present a unique set of challenges and opportunities. How has the incredible growth in these areas positively and negatively affected the "real world"? Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Tony Finan, Fish Fishman

Divination in Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Divination takes a fundamentally random process (the fall of playing cards, the position of tea leaves) and regards it as fated and meaningful, and hence indicative of the future. What are the motivations of authors who use divinatory systems in their fiction? What do such works end up saying about causality? It's possible to borrow an existing system or invent your own; what are the rationales for doing one or the other? Greer Gilman, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Nisi Shawl (m), Tchipakkan, Catherynne M. Valente

Sunday 10:00 PM

8-Bit/Demoscene Dance — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Come dance to classic console and PC game music, remixes, original chiptunes, and both old and new, MODs and more from the demoscene. This event was put together by the organizers of @party, a local demoparty (small computer art festival)—Check out to find out more. Valerie Grimm, Michael Piantedosi

American Enterprise: Land — 30min — Otis (2)

After the cancellation of the original "Star Trek" series, actors like William Shatner were thrown out into the streets. Unemployed with no way to support himself other than a few million dollars in residuals, what was a skilled tragedian to do? Why, narrate cheaply-made educational shorts, of course. Shatner explains how the growth of America was shaped by the land we live on, in this short that is not on his official resume. In 16mm.

Yaoi Anime (Homoerotica) — 4hr — Stone (2)

Yaoi anime is particularly aimed at women who find boy-love and M/m romance appealing. There are certainly sexual situations, some humorous, some romantic, some weird, in this selection of anime films. Feature Presentation: Ai No Kusabi—The End. If you have been reading the yaoi novelization, and want to know how it ends (since the publisher has ended before the novels ended), this is your chance. An excellent SF storyline.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all ages) — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Dawn's in trouble, it must be Tuesday. Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies are on the heels of peril once again when a seemingly innocent invocation goes terribly awry. Through song and dance they spill their deepest secrets and face their greatest fears. Yet when the battle's done, they are left wondering, "Where do we go from here?" Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Eric Carter, Patrick Connelly, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Jen Flis, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, arthur laurie, Ted Lynch, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, J. Chris Quint, Roy Rossi, Joye Thaller, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Sunday 11:00 PM

The Autism Spectrum — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

A discussion on the autism spectrum and its associated disorders, including autism and Asperger's syndrome. Panelists will separate fact from fiction, denoting accurate or inaccurate portrayals of people affected by autism spectrum disorder in popular media. Lauren P. Burka, Stuart Ferguson, Justine Graykin, Aimee Yermish (m)

The Modern Pagan — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Modern pagans come in lots of shapes and sizes. From Wiccans to Asatruar, there is a wide array of difference among modern pagans, but quite a bit of similarity as well. At this panel, we'll talk about the different types of pagans in today's world. Jessica Belisle, Adrianne Brennan, Sean Kane (m), Joan Ruland Donnelly, Tchipakkan

SF as the Literature of Things — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

The works of Gibson, Doctorow, and Sterling, among others, posit that the future will be built bottom-up rather than top-down; that progress derives not from the implementation of ideas but rather from the accumulation of technological change. Character in these works is a product of our interaction with things, things produced as fast as we can. Is this ultimately just an interesting sub-genre, or might (or should) the field itself be morphing in this direction? Adam Lipkin (m), John G. McDaid, Andrew Van Zandt

Invisible Fangirls — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Women have always been part of science fiction—as readers, fans, and authors (and artists and editors as well). However, when conventions and geeks get coverage, the women and girls are often absent or only pointed out so that the reporter can be shocked they are there at all. Why is there still the perception that science fiction, conventions, gaming, and comics are still (or have always been) exclusively a boys' club? Michelle D'Entremont, Paula Lieberman (m), Marlie Philiossaint

Privacy in the Blogosphere — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

The Internet has opened up remarkable doors—it allows us to find old friends with a simple search or spread news to hundreds with a single post. But the warnings abound: Don't link your LiveJournal to your Facebook. Don't post about when you'll be out of town. Don't mention your kids by name or post their pictures. How seriously do you need to take these warnings, and how do you communicate the things that matter to you without putting your friends, family, and yourself at risk? Melissa Kaplan, David Larochelle (m), Shava Nerad, Steve Sawicki

