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Kids & Teens

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Arisia is just as much a convention for kids and teens as any other age group. Associated adults for these young fans should make sure to read out Child Policies (these will be reviewed and updated on the 2011 site) and Code of Conduct.

Turtle Track (Childcare)

Given the large number of families who come to Arisia, we are happy to be able to provide programming for our youngest fans. By prior sign-up, we provide supervised child care for those too young to enjoy the convention on their own (2 to 6 years old). All children using this service must have full memberships to the convention.

See the Turtle Track page for more details.

Fast Track

Arisia's Kids' program, known as Fast Track, is designed as a con-within-a-con for children in the 6-12 age range. We offer a wide variety of program items, including crafts, costuming, a magic show, science, exercises, discussions, demonstrations, storytelling, and games. For more information, to make suggestions for program items or to volunteer to help, contact us at [email protected]

Teen Lounge

More information on this coming soon!


We highly encourage costuming as a creative outlet. We are happy to see your child's imagination at work, but please make sure that hall costumes do not impair visibility or mobility. Safety first!

One activity held every year in Fast Track is Kamikaze costuming, a special class of Masquerade entrant, where the child with the Fast Track membership can make costumes from materials supplied in Fast Track during pre-set times and wear them on stage (if both child and parents desire) at the very same Arisia. This has become a favorite tradition at Arisia, and many of our young fans have gone on to enter the Masquerade in the Young Fan division.

So what is that? Children under the age of 13 can enter the Masquerade as a Young Fan, which is a special division where the younger fan who has prepared a costume in advance (adult help is fine) can get to participate in the Masquerade just like the adults. See the Masquerade for more details.

Last year's childcare & Fast Track.