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Dealer FAQ

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Please read through this FAQ to find the URL for the Dealer application form.

At this time both Dealers Room and Dealers Row are SOLD OUT.

If you would like to be put on the WAITING LIST for Arisia '11, and on the mailing list to be notified when the application form opens for Arisia '12, please fill out the Dealer application form.

General Dealer Questions

1. When is Arisia?

January 14th - 17th, 2011. The convention starts Friday afternoon, and will finish Monday afternoon.

2. Where is Arisia?

The Westin Waterfront Hotel at 425 Summer Street, Boston MA 02210. The room rate is $130/night, plus taxes.

3. If I have questions, who do I talk to?

Your Dealers Liaisons this year are Amy Chused and Ed Trachtenberg. The best way to reach both of us is to send e-mail to [email protected].

4. Is there a Dealers Room this year?

YES! We have both a Dealers Room and a Dealers Row this year. We estimate there will be about 60 tables in the Room, and about 24 rooms in the Row.

5. May I share a room or a table with another vendor?

Absolutely. Discuss it with them ahead of time. You will need to mention them on your application form and they will need to mention you on their application form.

6. Tell me about the Dealers Room.

The Dealers Room is an area in a large exhibit space which is also near the Art Show, Artists Alley and Fan Tables. This area will be secured after hours, so that our dealers will be able to set up Thursday or Friday morning and tear down Monday afternoon, without having to do set up and tear down during the weekend.

The cost is $100/table. Each table is 6' by 30". Dealers who want more than two tables will have to provide justification for why they need extra tables, and they will be granted on a case-by-case basis. There will be space in the application form for this justification.

Please note: As the convention has moved to a larger area, the dealers room will be much larger than previously in terms of square footage. We are limiting the # of tables to be appropriate for our attendance, but for THIS YEAR ONLY we anticipate that there will be more depth than usual behind the tables. We will provide at least one power outlet per dealer, if you ask for it. If you need more than one, please bring power strips and/or extension cords.

The hotel does not have storage areas for boxes or crates, so packing materials will have to go under the table, or back to your vehicles.

The Dealers Room will be open for you to start moving in at 1pm on Thursday, and at 10am on Friday. All day Thursday, and between 10am and 5pm on Friday, people will only be able to get into the Dealers room if they have a Dealers Ribbon. You get your Dealers Ribbons from the Dealers Liaison at the convention.

    Proposed Dealers Room Hours are:

  • Friday 5pm-9pm
  • Saturday 9:30am - 6:30pm
  • Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm
  • Monday 9:30am - 2:30pm

    Many dealers like the Dealers Room for the following reasons:

  • Secure area, so you don't have to worry about your shop when the Dealers Room is closed.
  • Presence of other dealers in the same room, so you have a more social atmosphere and can ask a neighbor to watch your shop when you take a quick break.
  • Well defined hours to force you to do something other than vend in the evenings, such as enjoy the convention or have dinner with a friend or sleep.
  • High population density, since folks who want to shop know that there are many vendors in one area in the Dealers Room.

7. Tell me about the Dealers Row.

The Dealers Row is a floor of the hotel. Each dealer will rent a hotel room, and then vend out of the hotel room. This year, the Dealers Row will be anchored by the Con Suite and party rooms at the end of the hallway.

There are about 40 rooms on that floor, and we have allocated 16 of them to be Con Suite and party rooms, and 24 of them to be Dealers Rooms. About half the rooms are 330 sq. feet, and half the rooms are 394 sq feet (deeper, not wider). All the doubles and connecting rooms are 330 sq feet, while 2/3rds of the kings are 394 sq feet. There are roughly 17 kings, 7 doubles, and there are 3 pairs of connecting rooms, each of which is a double paired with a king.

    Many dealers like the Dealers Row for the following reasons:

  • They can set their own hours, so night owls can be open until the wee hours of the morning, to sell to other night owls.
  • They can close at any time merely by closing their door, so if they want to go out to lunch, or take in a panel, they can put a "back at time X" sign on their door and just go.
  • They are paying for a hotel room anyway, and want to take advantage of the greater space, while only paying the equivalent of one table's worth of dealers fee (ie, $100).
  • Bathrooms for changing rooms, if you want people to be able to try on clothes.
  • High population density, since lots of folks will have to walk by the room to get to the parties or the Con Suite.

Dealers Room Specific Questions

8. What is the lighting like in the Dealers Room?

The Dealers will have the window side of the large exhibition hall, so it will be better than the art show, but it's still not great. We're trying to get extra lighting, and as mentioned, we'll have at least one power drop per dealer in the Dealers Room. If you have readily transportable lights, it's probably not a bad idea to bring them along.