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont. — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Even more music! Kate Farb-Johnson

Podcast: The Panel — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Podcasts have rapidly evolved from curiosities to essential parts of a balanced media diet. Your panelists—accomplished audio and video podcasters—will describe ways to produce your own syndicated online media, promote it, and field discussion of the best podcasts out there as examples of how it's done right. Michael Bonet, Patrick Delahanty, Mitchell Morris (m), James Turner

Costume Weathering — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Sometimes it's important for your character to look dirty to be convincing. Come learn some techniques for making your costumes looked appropriately worn, weathered or battle-damaged. Solveig Pflueger, Nightwing Whitehead (m)

The Terrornauts: Extra-Bad Film — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)

This early British SF film starts with a screenplay by John Brunner adapted from a Murray Leinster story, but then it goes all wrong. We have the stereotypical professor and his beautiful daughter, the tea lady, and the rest of the crew at a telescope who find themselves taken on board an alien space ship where they have to save the world. The effects are just as bad as the character development. This film is presented in conjunction with the Institute For Very Bad Cinema. In 16mm.

Eye of Argon Reading — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

The worst science fiction story ever written gets a reading by our brave panel as they compete to go the longest without tripping over a misspelled word or laughing uncontrollably. Audience members are also encouraged to take a chance. Can you keep a straight face, especially when the panel begins acting out the story? Susan de Guardiola, Marty Gear, Walter Hunt (m), Hildy Silverman, Michael A. Ventrella

Non-Genre Books for Fans — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

The literary world does not end at the borders of science fiction and fantasy. For example, many genre authors also work in mainstream fiction. Mainstream classics such as 1984, Brave New World, and The Handmaid's Tale depend on genre themes and ideas, but what about truly mainstream books that are nonetheless a great read? The panel will recommend non-genre books that fans might love, and will take suggestions from the audience. Sandra Hutchinson, Tim Lieder, Meredith Schwartz, David Sklar (m), Eric M. Van

BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Paddles and whips and floggers, oh my! What ever happened to the simplicity of a good old-fashioned spanking? From clothespins to dragontails, there are lots of ways to hurt the people you love most, and do it safely. Unfortunately, we can't show you how to do it in Massachusetts, but we can talk about it! 18+ only. Darkteddybear, Princess Kali (m), Mycroft, Mike Schneider, Bey Woodward

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is a musical satire depicting one man's struggle to change the state of society, prove his worth to his peers and win his true love's heart. While mocking today's internet craze, Dr. Horrible is more comic than tragic. Onstage, the Teseracte Players of Boston will bring these characters and their story to life. A seeming reality drawing the audience in as if it were their own experience. Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Eric Carter, Patrick Connelly, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Jen Flis, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, arthur laurie, Ted Lynch, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, J. Chris Quint, Roy Rossi, Joye Thaller, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Edison & Leo — 11:15 PM, 1hr 20min — Webster (2)

Steampunk mad scientist in the wilderness of Canada. Claymation violence, sexual references. 2008, PG-13.

Monday 12:00 AM

Commentary! the Musical — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

Joss Whedon's secret hit wonder Commentary! is a zany spoof on all things commercial in the production world. Disguised as a commentary track to Dr. Horrible, Commentary! the Musical offers "fascinating insights" and a knee-slap look at the people behind your favorite Whedon productions. The Teseracte Players are the only cast in the world to have performed this, and have developed an all-original aesthetic to this unique piece. It's something you just have to see. Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Eric Carter, Patrick Connelly, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Jen Flis, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, arthur laurie, Ted Lynch, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, J. Chris Quint, Roy Rossi, Joye Thaller, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Monday 12:30 AM

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)

Open Filk descends into chaos. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Fun With Rope — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about BDSM is rope. Come learn about rope bondage, from basic knots to some of those pretty harnesses you've seen around. No previous experience necessary! You don't even need a partner. 18+ Only. John Bacon, Mycroft, Sparr, Percival (m)

Cargo — 12:35 AM, 1hr 52min — Webster (2)

Swiss film manages to be simultaneously epic and personal. Interstellar ship thriller. 2009, IMDB 6.2, subtitled, R.

