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Registration Reminders and Announcements

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Happy Holidays Arisians!

As the convention approaches, just 16 days away now, please consider pre-registering for the convention. Your check-in process goes a lot faster if all you have to do is check in and pick up your badge, versus filling out the registration form, paying, and getting everything processed. If you pre-register on or before December 31st, the rate is only $50 for a Full, Fast Track, or "Turtle Track" (Babysitting) membership, vs the $60 at-the-door rate. We will have day memberships available at the door.

This is also our reminder that anyone with a student membership, available to members aged 13-25, needs to have a current student ID when they check-in. While we understand that some middle and high schools do not issue any, please make every effort to have such with you.

This note also serves as an announcement that we have 2-3 spaces that have opened up in Turtle Track. If you have a child between the ages of 2-6, and would like to avail yourself of Arisia's Babysitting Services, please e-mail registration(at)arisia(dot)org to get your child in.

If anyone has any questions about these topics or anything else registration related please check out our handy list of Frequently Asked Questions at I am also happy to address anything not covered there in the comments, and any specific inquiries should be directed to registration(at)arisia(dot)org

-Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
Head of Arisia Registration