9. What is the power situation in the Dealers Room?

If you ask for it, we will make sure that your table has an outlet. If you need to plug in more than one item, please bring a power strip.

10. Can I get internet in the Dealers Room?

Yes. Wireless is available to everyone. I am not sure if it is free or charge, but since it's free in the lobby and guest rooms, we'll hope its free in the function space. Wired internet is $125/drop.

11. Can I load into the Dealers Room on Thursday?

Yes. We (the convention) will take possession of the room on Wednesday evening, and we will have security for the room overnight Thursday night. If you want to load in early, and miss the Friday rush, we would be delighted to have you do so. We will have the Dealers Room open for load-in, and a volunteer to door guard between 2pm and 10pm Thursday. After about 10pm, the room will be closed to setup, and our security will be guarding it. If you want to set up before 2pm Thursday, you're welcome to go in, but so will everyone else, so you won't be able to leave your stuff unguarded.

Dealers Row Specific Questions

12. What kinds of signs may I post on Dealers Row?

Around the door to your room, you may post whatever signs you think would be most eye-catching, with the following restrictions:

  • Handicapped access and fire safety requires that your signs do not extend more than 6" from the walls.
  • The only sticky supplies you may use are Post-It Notes, Post-It Note glue sticks, and (blue) painters tape. Please do not use regular tape, masking tape, poster gum or staple guns when putting up signs.
  • Child-safe (Both unlikely to poke out an eye, and also safe to be seen by immature minds).

Please, post hours so that folks walking down the hall can determine when they can come back and have a good chance of finding you open.

13. Can furniture be removed from Dealers Row rooms?

Yes. The fee is $25 dollars, and there is space in the questionnaire for you to indicate what furniture you want removed. Feel free to use the free text area to clarify this question. If you change your mind after filling out the questionnaire, you may email [email protected], but the drop dead date for furniture modification requests is December 15th.

Any furniture modification requests after December 15th cost $300, so I really recommend that you get your change requests in early.

14. Do you have tables for us to use in the Dealers Row rooms?

Yes. The hotel does have a nice supply of 6' by 18" tables. There will be space on the questionnaire for you to indicate how many you want.

15. What is the lighting like on Dealers Row?

Unlike the Hyatt, there actually are overhead lights in the hotel rooms. If you want to spotlight something, however, you will likely want to bring supplemental lighting.

16. Can I get internet in the Dealers Row?

Yes. Your room will have free internet in some form. At this time, I don't know whether it will be wired, wireless or both, but I guarantee one or the other.

17. Can I get late check-out on the Dealers Row?

You can stay until 4pm for free. If you want to stay past 4pm, you will need to reserve another night. There will be no evening checkouts for less than the full price of a night available.

More Information

18. What is the process for me to vend at Arisia?

  1. Please fill out the application form, including an agreement to pay all applicable associated fees to both Arisia and the hotel, and to abide by Arisia Rules and Regulations. Please feel free to forward the links to the Dealers' FAQ and the Dealers' Application Form to any colleagues that you think would also enjoy vending at Arisia.
  2. Receive confirmation that we have allocated space for you. Do NOT proceed to step 3 (Payment) UNTIL you have received this confirmation.
  3. Payment & Reservations:
    1. Pay your dealers fee (either $100/table, or $100 for a room) either via paypal using this link: or via check (made out to Arisia 2011, and mailed to Arisia Dealers, PO Box 391596, Cambridge MA 02139).
    2. Purchase your needed memberships at
    3. Reserve a hotel room ( (if the reservation system says they're sold out, reserve a room for Monday night, and we'll fix it). Forward the hotel confirmation number to [email protected]. Note: You can request whatever kind of room you want, but once we start placing people in dealers row, the type of room you get will depend on your row placement, NOT the kind of room you reserved when you made your hotel reservation. If you particularly want a king, a queen, or a double double, be sure to mention it in your dealers application.
  4. Confirmation:
    1. Receive confirmation from Arisia Dealers Liaisons that we have received your dealers fee.
    2. Receive confirmation from Arisia Registration that they have processed your membership registrations.
    3. Receive confirmation from Arisia Dealers Liaisons that we have received your hotel confirmation number.