Monday 1:00 AM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (adults only) — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)

All the plot of the original with twice the gratuity! The Teseracte players are stepping outside of all the boxes and bringing you Buffy like you've always wanted her, on her back! Make sure to leave the kids behind for this one, no one under 18 admitted. Kevin Benoit, Nick Bento, Eric Carter, Patrick Connelly, Kelly Davis, Becca Driver, Jen Flis, Lauren Gray, Nikki Hanscom, Stephen Holmes, Mike Kitchenman, Amy Lake, arthur laurie, Ted Lynch, Glenn MacWilliams, Sasha Madore, Derek Marchetti, Ray Mitchel, James Mobius, J. Chris Quint, Roy Rossi, Joye Thaller, A. J. Watts, Ella Willyard, Mimi Diedrich Wu, Kevin Wynott, Amy Yampanis, Keith Yampanis

Monday 2:20 AM

Dead Space: Downfall — 1hr 14min — Webster (2)

Violent animation based on the game. 2008, R.

Monday 3:35 AM

Astropia — 1hr 33min — Webster (2)

Comedy/Fantasy—A troubled Icelandic woman finds refuge in a comic book shop. 2007, subtitled, PG.

Monday 5:10 AM

Ultraman 2010 — 1hr 36min — Webster (2)

Full title: "Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire". This is our light! Subtitled, PG.

Monday 6:45 AM

Ondine — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)

The story of an Irish fisherman who discovers a woman in his fishing net who he believes to be a mermaid. 2009, PG-13.

Monday 8:15 AM

The Secret of Moonacre — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)

British fantasy starring Dakota Blue Richards, who must overcome her family's pride in order to unearth the secrets of the past before the 5000th moon rises and Moonacre disappears into the sea forever. 2008, PG.

Monday 9:00 AM

Audience Choice Film — 2hr — Otis (2)

We will run any of the films listed for this weekend. You must arrive at 9 AM in order to cast your vote. Film will begin promptly at 9:15 after setup and preparation.

Anime Morning — 3hr — Stone (2)

Anime for all ages. From the old standards to some of the newest silliness.

Last Night on Earth — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom AB (1W)

Last Night on Earth is a fast-paced game of brain-eating Zombies, small town Heroes, and horror movie action. Players take on the role of either the Heroes, working together to make it through the night; or the Zombies, unending waves of undead spreading over the town like a plague. Steven Hammond

Monday 9:30 AM

Dick Tracy's Watch — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Do you remember Dick Tracy's wristwatch? That amazing thing could be used to contact the Commissioner and you could see the guy right there in the watch face. Do you remember the Star Trek communicator? They'd flip open the little device and you were connected with anyone you needed. What has become of these science fictions? Well, now they're science fact. A discussion of what were once, and still are, dreams of SF authors, and what became reality. David Camacho, Vonnie Carts-Powell, Christopher Davis (m), James T. Henderson Jr, Tom Murphy

Reading—Oakes, Ronald — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Rita Oakes and Margaret Ronald will read selections from their works. Rita Oakes, Margaret Ronald

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

Statistics are held to have a great deal of value for various purposes, but how reliable are they? How can they be skewed to show what a certain group wants? Exactly how big a grain of salt should we be taking with it all? Come listen to our panelists separate the facts from the fiction about statistics and how they are portrayed in the popular media. Dawn Albright, Thomas A. Amoroso, Amy Chused (m), Steven Hirsch, Eric M. Van

Mad Scientists — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

The Mad Scientist is a well known and popular literary trope. Examples abound from all types of literature and media: Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Herbert West, Dr. Octopus, The Brain, and—one of the newest to enter the esteemed clan of dastardly villains—Dr. Horrible. What are the origins of this character type? What makes them so interesting and memorable? What makes a "good" mad scientist? Martha Adams, Mark L. Amidon, Mario Di Giacomo (m), John Monahan, Stephen R. Wilk

Online Privacy for Kids — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Can you Google your child's name? Does your child have a FaceBook account? Are you sure? Just how much of an online presence should a child have? And at what ages? And what responsibilities do parents and other adults have in protecting that privacy? W. "Ian" Blanton, Josephine Monreal, Alan Wexelblat (m)

Game Time! Board Games! — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 1 (3E)

Come bring your favorite board games to play with others!

