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Access Services at Arisia

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Why is there tape on the floor?

This year we are trying something new at Arisia, making space for scooters and wheelchairs. We will be marking "Parking zones" in each panel room with blue or yellow tape that we would like everyone to help us keep clear for people who are using scooters or wheelchairs.

We will also have a sign up for seating for persons with disabilities at the Masquerade. If you have a mobility disability, or would like to take advantage of the ASL interpretation, please sign up at the help desk on Saturday by 6pm. The event will also have an FM transmitter for those who want a little "signal boost" for their FM hearing aids. Please see the Access Services page for more details.

As with previous years we will have a limited number of Braille and Large Print Pocket programs at the information desk- avaialble on a first come, first served basis. If you would prefer an electronic version, we will have .doc files of the souvenir book, the restaurant guide and the pocket program on USB drives at the information desk. We will also have a Braille restaurant guide, and copies of the menus for the Hotel Restaurants at the Information desk.

Access Services