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Live Performances at Arisia 2011

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  • Michael Anderson will perform Hallucinating Shakespeare again
  • Stranger Ways and Sassafrass will perform separately and together.
  • Higgins Armory will do a variety of weapon and combat demo, including Lightsaber combat and the combat styles of Vikings.
  • The RKO Army and The Teseracte Players will be doing Repo: The Genetic Opera.


  • Rebecca Angel will be performing with her band, showing her quirky, geeky, distinctive style.
  • Higgins Armory will do demonstrate sword play through the ages, and the fighting ways of knights and Romans.
  • Katrina Meyer will be leading the return of the Geeky Belly Dance.
  • Psyche Corp will be playing cyberpunk/steampunk inspired music.
  • Goli will play chamber music for the modern era.
  • The Unreliable Narrator Theater Group will be presenting 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! - a parody of Blade Runner-esque, Matrix-y kinds of movies.
  • The Teseracte Players will perform starting at 10pm, the Buffy musical, Dr Horrible sing along blog, Commentary! the Musical from Dr H and at 1AM a more racy version of the Buffy musical.