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Dance at Arisia 2011!

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This year we large space for dancing; we've got a variety of dance related events.  Here are some examples of what we have planned:

Friday: Chris Lahey will be calling to live music for our Contra dance. The evening Drum Circle will lead right into ORDNANCE, playing aggressive, industrial dance music; this will lead directly into late night dancing, spun by DJ Pet.

Saturday: Social Dance 101 will cover the basics of couples dances, good for beginners or those looking to tune up. The evening will hold the The Time Lord's Ball, where time travelers of all walks are welcome to come mix, mingle and dance with their out of time fellows; late night will be the Weird Science Dance - where all misunderstood scientists, their minions, and creations are welcome to come and proudly get their freak on with DJ Johnny Zed.

Sunday: The History of Swing will cover the basics and many forms of this very popular and enduring social dance; the afternoon will hold a Renaissance Dance - dances will be called; garb-up and do it like they did it back then! Sunday evening will be the Visual Kei party - see and be seen while dancing in your glamorous threads! Covering the late night slot is the return of 8-Bit/Demoscene: shake it to danceable chiptunes and remixes from oldskool video game systems!