Braiding for Bracelets & Other Works of Art — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

Learn different ways to create braided works of art to give to your friends, families, or just to keep for yourself. Loren Damewood, Joy McCarthy (m)

Swordsmanship 3 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Swordsmanship for kids. Must sign up in advance. Stuart Ferguson

Monday Morning Movie Time — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)

Come and relax with us for a showing of "Five Children & It" (Henson Muppet production of a British Fantasy).

Forgotten Favorites of SF/F Literature — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

There are a number of golden-age authors whose works are sadly neglected. Frederic Brown, C.M. Kornbluth, C.L. Moore, and others are counted among this list. What about Rudyard Kipling and his influence on the genre and Heinlein in particular? Come share your favorites and hear about others. Thomas Boutilier, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Peter Maranci, Don Sakers

A Fannish Guide to Boston — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Boston is a great place to be a geek! Museums, colleges, and gaming stores are everywhere! In this panel, we'll talk about the resources, events, and destinations that every fan in the Hub should know about. Jaime Garmendia, Little Mel (m), Daniel Miller, Sean Sullivan, Carsten Turner

The Myth of Fannish Tolerance — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

Fans like to think we welcome all newcomers but, like any tribe, we divide the world into "us" and "them." Where do we fall short on tolerance? How can we as fans make our community a more open and accepting space? Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Donna Martinez, Mark Waks, Michelle Wexelblat

Napoleon & the Dragons: The Temeraire Series — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

Discuss the Temeraire books, a series of alternate history/fantasy novels of the Napoleonic Wars in which dragons are abundant and used in aerial combat. The first book, Her Majesty's Dragon, was a Compton Crook Award winner and Hugo Award nominee. Director Peter Jackson has picked up the film rights. Sandra Hutchinson, Marlie Philiossaint, Sarah Smith

Autograph—McGuire, Valente — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Seanan McGuire and Catherynne M. Valente. Seanan McGuire, Catherynne M. Valente

Harry Potter Handcraft — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Many fandoms have items that fans seek to recreate, but the Harry Potter series in particular seems full of handworked items. From Mrs. Weasley's jumpers to Hagrid's "yellow tent", let's talk about the blankets, scarves, sweaters, bags, hats, and more seen in the movies and books. Emily Coombs, James Hinsey (m)

Monday 10:00 AM

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus — 2hr — Webster (2)

Heath Ledger's last performance in a Terry Gilliam fantasy. A traveling theater company gives its audience much more than they were expecting. 2009, PG-13.

Monday 11:00 AM

A Fistful of Retcons — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

The retcon: A device for rewriting the history of a narrative. Though not used exclusively by comics, retcons seem to be more prevalent in that field. How many characters have been killed only to be brought back, or had the origin of their abilities changed? Marvel's Spiderman is just one example. Does the retcon ultimately help or hurt the story? Considering the episodic nature of comics, is it possible to ever truly be free of the retcon? E. J. Barnes, Ed Fuqua, Donna Martinez (m), Daniel Miller, Mark Waks

Nikolai Tesla: The Man and the Myth — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

The genius "mad scientist" inventor and electrical engineer who brought us alternating current, powerful 3-phase electrical motors, dazzling lightning shows with his Tesla coil, and even a particle beam weapon. Come hear about Nikola Tesla, his life, and his inventions. Mario Di Giacomo, Jeff Hecht, John Monahan (m), Percival

Reading—Ackley-McPhail, Sakers — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Authors Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Don Sakers read selections from their works. Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Don Sakers

Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

It is no secret that a large portion of fans overlap with the alternative lifestyle community. Why do so many fans identify as kinky or poly or queer? Why are there kink panels at a science fiction con? And as Arisia moves into a larger hotel, can we be sure to accommodate and embrace all that is a fan interest, while making everyone feel welcome? Aimee Bouchard, Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Darkteddybear, Melissa Kaplan, Michael Whitehouse

