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Arisia 2011 Brainstorming List is Now Open

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From Mike, the Brainstorm list moderator:

Welcome to the Brainstorm mailing list for Arisia 2011.
Sign up:

This list is for the submission and discussion of Programming and Event ideas for the upcoming Arisia convention. To submit an idea we will be using the following format:

Send email to: brainstorm at

Subject: Title of panel/event/lecture/item
Body of email: One paragraph description of item. Four to five sentences is fine but you can go a little longer if you want.

A few rules for the list:

1) Keep things civil.
2) Keep it to one item per email.
3) If you trouble with sending to or receiving emails from the list or have questions/concerns about it or Programming in general, email [email protected].
4) Submitting an idea does not guarantee you a slot on the panel/event item. Ultimately, the final say on who is on a programming/event item is up the Track Managers and Division Heads of the area in question. That said, if you want to be considered for the a seat on the item, help organize it, or be the sole presenter of it please indicate this to us when submitting your idea. Additionally, if you'd like to suggest other people for the item feel free to do so.

Note: This is a moderated list.

-Mike, your Arisia Brainstorm list moderator.