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New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention

Scheduled Items

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This section will contain information on the following types of things happening at Arisia 2011: events, panels, guests of honor, masquerade, gaming, LARPs, anime, films, video, kids & teens (including childcare, Fast Track, teen lounge), blood drive, Breakfast with special guests, dances, ArisiaTV and many other great events!

Please view our schedule!

If you'd like to suggest an event or a panel, or volunteer to organize an event or be on a panel, send email to [email protected]!

Arisia will have dance events in a dedicated dance space all con long! To see a list of some of the dances we have planned please see our dances web page.

Beyond the various dance events, and Guest of Honor events, there are a number of other performances going on at Arisia 2011!

You can see what events and panels we had for Arisia '10. Last year's masquerade. Last year's gaming information. Last year's anime, films and video. Last year's childcare & Fast Track.