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Programming announcement

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The invitation email for potential program participants for Arisia 2011 was sent out on Friday August 6th. Some individuals who requested invites were not included in the original mass email. This includes mainly individual presenters and panelists. We will be contacting them individually by end of day Wednesday, August 11th. After August 8th, 2010, people requesting to be participants will be reviewed on a case by case basis as time and resources allow. If you desire to be a participant, you may contact us directly at [email protected].

When contacting us to be a participant please include your real name and brief biography telling us who you are, your area of expertise, and detailing your experience in that area. The biography need not be extensive, a short paragraph‎ will suffice. If you have any questions just email [email protected].

People associated with or organizing items such as concerts, dances, and other large-scale presentations involving several people will be contacted by Events staff if they haven't been already. To contact Events, email [email protected].

Michael J. Sprague
Division Head of Programming
Arisia 2011