Political Climates: Reflections in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

How much does the political climate of the time influence the content of genre works? The Reagan and Thatcher administrations had the birth of cyberpunk and a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" was obviously a product of the 1960s counterculture. Does the literature always reflect the politics of the time? Is it required to do so? Calliope, Justine Graykin, Tim Lieder (m), Ian Randal Strock, James Zavaglia

The Care and Feeding of the Young Fan — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

Raising a young fan has complications you won't see in any sitcom. For one thing, non-fan relatives are likely to look at you askance. Come join our panel as we discuss fen-rearing tips and techniques. W. "Ian" Blanton, Katie Dumas, Rick Silva (m), Elayna Jade Smolowitz, René Walling

Fantasy/SF Anime/Manga You Should See — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

Panelists list and describe SF/Fantasy-related anime that they recommend, then open the floor for your recommendations and questions. David Lee, Mimi Noyes, Richard Ralston, Jennifer Yoo, Samantha Yoo (m)

Puppet Making Workshop — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)

We'll provide the materials, you provide the imagination! Dawn Albright, Jennifer Hunter, Mitchell Morris (m)

DS's in the Corner — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)

Feeling overwhelmed and just want some space to play your DS? Here is a time and space set aside for just such an event.

Instrumental Jam with Dancing — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II-III (3E)

Musicians, come jam! Everyone else, come dance along! A space for participatory music and having a fun time. Penny Messier, Kristen Morris, Benjamin Newman, Jill Singer, Susan Weiner (m)

Wigs for Costuming — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

To achieve the best look possible, getting the right hair is a must. Wigs are great option, especially when characters have crazy colors and styles. Learn styling tips and the best places to buy wigs. Little Mel, Elizabeth O'Malley (m)

Upbeat and Downbeat in YA Fiction — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Dark and downbeat endings have become fashionable in YA fiction, even to the point where they have been questioned as a fad gone too far. Is the tone and resolution of a work of YA fiction actually more important than in adult fiction, because the readers' worldview is still being shaped? Do young readers have a different tolerance for or reaction to downbeat endings than adults? Do they need to be forcibly exposed to the cruel realities of the world, shielded from them, or gently inoculated? Steve Berman, Stephanie Clarkson, Adam Lipkin (m), Sarah Smith

The Object in the Story, the Story in the Object — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

There is more to a story than just the narrative. Many artists contain stories in their work and many writers have art contained in their stories. This is a chance for visual artists and writers to meet and see where their crafts cross. Greer Gilman, David Sklar (m), Catherynne M. Valente

Sexual Harassment and Assault in Fandom — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

In the last few years, multiple problems have arisen at conventions around the country that are troubling for many. Sexual harassment is not just about someone trying to grope a woman in a skimpy barbarian costume. It's about being able to say "no" and have it respected, a willingness to back someone up if they need it, and the ability to recognize when they don't. How can we all contribute to making conventions free of harassment? Woodrow Hill, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Shira Lipkin (m), Michelle Wexelblat

Not Available in Stores: Out of Print Books — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Art Program

Many genre classics are now out of print, while the shelves of mainstream bookstores are overflowing with copies of Harry Potter and Twilight. Newcomers to the field may never become aware of the earlier science fiction and fantasy authors while avidly buying up new books—many of which re-use concepts first developed by those now out-of-print authors. The panel will discuss classic and near-classic genre books that are out of print, but well worth seeking out. Thomas Boutilier, Liz Cademy Pfeffer, Patricia M. Cryan (m), Peter Maranci, Eric M. Van

Autograph—Davies, Shawl — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with Robert Davies and Nisi Shawl. Robert Davies, Nisi Shawl

Learn to Knit / Stitch 'n' Bitch — 2hr 45min — Galleria—Crafty Space

Whether you've never touched needles in your life, brought a project to work on at con, or just want to talk about what you have in progress at home, you're welcome to join us. There will be free needles and yarn for newcomers to learn on and take home. All fiber crafts welcome! Anna R. Bradley, Julia Suggs (m)

Monday 12:00 PM

Ink — 1hr 50min — Webster (2)

As the light fades and the city goes to sleep, two forces emerge. They are invisible except for the power they exert over us in our sleep, battling for our souls through dreams. 2009, R.

