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Arisia 2011 Participant Schedule is Open

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Schedules for Arisia 2011 are now viewable to program participants.

In addition you will also be able to see the email addresses of participants with which you share a Programming item to help facilitate communication between participants prior to the convention.

To find out your schedule:
1) Log in to our Programming website here:
2) Click the My Schedule tab.

Participants will be able to log in with their Badge ID provided in previous emails and their password. If you have trouble logging in, please let us know.

This is a preliminary schedule and we can make changes to it. These changes will mainly be based on your feedback and any schedule changes, additions, and cancellations which may occur between now and the convention. As always we make an effort to match participants with panels that interest them. In some cases this was not possible due to various reasons. These reasons can include things such as a panel not garnering sufficient interest to run or the panel in question being scheduled outside a participant’s stated times of availability.

In some cases a participant may be appear double-booked. If a participant indicated the same or similar preference rankings to two different panels scheduled at the same time we have let it stand so that the participant can choose which item they prefer to be on. Similarly, a participant may be booked for more panels than they listed as being available to attend at the convention. Again, we leave it up to the participant to make the final determination for their schedule.

If you feel your programming item will need technical equipment such as a laptop or DVD projector, speakers, DVD player etc. please let us know. The earlier we receive your request the better we are able to plan our distribution of equipment at con more effectively. Our Fast Track area still has openings for participants who want to run activities for our 6-12 year old attendees. If you have an idea for something you would like to run for Fast Track please email [email protected]

Please direct all questions or concerns regarding your schedule and any other Programming matters to: [email protected]