19. How much is dealing at Arisia going to cost me?

  • Dealers Room
    • $100 per table. If you are sharing a table with another vendor, you will need to decide how that cost will be split.
    • The cost of your lodgings, whether that is at the Arisia hotel, another hotel, or with a nearby friend.
  • Dealers Row
    • $100 vending fee per room, paid to Arisia. If you are sharing a room with another vendor, you will need to decide how that cost will be split.
    • The cost of a hotel room ($130/night, including taxes).
    • The $25 room modification fee, if you choose to have room modifications.
  • A membership fee for each person who will be with you, paid to Arisia (
    • This applies to all workers, helpers, children, etc. regardless of whether or not they plan to attend any other Arisia events (except for kids-in-tow, i.e. children that never leave your side).
    • This membership fee goes up the closer we get to the convention, so the sooner you know you are vending, the sooner you can purchase your memberships.
    • All memberships will need to be purchased through Arisia registration.
    • If you have local folk coming to help with set up or break down who are not staying to work or attend the convention please contact [email protected] ahead of time so that they can make arrangements so that your short-term helpers are not turned away at the door.
  • Your cost for getting you and your stuff to and from Arisia, including tips for hotel staff who move your stuff and parking fees.
  • Your cost for food, and for any other items that you want to purchase at Arisia, especially from your fellow vendors.
  • Any damage deposits that the hotel requires. (Historically, none, but we do not guarantee this.)
  • If you are interested in purchasing an ad in Arisia's Souvenir Book, contact [email protected].

20. Parking

Please see

21. Load-In

There is a full-height covered loading dock, with both a freight elevator (up 2 feet) and stairs (up 3 stairs) to the Dealers Room. Please unload as rapidly as possible and then move your vehicle to allow other vendors to also unload there.

22. Adult Items

Dealers Room is open to the general public. Dealers Row is a straight shot from the elevators to the con suite, with no branching or semi-hidden areas, and con suite is also open to the general public. FYI, adult items include, but at not limited to, handcuffs, BDSM toys, and any pictures of naked individuals.

If you are selling adult items, you must agree to the following restrictions:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that children do not have access to any adult items. This can be done by checking ID at the door of your room, or by checking ID before allowing patrons to look in an enclosed box or area.
  • If we hear or see that you have adult items which are easily visible to children, you will receive one warning (since your definition of adult items may be less strict than some of our attendees), and will be expected to rectify the situation immediately after receiving your warning.
  • If you require a second warning, Arisia reserves the right to either mandate _how_ you rectify the situation, or to close your shop.

23. When I get to Arisia, what procedure should I follow?

In no particular order, you will need to:

  • Unload and then park your car.
  • Check in at the registration desk and pick up your badges. One person may pick up the badges for the entire group, provided they have ID from the other members of the group.
  • Check in at the hotel desk and get your hotel keys.
  • Find your Dealers Liaison, let us know you are here, get answers to any burning dealers liaison questions, and collect your dealers ribbons.

24. Why are you asking ....

  • Membership information, if you aren't selling us our memberships?
    • So that we can estimate how many Dealers Ribbons we need, and so that we can check the names you give against our registration database to make sure you registered (we may sell out the convention, so it's best to make sure you buy your memberships early).
  • Whether we will be open for vending on Monday?
    • This is a four day convention, and we do not want Dealers Row or Dealers Room looking deserted on Monday morning. Therefore, dealers who plan to pack up Sunday, or early Monday before opening will be placed last to get tables and rooms, and may not get a spot.
  • For us both to check off what we sell and describe what we sell?
    • The description will be used for deciding between applications if we have more applications than spots e.g . "Both of these folks checked Jewelry, but this one has a cooler description, so they're in.", and in a modified shortened form, if we have space in the program book, as a short description below your vendor name.
    • The description and the check boxes will be used so we can avoid putting similar dealers next to each other (except for dealers selling adult items).

25. What laws and rules do I need to be concerned about?

  • You are responsible for observing copyright and tax laws
  • If you are an out-of-state vendor you should read: A Guide to Sales and Use Taxes (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it). For more information on Massachusetts taxes, see the Department of Revenue web site or call: (617) 887-MDOR (or in state: (800) 392-6089).
  • To find out what weapons are not legal to carry in Massachusetts see Mass. General Laws Chapter 269, Section 10 (search for paragraph (b) in the middle). Basically if it is more dangerous than a Koosh Ball(TM), then it's probably illegal. Some of the things banned by the state are: any knife having a double-edged blade, dirk knife, any armband made with leather which has metallic spikes, nunchaku, ....
  • The hotel contract says that bumper stickers and any other sort of sticker may not be distributed at the convention, so no free stickers advertising your business.

26. Where is the Dealers Application Form?

The URL is: