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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention

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Printer-friendly versionIf you've got questions or need more information about Arisia 2011, or about Arisia, Inc. (the volunteer-run corporation that presents Arisia), or about anything else Arisia-related, we want to hear from you!
  • For Arisia corporate business, please see this page.
  • To comment about the website itself, write to [email protected].
  • The Arisia LiveJournal community--a good place to post questions, look for someone to share a room, or chat with other Arisians, is here: Arisia on LJ.
  • Our Postal address is:
    Arisia, Inc.
    PO Box 391596
    Cambridge, MA 02139

For general questions about Arisia, [email protected] is a good place to start.

For specific questions, try asking one of the people below.

General Information[email protected]
Accessibility[email protected]
Advertising in the Souvenir Book[email protected]
ArisiaTV[email protected]
Art Show[email protected]
Childcare[email protected]
Coat Check[email protected]
ConChair[email protected]
Change of Address[email protected]
Dealers[email protected]
Events[email protected]
Kids' Programs[email protected]
Filking[email protected]
Gaming[email protected]
Hotel Liaison[email protected]
Masquerade[email protected]
Parties[email protected]
Press Liaison[email protected]
Programming[email protected]
Publications[email protected]
Registration[email protected]
Student Art Contest[email protected]
Volunteering[email protected]

If you'd like to see who might answer your questions, take a look at our org chart.