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Special Guest Seanan McGuire

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Arisia 2011 excitedly announces that Seanan McGuire has graciously agreed to be a Special Guest of the convention this year.

Seanan McGuire is an American author and filker. She was awarded the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer by the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention. This award was announced at Aussiecon 4 on September 5, 2010. As this award is in the form of a tiara and the award was presented in Australia, Seanan has blogged that this makes her "Officially the Princess of the Kingdom of Poison and Flame". In 2010, McGuire's novel FEED (written under the pseudonym Mira Grant) ranked #74 in an National Public Radio listener poll of the top 100 Thriller novels of all time. McGuire has won three Pegasus Awards and been nominated for 4 more.

Seanan will be participating in many things at Arisia this year, including the Breakfast Buffet with Special Guests event on Sunday. For more information on the buffet, please go to For more info on Seanan, please go to