Monday 12:30 PM

Post-Antibiotic SF — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)

Evolution is most easily seen in the way microbes adapt to antibiotics in their environment. Is this the next apocalypse, or merely a difficult hurdle for humanity? What are the key works of medical science fiction What are they warning us about? What hopes do they offer? And are there any jeremiads we dare not ignore? Thomas A. Amoroso, Amy Chused, Justine Graykin (m), Seanan McGuire, Sarah Smith

The Ten Days That Shook the World — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

The comics industry changed virtually overnight when Marvel was bought by Disney—and then Warner Brothers realized they owned a comic book company and made some changes of their own. Has this been good or bad for comics in the past year? What can we expect to come to see in the future from The House of Mouse and the WB marketing machine? Ed Fuqua, Ken Gale, Jaime Garmendia (m), Donna Martinez

Reading—Van Name, Ventrella — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Author Mark L. Van Name and Michael Ventrella will be reading selections from their works. Mark L. Van Name, Michael A. Ventrella

Non-Fiction Comics: Telling Truth With Pictures — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

From memoir to biography, from true science to history, there are dozens of great comics out there that have little in common with the spandex-clad set. What do these stories strive to share? Are comics a good medium for non-fiction? What can't you do with pictures and words? E. J. Barnes, Alexander C. Danner, Steve Kanaras, David Marshall (m), Daniel Miller

Getting Geeky about Religion — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

While many geeks identify as atheist, agnostic, or non-religious, there are many others who have very strong and developed faiths both in and out of the mainstream religious culture. Panelists will discuss their spirituality and how it intersects with their fandom. Michelle D'Entremont, William Freedman, Sandra Hutchinson (m), James Jones, Daniel M. Kimmel, Bonnie Barlow Turner

Housekeeping for Nerds — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)

You may be easily distracted (ooh, shiny!) or quickly bored, but at some point you will want to show off your place to a girl, boy, your parents, or maybe a new guild member. Come discuss tips and tricks for having and maintaining livable space by creating organizing and housekeeping systems that will keep your house from smelling like feet, without cutting into your WoW time too much. Calliope (m), Michelle Driscoll, Shana Fuqua, Jennifer Hunter, David Larochelle

25 Things I Learned From SF — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

How much of what you know did you get from science fiction? Chromatophores and Kuiper belts, tesseracts and teratogens—what Newton dreamt and how anarchy might work—we've all received uncountable infodumps. What are your favorites? How has science fiction shaped your life, your worldview, and the cool stuff you spout at parties? Howard Beatman, Patricia M. Cryan, Christopher Davis (m), Terry Franklin

Costume and Costuming Space — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

Creating an organized sewing space for creating costumes and storage space to hold completed costumes is important for all costumers. Panelists will discuss how they store and care for their costumes, as well as the areas used to makes their creations. Dawn Albright, Elizabeth O'Malley

The Moral Ambiguities of Albus Dumbledore — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

Dumbledore seems aware of everything happening at Hogwarts—unless it's Harry getting into trouble. Presented as a keen judge of character, he nevertheless manages to bring Quirrell on as a teacher. Behind the twinkle in his eye and his professed belief in the power of love, he manipulates Harry and his friends, among others, and withholds information at his whim. Are Dumbledore's inconsistencies just a plot device? Or does Rowling have a message to impart? Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Adam Lipkin (m), Israel Peskowitz, Ian Randal Strock

Self-Publishing 101 — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

What resources are out there for the first time self-publisher? Which ones are good and which are to be avoided? Our panelists provide a walk-through on publishing your own work. Ethan Gilsdorf, Gordon Linzner, Little Mel, Don Sakers, Charlie Spickler (m)

Genius Loci: Setting and Story — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

How do the vast arc of the Ringworld, the snug hills of the Shire, and the treeless plazas of Trantor shape their stories' characters and events? Does local color bewitch or bore the reader? Are real places easier to evoke than imaginary ones? What SF/F/H settings do you find unforgettable? Vikki Ciaffone, Robert Davies, Greer Gilman, Shira Lipkin (m)

Autograph—Monahan, Oakes — 1hr 15min — Galleria—Autograph Space

Autograph session with John Monahan and Rita Oakes. John Monahan, Rita Oakes

Monday 1:00 PM

Zitzow Book and Magazine Auction — 2hr — Galleria—Art Program

Sale of a lifetime's collection of SF books and magazines by auction at Arisia. Includes autographed books and Analog and Fantasy & SF magazines from '40s—'80s.

Monday 2:00 PM

Other Cons: What Else is Out There? — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)

Many of us know that there is more than just Arisia in the New England area for fans of Science Fiction—Boskone, Readercon, Anime Boston and NEFE—but what about elsewhere? Godzilla fans may be interested in G-Fest in Chicago. Or if Doctor Who is your preoccupation, then Gallifrey in Los Angeles may be more to your tastes. Then there's Balticon, Otakon, and Shore Leave in Maryland to consider. All fans are welcome to come and talk about the various cons they've attended. Patrick Delahanty, Ellen Kranzer, Mimi Noyes, Rick Silva, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

Convention Feedback 4 — 1hr 15min — Hale (3W)

Tell us what went right or wrong, and make suggestions for next year. Paul Aldred, Lisa Holsberg, Crystal Huff (m), Richard Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, James Pinkerton, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Michael Sprague

Don't Touch It! It's Evil! Time Bandits at 30 — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)

How does a film about time-travelling dwarves, a map of the universe and a technophilic embodiment of evil stay so popular? One of Terry Gilliam's first non-Monty Python films explores classic myths, philosophy, and what Napoleon kept up his sleeve. Come discuss a long-time cult favorite among fans and non-fans alike. Cheryl Braverman, Daniel Miller (m), Michael A. Ventrella

Making Your Own Games — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)

From home-brewed versions of Apples to Apples and Risk variants to creating your own game from scratch, how is it done? The panel will discuss the making of your own tabletop games and the online sites that can help you bring together a package that looks professionally produced. Kristen Morris, Mitchell Morris (m), Sean Sullivan

Dead Dog Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)

One last chance to sing, play, or listen to some filk music.

How Fabric Works — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)

What makes some fabric flow while others are stiff? What are the different weaves and fibers? What is the difference between the right and wrong side? Learn how to pick the best fabric for your costume and how to best use it. Ann Catelli, Dr. Jason Schneiderman, Nightwing Whitehead (m)

The Future of Etiquette — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)

From online social networking tools, to the rise of cellphones, to the invention of freestanding chat software like ICQ, a variety of technological changes have affected the way we interact with one another. The social expectations that result have also changed, whether we interact virtually or in "meatspace." How has Internet culture changed etiquette? Has it been positive or negative? What are the implications of current technologies for the future of etiquette? Christopher Davis (m), David Larochelle, Mistress Simone, Mark Waks, Michael Whitehouse

Age and Treachery: The Older Fan — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)

How does growing older impact one's experiences as a member of fandom? How do our experiences color how we enjoy the ideas, the stories, and the media? Did we think, a decade (or three) ago, we'd still be going to conventions and seeing the same friends? Are we worried about the future of fandom? Martha Adams, Hugh Casey (m), Sandra Hutchinson, Marlin May, Steve Sawicki

Repo!—The Next Great Cult Film — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is following in the footsteps of Rocky Horror. Shadowcasts are appearing all over the country, with hordes of dedicated fans turning out for every showing. Some people say it's "too good" to be turned into the next Rocky, but obviously lots of others feel differently. How did this film capture the hearts and minds of geeks? Pam "Izumi" Larson, Glenn MacWilliams, Little Mel, Misty Pendragon (m)

Bi, Poly, Kinky, Pagan, Gamer Geeks — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)

These communities intersect so much there is even an LJ community all about it. Why are there so many overlapping interests in fandom? How does each community strengthen the others? How do your different interests intersect with one another? And how do you do cope if you only fit in some of those communities, but not all? blee, Lawrence Nelson, Ian Cooper Rose (m), Meredith Schwartz, Percival